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2021 Suzuki GSX-150 SF.


GSX 150 SF mainIf you hadn’t already read what model, or to be more specific what the capacity is, I’d guarantee you wouldn’t have guessed the actual engine size? A question I asked many inquisitive onlookers during my time with the new ‘Gixxer’ 150 – “What size do you think it is then?” seeing as there’s no numerical clue anywhere on the bike. Every ‘chin-rubbing’ answer was always around 300c or more. Then with a hint of arrogance I’d reply with a cheeky – “No, it’s only a 150”.

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KTM 890 Adventure, 890 Adventure R, 1290 Super Adventure S and 1290 Super Adventure R. part 2

21 launch main part2After reading the title you’d think I’m, obviously, talking about these four new 2021 models and how they’ve transformed into these new variants? Well sort of, I suppose. Actually, I’m selfishly talking about myself and how these four new stunning bikes, well two of them to be more precise, completely changed my opinion about off-road excursions into the unknown.

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KTM 890 Adventure, 890 Adventure R, 1290 Super Adventure R, 1290 Super Adventure S.

21 launch mainYes, yes, we all know that KTM’s impressive Adventure bike range goes where no goats fear to tread. Well maybe that’s a bit harsh on the little four-legged horned devils. They’ll certainly traverse the near vertical side of a 5km high mountain better than anything powered by a petrol engine in a motorcycle guise. They’re also cheaper to feed and, asked kindly, will aggressively donate (usually with a fond head-butt), a warm cup of milk for your tea/coffee mug. So until KTM produce an orange robotic goat that you can ride your only choice, or choices, are to acquire any of the machines we have here for off-road tomfoolery.

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KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

1290 SUPERDUKE mainI don’t think I’ve ever ridden any motorcycle that seems to compress time as much as this spectacular KTM GT. No matter what time you leave to achieve anything, from shopping to touring, to even a quick rasp around the block, you always seem to get there quicker than you estimated, a trait that the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT proudly emits ten–fold. KTM have generously given their GT a moniker that I haven’t heard of before, called Advanced Sport Touring. I’m still not quite sure what that means, even after a bag of garden herbs, but I agree with the plethora of attributes the GT has to offer.

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