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2020 Suzuki DL1050XT

V STROM mainHow things change with time. When I first climbed aboard the new, and very good-looking, DL1050TX, I was a bit so-so but, after a few weeks living with it, everything changed. So much so that in fact I now believe this is quite possibly the ‘nicest’ motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. Sure some of the ‘others’ make more power and have more ‘stuff’ but riding the new V-Strom on a daily basis enforces my belief that you couldn’t be on a better saddle.

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2020 Kawasaki z H2

ZH2 mainIn our current world riddled with many restrictions and exhaust emissions you’d think ridiculous motorcycles would be banned. All because of the Euro ‘scientists’ trying to protect fragrant flowers and newborn children from absorbing ‘stuff’ from the surrounding atmosphere. These incestuous ‘do-gooders’ do have a point I suppose, but I really don’t care when massive trucks, jet planes, trains and of course millions of hubbly-bubbly smokers don’t either, and blatantly so.  Trying to restrict a motorcycle’s rectum with catalytic converters and air injectors are all well and good, but it’s quickly becoming a very boring subject.

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KTM 390 Adventure 2020

2020 KTM 390 ADV mainStrange title I agree, but is it? Is this 390 half the motorbike compared to their 790 Adventure? I mean, it’s basically half the price, half the horsepower and half the capacity. Thankfully this conundrum took my mind off sneaking around and trying to attain ‘illegal rolling papers’, well sort of.

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