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glasses‘He’ was so close to winning the MotoGP title last year, maybe this year? Either way you’ll notice his signature sunglasses whilst he’s on the grid or being interviewed. They’re made by the 100% Company who also produce the MX/Off-Road goggle range.

Well, you can now also own a pair, imported by TRP (who also import Thor, Airoh, LS-2, Bridgestone tyres and more). There are two styles to choose from, his famous ‘small’ Hudson pair, and now the newest larger sized West Craft option.

Both are beautifully made and come with a hard-shell carry case, and both styles carry the iconic Iridium-tinted lenses. Why not grab a pair before the new season begins?

Price: Hudson R2,100 +/-   West Craft R2,600 +/-

Available from your local 100% dealer. Or, you can try www.bikekings.co.za 

00 PRODUCTS 2Squares copyHere’s an interesting new piece of equipment, ideal for anyone’s garage when you happen to own a motorcycle with a single-sided swing-arm.

That could be a BMW, KTM, Ducati, MV Agusta, Triumph and many others that we’ve forgot to mention. However they all have different diameter ‘pin’ sizes to locate into the swing-arm, which can be a problem.

Well Oxford Products now have the answer with an adaptive Paddock Stand that will accept various and available pin sizes to suit the bike in question. So get in touch with the guys below for specific applications to safely support your bike during cleaning and maintenance operations.  

Price: Paddock Stand R3,450  Pin R1,100     Click on www.dmd.co.za to find your closest Oxford dealer locations within South Africa.

Also visit: www.oxprod.co.uk for more technical information and for various pin sizes and applications.

ktm helmet 2

If you ride a KTM MX or Enduro bike and desire the most excellent helmet from their extensive catalogue of riding equipment, then this is without doubt the one.

It’s from the Airoh stable and full of innovative features, like the Hydra System, designed to securely accommodate all water bladders. There are also F.I.M. approved emergency release cheek pads, in case of a severe spill, to name but a few of the many impressive features.

Inside the helmet’s comprehensive box comes a wealth of spares - including a peak, internal pads, a set of new screws, and more… Maybe treat yourself to the best you can get for Christmas?

Price: R13,320    Visit: www.radktm.co.za or call (011 234 5007) for more details.


If you own any Adventure bike, or Touring bike for that matter, you might be interested in these new powerful units from the UK. Coming from the UK you can certainly guarantee they’re totally waterproof, to say the least.

They emit a potent 2300 Lumens, making them too bright for daytime use, according to our laws that is. We’ve also heard that the guys who’ve installed them are saying they have the strongest and best mounting brackets they’ve come across, enforcing the build quality, and all the cables and connectors are also included.

Price: R5,999     Click on www.dmd.co.za to find your closest Oxford dealer locations within South Africa.

Also visit: www.oxprod.co.uk for more technical information.