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Suzuki Karoo Adventure.

001 mainSometimes we at Billysbikes get invited to something a little ‘different’, rather than the usual launch outings. This was certainly the case when I was requested to attend this rather interesting tour of the Karoo, an area that I’m not really familiar with. So, with a resounding yes I found myself on a plane to Cape Town and then on to their planned entertaining adventure, Suzuki style.

As you know we in general ride motorbikes, in this case Suzuki’s V-Strom DL 1050 XT, which I’ve enjoyed since its arrival in SA. Then to add a ‘twist’ to the terrain we were given the option of driving Suzuki’s cute ‘baby’ SUV, the delightful Ignis GLX.IMG 8733

One of the reasons to amalgamate the DL 1050 XT with the Ignis GLX is the price, they both cost R229,000 +/-, so this is an interesting feature on all counts.

After coffee and greetings I found myself aboard the V-Strom on our way to Barrydale. The chosen road was a dream as was the best part of the V-Strom. Now look, I’ve recently been on a few large capacity Adventure bike launches and one thing that stands out on the DL 1050 is the seat. Quite simply it’s the best in class and you don’t have to buy some expensive posh version to improve the stock option, just putting that out there. So after carving through the Cape’s tarmac we soon arrived in Barrydale for hefty but charming milkshakes. The venue was Diesel and Cream, not in the same bowl of course, but well worth a visit, as is everything in this stunning area of South Africa.IMG 8274Once the cream was cleaned from the surroundings of my mouth I decided to relax in the Ignis GLX, my first time with the chunky SUV. Quite a surprise it was too as the feisty 1.2-litre engine soon propelled passenger and myself to an indicated 160kph, so cruising at legal speeds is effortless. Then we turned onto the off-road section towards a remote place called Bosch Luys Kloof (www.boschluyskloof.co.za).IMG 8695You just can’t get more remote than this place and the road to it was an adventure on its own. High valley roads carved into the hills made for eyebrow raising fun in the Ignis. No matter where the Ignis was pointed it went. Rocky river beds were rolled across in a fashion that small cars like this shouldn’t, but it did. I think this small car shocked me more than my terrible driving, so the unfortunate passenger said.IMG 8744Anyway and meanwhile on two-wheels the DL 1050 XT also devoured the washed out roads with zero complaints. I recently had fun with KTM on their new Adventure bikes and some sections were more technical here in the Karoo on the V-Strom, which romped through anything thrown at it, so there. It also sits on road tyres, so that answers that question about the DL 1050 not being a ‘proper off-road’ adventure bike and then some. IMG 8697The next day we climbed back out of the canyon on our way Calitzdorp. Again the DL 1050 and mighty Ignis impressively swept the terrain aside. Later we came to a stop, for lunch, at Kobus de Gat restaurant before climbing the mountains, which I think in English, was the Black Mountain pass. Quite possibly the most dramatic scenery in SA was rolled out around every corner as we again reveled in both forms of Suzuki transport. Either the car or bike was a perfect companion for all the right reasons. In fact you just have to travel around this area if you haven’t already, it’s that impressive folks, no matter what you drive/ride.IMG 8771That night we slept in the ‘vintage’ style Klaarstroom Hotel off the N12. We were then taken to Forgotten Metals Workshop where various impressive restored vehicles were ours to view, and a treat of local dancers delivered their skills in true Karoo SA fashion.IMG 8768The next morning I rode the DL 1050 to the final destination, the airport at George. The soothing big V-twin easing away the kilometers were a prefect way to finish off the pleasurable adventure we’d been through. The three days had flown by and apparently we’d covered over 500km in the process. Making new friends and enjoying Suzuki’s duo of machinery will always be a fond memory, especially considering the price they are to buy.IMG 8764The Ignis GLX car is a real tough little bugger and the V-Strom DL 1050 XT is equally worthy of a gold medal. Just one more thing before I go. I recently heard of a guy who bought a new BMW 1250 GS Adventure with full panniers and an Akrapovic exhaust. It cost him around the same price as the Ignis and DL 1050 combined – how’s that for value for money when you can have both Suzuki’s instead, just another thought?IMG 8760Visit www.suzukimotorcycle.co.za and www.suzukiauto.co.za to view their range of enticing products.end bike test

