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KTM 790 Adventure

2019 KTM 790 ADV mainYes, I most certainly did, regarding KTM’s launch in Morocco held at the beginning of the year. Two reasons for that, I hate flying long distance and I was a bit scared to spend many days in the desert, and probably would have rewarded myself with a painful injury. Anyway, many months later and I finally had the chance to play with the new KTM 790 Adventure, so there.

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2019 HONDA CRF250L

2019 Honda CRF250L mainI tested the little CRF250L when it was launched way back in the day and my original conclusion was, for me at least, that lightweight dual-sport bikes occupy a weird space in no-mans land. Not a proper road bike and not an epic off-road bike, come to think of it, some are not even a viable combination of both. So, what is the new 2019 Honda CRF250L all about?

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2019 Zontes 310V

ZONTES V300 mainYes, well all know the phrase ‘raising the bar’, but my title isn’t detrimental to anyone, or Zontes to be more precise. Far from it, because this new Chinese cruiser has most certainly ‘lowered’ things regarding a low-slung cruiser in a class that nobody currently has. See where I’m coming from now?

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