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oxford camp

Believe it, or not, everything you see here will fit into the smallest top box, or even into a small backpack, which is very impressive indeed.

Oxford Products, from the UK, have made these items to suit any motorcyclist while out and about on an adventure. The chair folds into a bag about the size of a packet of biscuits, so it can be carried anywhere at any time. The stainless steel ‘Fire Pit’ (braai) also folds and collapses flat, and fits inside a bag the size of a notebook. The grill part, that sits on top is extra though, but also fits inside the same bag.

Perfect for any adventure rider who enjoys life outdoors, and don’t forget to buy the unbreakable and matching tin mug too. 

Price: Camping chair: R1,295  Fire Pit: R1,450  Fire Pit grill: R995  Camping mug: R245.    Click on for purchase details and Oxford dealer locations.

Also visit: for products details and technical information.


Here’s a very interesting new product, from the UK, if you’re a hardened adventure bike rider. The Fuel Flask is a very sturdy lightweight aluminium container designed to hold one litre of fuel (1.5-litre also available).

Using the additional Strap Bag (not pictured), it can attach to any point on your motorcycle to relieve the worry of running out of fuel whilst ‘out in the bush’. The polymer screw cap is also claimed to be leak proof, which is nice to know.

Or, why not fill it with your favourite drink instead (after a good rinse that is), either way a very handy accessory indeed for all types of motorcyclists.

Price: R525.  Strap bag R565.    Click on for purchase details.

Also visit: for more technical information and to view the Strap Bag.

Fly mx gear

Here’s a new ‘retro’ styled off-road/MX shirt, and pants, that have just attracted our attention. Fly racing is from the USA and used by many top riders, so you can guarantee these are quality-clothing items to say the least.

The pants are made from a heavy-duty anti-tear fabric with a ratchet type buckle fastening around the waist, and silicone stripes inside the waist to help retain the shirt. You’ll also see ventilation ports, internal padding, and room for knee-guards. 

All in all a very nice combination of retro/military styled off-road equipment offering something a little different.

Price: Shirt R570  Pants:R1,500    Purchase from your local Fly dealer.

Imported and distributed in SA by TRP.

KTM LIDHere’s a new full-face helmet from KTM, manufactured by LS 2, which is a brand now gaining status throughout South Africa.

Designed for all types of road rider using LS 2’s expertise, regarding helmet design. Inside is a special micro control technology lining to prevent bacterial contamination, and to regulate sweat control.

The outside has colourful graphics with a funky street theme. You’ll also enjoy many ventilation ports and an extended air spoiler at the rear. All in all, a very good value KTM helmet for the price.

Price: R3,900   Visit or call (011 234 5007) for purchase details.