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Energica Eva

EVA mainIt’s been a very long time since I couldn’t wait for daylight to appear and ride this particular new motorcycle in the cool, fresh morning air. Oh yes, twitching and tossing (pardon the term) under the sheets in anticipation of riding the most accomplished and powerful electric motorcycle I’ve seen to date. So, while it was still dark, I fed myself on coffee whilst admiring the quality and attention-grabbing bright green ‘tree-like’ light glowing in the middle of the tank cover.

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2020 Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 and Gixxer 250 naked

GIXXER mainAs you can see from these images, I had more fun fooling around with this pair of new Suzukis than training with the ladies Olympic synchronized swimming team, well nearly. So much so that I fell off. Oh yes, after years of staying upright on all forms of expensive, and cheap, motorcycles, I decided to stuff the right footrest of the naked 250 version right into my gentlemen parts whilst tying to ‘surf’ on it. The result, besides being more embarrassed than having my tracksuit pants pulled down from behind in a Checkers supermarket revealing questionable underwear, was sitting on the sofa that night in a ‘Y’ position, if you know what I mean? Not to mention my finest Addidas pants were torn, in the gentleman region, like an aggressive mongoose had tried to make a new home. Yes, I’m a prize knob and weirdly quite proud of it too, because we managed to get the pictures, otherwise it would have been a sad waste of scratched, irreplaceable reproductive parts.

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2020 Yamaha MT-09


mt 09 mainWith only a few days to go before our South African ‘Covid-19’ lockdown, I had the chance to ride the ‘new’ Yamaha MT-09 to see if it lifted my spirits. I say ‘new’ lightly because it really isn’t. Well to me it is, because I haven’t had the pleasure of this latest 2020 MT-09 even though it was released in 2018. For one reason or another it never came into my hands, but it has now and it most certainly ‘lifted me up’ in more ways than one.

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Zontes ZT310X 2020

ZONTES X300 mainWell it was, especially regarding motorcycles from China. We all knew they’d get it right one day and with this new Zontes 310X they most certainly have. The past variants, from any brand, seemed to have been brushed under the carpet in a dust storm of untrustworthy build quality and mechanical internals that lasted as long as a bag of sweet springs rolls at a weed party. Well forget all of that right now! The Zontes importers and distributors in SA have just unveiled this little crimson beauty and, let’s be honest here, it’s a very, very attractive motorbike on all counts.

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