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YAM R7 mainWhen I first heard Yamaha was building a new R7 I leapt off the couch like an excited dog heading for its meaty bowl. Thoughts of more carbon and titanium than found in Oscar Pistorius’ legs flowed through my mind. Maybe hideously expensive Ohlins suspension and more electronics than a Tesla car were also a possibility, and of course a price tag that only the very rich could afford. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong…

bike mainI must admit when this monster of a motorcycle arrived at my door, I emitted a heavy sigh which had nothing to do with a freezing cold morning though. Oh no, I thought, another massive cumbersome bike in my life for a week. One quick trip up the road will suffice and then I’ll park it and wait for collection, or so I thought.

Z400SE mainI’m from the UK, Nottingham to be precise, and the land where Robin Hood performed his ancient archery antics. ‘We’ tend to say something is a ‘cracker’ when it’s exceptionally good. I’m not so sure if ‘we’ use this terminology in South Africa but you might see where I’m coming from, and it couldn’t be a more appropriate term for this attractive Ninja. It most certainly is a ‘cracker’ in the world of motorcycling!

GSX busa main2A few months ago I flew off to Cape Town to ride this new version of Suzuki’s Hayabusa, and came away very impressed. But one thing irritated me more than a thousand mosquitoes, and that was the claim that the new bike made less horsepower than the previous model. Oh yes, Suzuki says it makes a few horsepower less and more torque throughout the mid-range, from its (still), 1,340cc engine. Yes, I know it’s stuffed with new internals, but… Well there’s only one way to settle this and that was to get the bike again and take it to ‘our’ Noddy and his state-of-the-art Dynojet dyno (which is an industry benchmark around the world). We run all of our test/press bikes on this dyno to keep the figure equal and relative, so there’s no childish arguing with other dynos reading more, so there!