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2021 KTM sunglasses.

ktm bladesThis new range has recently landed in SA, and now they’re available for you to buy. Fresh from the KTM book of desirable things we’re sure they’re going to be worn by many types of rider, and not just KTM pilots.

Being a KTM official product means they’re all sturdy items, and they also offer different types of lens colours to suit all kinds, ladies or men.

So, if you’re after a new pair of shades then these just might fill that gap nicely?

Prices: from R780 to R975

Go to for more KTM stuff or call (011 324 5007) to purchase.

Caberg Droid.

caberg lidIf you fancy a bit of an ‘alien’ vibe then this new helmet from Caberg might fill that void, called a Droid.

As you can see the most dominant feature is the superb, and futuristic, paint scheme. We especially adore those twin vent ports placed on the chin piece, resembling something found on a spacecraft.

All fine things, but the Droid helmet has a flip-up style design, so you can either enjoy the security of a full-face helmet, or, look like some kind of time-cop policeman, either way it’s a very cool helmet on all counts.

Price: R5,500     Call: Linex (011 251 4000/4009)  Or visit

Also go to to view the full range and order any item from Linex.

2021 Billysbikes t-shirts.

THATSWHATSHESAIDSeeing as we’ve just entered into our eighth year, making us the longest running motorcycle site in SA, we’ve decided to produce these commemorative t-shirts.

Made from world-class cotton, sort of, and don’t you just want one? Bill and his palls have them on here but the poor guy on the right missed out, but he’ll certainly own one by the time you read this.

You too can also have one, or many, and so you should. Then you’ll instantly become the envy of all your friends, maybe?

Price: ONLY R150 plus postage of course, or we might even meet for a beer and deliver.

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase the most desirable t-shirt in the World, possibly?

Design and printing by  Get in touch if you fancy your own designs.

Alpinestars SM5.

ASTAR LIDThis is the first time we’ve seen helmets from the famous Italian clothing and boot Company, and don’t they both look splendid?

They’re both stuffed with fancy features, like a very cool detachable magnetic peak for example, so easy to take off and replace. The cheek pads also detach to assist a medic after you head butt a tree and knock yourself out, hopefully not?

Either way they’re very pleasing to look at and will obviously attract buyers just because of the highly recognizable brand name.

Price: R4,830   Visit: for more details or call (011 251 4000/4009)










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