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Voge 300R and 300AC

voges 300 mainIf I were at the coast having a sweet little holiday, obviously a dream due to this virus stuff, I would choose to hire either one of these new motorbikes to comb the beaches and local bars with, or ‘wiff’ if you’re a local. Obviously, another dream as we can’t go anywhere near any local bar. But depression aside, this pair of new bikes to SA put a cheerful smile on my face over the last few weeks.

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Energica Ego.

EGO mainDuring the MotoGP calendar there’s also the FIM MotoE series, obviously for electric bikes only, well Energica ones to be more precise.  They’ve been involved since 2019 with the electric bike new class, which is gaining momentum at an unrivaled pace. Indeed they’ll continue as the single manufacturer until 2022. All good to watch and be impressed by you say, but what if I wanted to own one for the road and visits to my local pub, seeing as ‘race’ bikes are for track use only?

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2020 Suzuki GSX-R1000A

S GSXR1000 mainYes, I’m getting on in my years, and superbikes, for obvious reasons, become less appealing as the calendar pages are discarded. Sure, in my early years, the only thing I desired was this type of motorcycle, because they’re very sexy and insanely fast, right? All well and good but the ‘racy’ riding position does tend to take its toll on the arms, back and neck when one is in the Autumn years of their lives.

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