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Gaerne SG12.

SG12bootsThese striking MX/off-road boots are the best, and strongest, versions that Gaerne have ever made, and these are just some of the exciting new 2020 range.

It goes without saying that these will protect you from a nuclear blast, and they’re the best selling boot from the Radmoto clothing department too, and they sell a LOT of off-road machinery.

Yes they’re expensive, but so is painful and very expensive foot or leg surgery. So maybe for that reason they could be the best things you’ve ever bought?

Visit for more technical information.

Price: R10,500     Go to (011 234 5007) to purchase.

Flick It.

flick itThis interesting little box is designed and made right here in South Africa, and it’s even patented to prevent undesirable copying, which tends to happen nowadays.

Basically you wire this into your bike and when you flash the headlight it’ll open the gate, flash twice and it’ll open the garage door, and so on….

They say it’s easy to install, on either a bike or car, and anything to do with added security to your family has to be a good thing, right?

Price: R700+/-    Go to for more technical information.

Distributed by so get in touch to find out where to purchase.

Alpinestars Chrome Sport hoody.

alp hoodyThis is no ordinary hoody folks. It may just look like casual wear to some, which it is, but this particular item of clothing is also designed for riding in.

Inside you’ll not only find a luxurious lining but you’ll be surprised to discover full body armour hidden inside as well. So obviously the external material used is of a sturdy nature too.

Not only that, because you can also remove the hood part, if a fashion derived night out is in order. Not cheap but their stuff never is, hence the quality.

Price: R3,800     Click here or call (011 234 5007) to buy.

Alpinestars SMX-1.

alpine mini bootThese boots are new and very bright, which you either appreciate or you don’t? But if you do, we’re sure you’ll look resplendent if you choose to buy them.

The SMX-1 is obviously a short boot for general street riding and prefect for leisure use, after you vault off your precious motorcycle.

They’ll offer full protection for feet and ankles and will certainly impress the ladies/men, when and if, you attend the local disco.

Price: R3,550     Go to (011 234 5007) to purchase.










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