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2021 KTM ladies adventure jackets.

4 girlsOver the past few years we’ve seen more and more ladies purchasing large capacity KTM Adventure bikes, and why not?

They are expensive machines, so the girls certainly deserve expensive protective jackets, right? And this pair from the KTM factory shop is some of the best we’ve come across.

Both are of the highest quality designed to perform over long distances traveling. You’ll notice the construction is bulletproof and retro-style leather panels protect the elbow area. Inside you’ll find many removable layers to adapt to all climatic changes.

However, the best part is both items are now on sale at vastly reduced prices, but in limited numbers, so be quick if you want to look flash?

Price: HQ Adventure (black/grey) R10,850 now only R7,500

          Women Adventure (purple/grey/black) R10,500 now only R6,050.

Go to for more details (011 234 5007), and for all your KTM needs.

Action Can AC-90.

AC 90According to the manufacturers this multi-purpose aerosol is one of the most advanced lubricants money can buy, if not in the world.

It not only lubricates, it also displaces moisture, cleans various oily contaminated surfaces, and penetrates seized or rusted parts. It’s also silicone free and AC-90’s secret formulation is based on decades of expertise in this area, which is impressive.

But the most striking feature is the multi-directional nozzle, so you won’t have to tilt the can in odd directions to make it release its content. Basically it’s a ‘must’ have for any motorcyclists’ garage?

Price: 250ml – R76.99   500ml – R177.66.  Also available in an industrial size 5-litre can.

Contact: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) or visit to view the AC-90 range and more interesting products.  

Tork Craft Tri-light.

TORKBULBSWe think this is a very cool and interesting product for all motorcyclists. Simply screw into any light fitting and the ultra-bright LED components will illuminate any area you’d choose to place it.

Made from strong aluminium with three heat sinks, and it automatically activates due to its high-end motion sensors. The Tri-light is also guaranteed to perform for over 50,000 hours, which is impressive to say the least.

The retro styling will suit any garage or workplace and instantly lights when you enter into them, making this a perfect security device as well.

Price: R2,842   Call: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) Visit to watch the Tri-light video, and to view their huge range. 

FIXMAN 130 piece roller cabinet.

FIX F1RP7 1We all need a strong tool kit for our garage and this particular one will sit nicely in anyone’s domain.

Seven draws holding 130 pieces will assist with the most demanding repair work, or maybe even an engine rebuild. We especially like the way the tools are stored in its own compartment, then you’ll easily be able to see if one is missing or misplaced.

The rolling cabinet looks bombproof and probably is, with a handy tray on top to hold the obligatory large mug of tea. Exceptional value for so many tools and accessories.

Price: R19,900   Call: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) Visit to view their huge range, and more. 










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