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scooter mainWith fuel prices rocketing and everything else for that matter, isn’t it about time to get something that doesn’t cost a fortune to run? If you’ve answered yes, this new scooter from Suzuki could be what you’re looking for.

CB500X mainWell, that’s the review over then, let’s pack up and watch TV. Why, what’s wrong you ask? Absolutely nothing, but the title does sum up the new Honda CB500X in one phrase. You see, every time I let my friends ride the new Honda, they all came back with exactly the same comment, myself included.

RC390 adv mainBrad Binder is most certainly the Superstar of motorcycle racing throughout South Africa, and commendably so. But what choice do you have if you want to emulate him on a new KTM track derived bike? Well, you have the highly impressive RC 8C but that is a totally purpose-built race bike and would relieve you of around 800k, but they’re all sold out anyway. So how about this very attractive, and updated, RC 390 for a mere R99, 999?

gsxGT mainWell it is, isn’t it? Take an established GSX-R based platform and dress it in touring clothing and what you get is one of the best motorcycles to emerge from the Suzuki stable in years. Quite simply it’s terrific but when you peel back the posh clothing you’ll discover there’s so much more to the new GT sports-tourer.