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We’ve seen a bit of demise in SA, regarding cruisers with massive engines. I for one used to adore the Yamaha Star range of large capacity, low slung, cruisers. Cool names like Warrior, Raider, Roadliner and more have since left the showroom floors, for whatever disappointing reasons.

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We’ve reviewed and enjoyed the ‘short’ version before which was released to eager buyers in 2018. The funky-styled nature combined with a highly impressive off-road ability was the attraction, and was evident when you look at the huge amount of sales achieved throughout South Africa.

KTMDUKE mainThere’s no denying that this latest version of KTM’s 390 Duke is a very attractive motorcycle indeed. A statement confirmed by everyone, and I mean everyone, who cast his or her eyes across this bright orange (or Electric Orange says KTM), funky, new lightweight naked bike.