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Kawasaki z400.

z400 mainIn the late 1970s I was at college, yes, I am getting on a bit, enduring an engineering career which was as boring as Trump’s latest speech and the current Brexit ‘can-o-bollocks’.

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Kymco SA launch

kymco main updateScooters, big or small, are the only sector of motorcycling that’s enjoying a steady sales growth in South Africa. So, what’s the attraction? Well I’ve owned two for the past decade, so I need no convincing from anyone. They are though the easiest things to ride, carry shopping and sometimes contraband and, in the case of Asian countries, an entire family. That’s another reason to own one because the family can enjoy it as well, unlike an intimidating 200hp motorcycle. I certainly enjoyed my day out with these new Kymco models that are now available throughout SA.

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Suzuki DL250 V-Strom 2.0

SUZUKI DL250 main updateLast year I had the pleasure of riding the ‘baby’ Strom for a week, but this time around it’s a little different. Suzuki has lent me the yellow one (best colour by far) for a few months to improve, or try to, one of things that annoyed me when I rode it before.

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Triumph Speed Triple 1050 RS

1050RS mainIf anyone asks you to name a dog primarily from England, what would you say? British Bulldog probably? A powerful, adorable, squat animal that people associate with the British Union Jack more than anything else, right? Now, if you had to combine the attributes of mentioned mutt with any motorcycle what would you choose? Yes of course you would –the Triumph Speed Triple.

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