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We’ve always been the biggest fans of the superb range offered by the SBK Eyewear range, and this new offering is of no exception.

Bill has chosen this particular pair to wear throughout the year because of the new gradient tinted lens, which help with his aging eyes when he goes shopping. Basically, the top has a darker tint than the bottom section, so he doesn’t have to remove them when looking down at the fruit stall. They’re also extremely light due to the new construction, also helpful for his aging nose and ears.

All SBK Eyewear products also come with this sturdy travel case, cleaning cloth, cleaning fluid and a ‘free’ matching cap.

Price: R1,700  Go to www.exclusiveproducts.co.za to view their latest vast range and for ordering.

Or call: 082 853 4476 or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated: May16th 2024

ktm jacketpantHere’s a brand new two-piece adventure outfit just arrived on the shop floor. Designed to protect any type of adventure or touring rider, in all conditions, on any of KTM’s vast range of Adventure/Touring bikes.

The Defender suit is made from super-tough textile materials with even stronger inserts sown into the high wear areas around the inside of the leg, and the like.

 A wealth of pockets, on both the jacket and pants, will assist with things you need upon your journey. We especially like the choice of colour – ideal for our South African terrain.

Price: Jacket R6,828  Pants: R4,877 (can be sold separately).   Go to www.radktm.co.za or call (011 234 5007) for more information. 

Updated: 17/04/24

hot stuff

Winter is just around the corner, which unfortunately means cold hands. If your current motorcycle doesn’t enjoy the warm benefits of heated grips you might be interested in these, from the UK. 

The Oxford Hot Grips-Pro offer much more than ‘just’ heated grips though, because they have a heat setting memory feature, battery saving modes and more importantly an integrated button on the actual grip – eradicating the need for an annoying external button assembly. All wires and connections are included inside the box.

Price: R5,750     Click on www.dmd.co.za to find your closest Oxford dealer locations within South Africa.

Also visit: www.oxprod.co.uk for more technical information

ktmhoodyWith the arrival of the three new Dukes for 2024 – being the 390, 990, and of course the mighty 1390, KTM just had to provide a new ‘funky’ styled street jacket to go with their new range.

This hoody is made from a tough soft-shell like material, and contains soft armour inserts. But the exciting part is a small bag containing six ‘Duke’ patches that can be placed, in any order you choose around the garment, using six strategically placed Velcro panels, which can be seen on these images, rather cool we’d say. 

Price: R3,511   Go to www.radktm.co.za or call (011 234 5007) to purchase and for any KTM related information. 

Updated: 05/04/24