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Berik 2.0 shorty glove.

berik gloveBerik has always been one of the top producers of superb leather gloves, and these new street/motard short leather options are of no exception.

We especially like these new day-glo yellow/black/white ones, but there are more ‘boring’ colour versions if you prefer?

The palms are heavily reinforced, as are those dramatic ‘street-fighter’ knuckle guards – ideal for fending off animal and man alike, if you catch our drift?

Price: R1,350   Call: Biker’s Warehouse (011 795 4122) if in north Gauteng area. Or ask your local Berik dealer to acquire them for you.

Gaerne GP-1 EVO boots

gaerne bootsWithout doubt the Italian Gaerne boot company makes superb racing boots, and these are their high-end offerings. The GP-1 Evo has been designed with pure racing in mind and offers the utmost protection.

Carbon composite materials are used, and there’s also a magnesium toe slider to add more spark in your life.

The ‘green’ one is a Marco Melandri replica, and the white one, for anyone who likes that design. Either way, you can’t get much better for track day action.

Price: Melandri R5,920  White/yellow R6,330    Call: Biker’s Warehouse (011 795 4122)

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Stealth race gloves

stealth gloveWe all know that protective leather race gloves can be horrendously expensive, just because of the badge or label seen on the wrist. Well how about these for something a little different?

The price is most certainly right when you consider they’re made from leather and Kevlar, so they’ll undoubtedly guard your digits in the event of a mishap or fall. And there are also air-intakes to keep the palms cool and dry.

Here we have the black/white option, and of course the black/ day-glo yellow ones, which most racers adore. Very impressive for the price, right?

Price: R940   Call: Biker’s Warehouse (011 795 4122) 

Arlen Ness jackets BW

ARLENNESS BW JACKETSWe haven’t seen much from Arlen Ness clothing lately, so these new leather jackets caught our eye. Arlen Ness is a famous chopper customizer from the USA, who lent his name to this brand, which is also associated with Berik.

These hefty leather jackets have full armour protection in the areas most needed, but the main thing is they look fantastic. Two colour options here are, black/chrome and black/white, which will suit either new or classic machines.

Interestingly they’re half the price of some ‘European’ brands, even though they’re probably made in the same factory?

Price: R4,590    Call: Biker’s Warehouse (011 795 4122)

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