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classic header 750

IMG 9039 copyDid this motorbike start the ‘Adventure’ bike revolution?  Maybe but back in 1977 they were called trail bikes, aimed towards both on-road and off-road adventures. Either way the Yamaha XT500 soon generated a cult following, which still carries on today.

YAMAHA RD125 headerDuring the mid-seventies two-stroke motorcycles were the only choice for the ‘youth’, or more specifically teenagers who’ve just become 17-years old. Sure, there were some feeble four-stroke offerings, from Honda and the like, but two-strokes were, quite simply faster, and therefore attracted the females still wearing their netball kit.

KAWASAKI GPZ headerJapanese classic motorcycles are becoming the most sought-after bikes on the planet, preferably large capacity air-cooled variants. Anything from the 1970s onwards are the most desirable and this particular model is one of the most sought after of all. Why is that you ask, seeing as it’s ‘just’ an in-line, four cylinder, Kawasaki?