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Alpinestars Chrome Sport hoody.

alp hoodyThis is no ordinary hoody folks. It may just look like casual wear to some, which it is, but this particular item of clothing is also designed for riding in.

Inside you’ll not only find a luxurious lining but you’ll be surprised to discover full body armour hidden inside as well. So obviously the external material used is of a sturdy nature too.

Not only that, because you can also remove the hood part, if a fashion derived night out is in order. Not cheap but their stuff never is, hence the quality.

Price: R3,800     Click here or call (011 234 5007) to buy.

Alpinestars SMX-1.

alpine mini bootThese boots are new and very bright, which you either appreciate or you don’t? But if you do, we’re sure you’ll look resplendent if you choose to buy them.

The SMX-1 is obviously a short boot for general street riding and prefect for leisure use, after you vault off your precious motorcycle.

They’ll offer full protection for feet and ankles and will certainly impress the ladies/men, when and if, you attend the local disco.

Price: R3,550     Go to (011 234 5007) to purchase.

Nexo Café Racer jacket.

retro jacketsIt’s getting a bit chilly now, so how about owning a new and very cool looking retro styled leather jacket for winter? If you answered yes, you might just like this pair of aged leather options?

Inside is a soft lining and body armour, and besides these red and dark brown options, there’s also a plain black version for the people that prefer, err, black…

One thing is for certain; you won’t have to wait for years of use/abuse before the leather gets to this tasty condition, very nice indeed.

Price: R3,700     Go to or call (011 234 5007).

KTM Mechanic shorts.

ktm shortsIf you’re a fan of any factory KTM race team you’ll notice, or might not, that the whole team and mechanics tend to wear these hefty shorts during warm weather.

Well, you can now own these as well, if you have nice legs, ladies or men? They’re made from a heavy-duty canvas like fabric and have large cargo pockets, so they’ll certainly be around for a long time.

Don’t forget to support Brad Binder as well, seeing as he’ll probably be seen wearing these in the pit area.

Price: R1,245     Go to (011 234 5007) for all your KTM needs.










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