hjc lidsThis trio of gorgeous helmets doesn’t really have a memorable label to designate the model, but you’ll most certainly know who wears one, and it’s our very own Brad Binder.

These helmets are exactly the same as he wears in Moto GP, but with various fancy and attractive colour options. They are the top of the range lids from HJC with an exotic carbon composite construction. All three come with both a clear and tinted dark visor found inside the box, which is a nice touch to say the least.

So, if you want to be ‘Brad’, but in a different colour, then these maybe for you?

Price: R9,234 (If you quote ‘Billysbikes’ though you’ll get either one for only R8,999), how cool is that?

Go to www.linex.co.za (011 251 4000) for purchasing.

Also visit www.hjchelmets.com for more technical information.










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