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KTM Elemental GTX gloves

KTM GLOVESWe’ve seen a lot of motorcycle gloves in the past but these are rather special, even though they’re a KTM product, which might put some riders off?

Either way they’re good enough to climb Everest with Bear Grylls, due to materials like Gore Tex, thick leather and internal built-in armour. As you can see they’re actually made by Alpine Stars, so you know you’re in good hands - if you know what we mean?

Not a cheap glove but they’ll certainly last for a very long time. If you’re not convinced, go and feel the outstanding quality?

Price: R2,295     Go to (011 234 5007) for purchase details, KTM sales, servicing and spares.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 model

GSC MODELIf you adore the superb Suzuki GSX-R1000 as much as we do, you’ll probably want one of these exquisite models sitting on your bar counter?

It is an exact replica of their iconic Super bike in a scale that’s a 12th smaller than a real one. The box it comes in is way to good to throw away and at the price below you’ll want to keep it in there anyway, until it’s time to show it off.

So, if you own or want one of the ‘real’ bikes and can’t, then this is a very collectable item from the genuine Suzuki parts counter.

Price: R2,200   Go to to locate your nearest Suzuki dealer to order.

2020 SBK range

2020 SBK glassesSBK eyewear is the official optical choice for the World Superbike series, made and designed in Italy, all with the highest quality polarized lenses.

The South African importers sell well over a 1,000 every year, showing how much we in SA love the quality of these splendid sunglasses. The range is vast and attractive so visit the site below and order a pair today? If you can’t find a pair you like from some of the range pictured, then you’re possibly a bit of a weirdo…

Price: R1,400 +/-    Go to to  view the 2020 SBK range, and how to order and collect.

Shoei VFX-WR

SHOEI LIDAs far as MX helmets go we believe this is, without doubt, the best and most advanced off-road helmet money can buy, which obviously reflects in the price.

Six layers of different materials form the outer shell and inside is a patented M.E.D.S. system that’s a bit complicated to explain, so go to for all the technical information.

Never mind that though, because these are stunning looking helmets to say the least and a shame to get them even slightly dirty, right?

Price: R12,100     Visit (011 259 7604) for Shoei dealer locations. Can also be bought from factory shop.










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