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2019 Kawasaki ZX-10R.

ZX10R mainIf you think of the words big-head you’ll certainly direct your tiny/large brain towards an arrogant show-off, right? Well, in the world of motorcycling, there’re not many bikes that show-off more than a big, bright green Kawasaki superbike. The extra-green ZX-10 is instantly recognizable from any distance and adored, for many years, by fanatical brand-loyal Kawasaki enthusiasts. All well and good but my specific title has another meaning because the 2019 ZX-10R has ‘stolen’ the WSBK cylinder head from Jonathan Rea’s Kawasaki race bike. Oh yes, the Japanese engineers have bolted on their race winning cylinder head in a quest for more power and torque. You can instantly see the new heads on all three models by its ‘Ferrari-like’ red cam cover, very flash. I say three models because there’s an RR and SE version that might arrive in SA in the near future, but that’s up to Kawasaki SA. Check out those two options and why they’re different on the Internet.

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2020 KTM SA EXC launch

KTMLAUNCH mainIf anyone is asked to name an off-road, or hardcore enduro bike to be more precise, they’ll undoubtedly point at the orange bikes with the famous KTM label stuck on the side. Fair enough because they are, without doubt, the biggest selling brand of off-road motorcycles in South Africa. And, with their ‘2020 Vision’ for next year, no one will argue that they’ll dominate the SA dirt market once again, right?

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2019 Yamaha YZF-R3.


YAMAHA R3 mainThe world is obsessed with the cell phone, right? More people around the world have these ‘flat’ phones than fresh running water, a terrible statistic but not for the magnates who produce and sell them though. But I believe these irritating but necessary things have even more to answer for, in the form of distraction from anything else around the user. Oh yes, many ‘users’ would rather own these ‘poised thumb’ disposable items than own a car, or in this case a motorcycle.

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