Tork Craft add its support and sponsorship to the Enduro World’s Mountain Madalas events

001Adding to their comprehensive list of sponsorships and support for local off road, motocross and enduro events Tork Craft adds yet another popular blue-chip series to their portfolio

Mountain Madalas, “Madalas” is Zulu for “old man”. In our sport we do not get older, we just get better and as we do, we get wiser, sharper, live longer, stay fitter and most times we go faster, so the stories go,” said Andre Roodt Event Director Enduro World005Enduro World’s Mountain Madalas gives the “Mature” riders an opportunity to re-live their favorite memories, and to have some good clean fun with their families and friends. The routes are usually about approximately 35 km’s per lap, nothing extreme or too challenging, just a fun and enjoyable ride in the most beautiful venues, Clarens, Drakensburg, 4 Rivers Berg & Van Reenen’s Pass, with lots of friends and no pressure. The routes are amazing they are carefully planned to include great riding with just enough mildly technical stuff to give you a bit of a challenge. Enduro World also have riding options for juniors and new riders.004

For those who just refuse to accept their age which is most of the older riders there will even be one or two optional challenges along the routes. If you are too young to be a Madala, or new rider, no problem, you’re welcome to ride with the old codgers, if you can stand listening to the stories of how fast they were when we were your age. They offer a shorter, Green route as well, catering for newbies and the kids. All in all, they are great events for the family and groups of trail riders looking for great rides. No racing license is required for Mountain Madalas as it is not a race, however licensed riders are welcome.

“Enduro World has been passionately providing South African dirt bikers with pertinent and relevant information and entertainment since 2003 in a published magazine format until June 2016, and now still available right here on our website,” said Event Promoter/Director Andre Roodt.

“The Enduro World Mountain Madalas events is a great series to support, due to its structure, its well organized, they get a huge number of entries and cater for all types of riders/classes,” said Springbok, Multiple SA National MX Champion, and sponsor Ryan Hunt director of Vermont Sales with the Tork Craft brand. “They know what they are doing and have years of experience and expertise we are proud to put something back into the sport and be part of the Mountain Madalas events”, said Hunt.

Enduro World is also well known for the events they organize these include races, fun rides, and training camps. For more information Visit www.torkcraft.com & www.enduroworld.co.za

Next event – 3rd July 2021

Michelin Mountain Madalas Series 2021

Date                                                Venue                                             Register

#1 – 13th February 2021                Lesoba Guest Farm, Clarens         Passed Event

#2 – 24th April 2021                       Amphitheatre Valley                        Passed Event

#3 – 29th May 2021                       TBA                                                 Enter Now

#4 – 3rd July 2021                         TBA                                                 Enter Now

#5 – 21st August 2021                  TBA                                                  Enter Now

#6 – 18th September 2021           TBA                                                  Enter Now

Mega Madalas – 23-25 Oct           Swaziland                                       Enter Now

For more information contact Enduro World Tel: +27 (0) 87-809-4494 (VoIP), Denise on

+27 (0) 83-249-2386, or Andre on +27 (0) 83-601-7838 or mail them on

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit their web site www.enduroworld.co.za003end bike test

2021 KTM Freeride E-XC.

IMG 8231Here’s the first ‘real’ off-road electric bike we’ve seen, stuffed full of KTM’s knowledge regarding suspension and ability.

So why would you want an electric off-road mountain goat? Well, you can ride down and around mountain bike trails without the usual verbal abuse for one, maybe?

More seriously though, it cannot be stalled under any condition and has instant torque when you twist the grip, ideal for the Freeride’s predicted environment.IMG 8232Obviously being electric with new battery technology it isn’t cheap, but you will have zero to small running costs compared to a petrol powered similar machine. Either way it’ll be a very cool thing to have in your garage, and you can sneak in quietly if you’ve been out for too long, for various reasons.

Price: R175,000 including the fancy KTM charger.

Get in touch with the helpful guys at www.radmoto.co.za (011 234 5007) for more information and for all your KTM needs.end bike test










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