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2024 shadow phantom gallery 01 2400xauto copyCOOLER THAN EVER

Honda Shadow Phantom may be a traditional-style cruiser, but it’s sporting some major updates and improvements for 2024. First of all, Honda have given the Phantom a powerful new rear disc brake this year for excellent, linear stopping power. Plus, the new rear disc means you can get a Phantom with optional anti-lock brakes (ABS) now. Then there are all the styling updates: new paint and graphic patterns, a new headlight cover, bright, machined-edge cylinder-head fins, a new air cleaner cover, and new instruments. There’s even a cool new solo seat standard, with an optional passenger seat and footpegs available — you decide how you want to roll. New fork-leg covers, and front and rear LED turn signals complete the package.2024 shadow phantom gallery 03 2400xauto copy


Nothing pumps out the torque like a bold V-twin. The Phantom’s power makes it perfect for around-town cruising, commutes and casual weekend-long rides.


The short fenders, clean seat, hidden wiring and de-chromed treatment all give the Phantom its unique look: like an old-school cruiser that’s ready for the way we roll today.2024 shadow phantom gallery 04 750x750 copy


The Phantom’s low seat height makes flat-footing it at stoplights or in parking lots a breeze. And the Phantom’s narrow seat/tank junction makes it feel even lower.


Clean, efficient, proven, and low maintenance. Shaft final drive is the perfect choice for a machine like this, and for riders who pile on the miles. You never have to worry about lubrication or adjustment out on the road. And an added plus: it helps keep your bike cleaner, too.2024 shadow phantom gallery 05 2400xauto copy

AIKxLn7KavbBjJ549PYpdsYamaha’s Sport Heritage range combines the emotion-evoking design of some of the most iconic motorcycles in the brand’s history and combines this with the very latest high-performance chassis and engine technology, paying homage to the racing machines that have shaped Yamaha’s past without compromising modern day performance.

For 2023, this nod to Yamaha’s illustrious racing history goes even further. Following the unveiling of the XSR900 RACER accessories and the 1980s Grand Prix-inspired CafeRacersofInstagram Yard Built for Good special earlier this year, the XSR900 DB40 Prototype has broken cover for the first time at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed.CS4eTfLsKFKBEeTBh72lgfRiding up the prestigious Goodwood Hill on each of the festival’s four days, the XSR900 DB40 Prototype represents a blend of Yamaha’s rich racing history and cutting-edge modern technology in line with the Sport Heritage mantra.

Former YZR500 Grand Prix racer Niall Mackenzie, who rode for Marlboro Yamaha in 1989 before three further years on Yamaha machinery in the early nineties, will take to the hill on the XSR900 DB40 Prototype on Thursday and Friday before a selection of journalists and VIPs take the machine to the hill on the weekend.DYGcmhM 4rK91vTVLozMSEIn the 1980s, Yamaha pioneered a new wave of technological advancement in motorcycle engineering by introducing the Deltabox chassis in their Grand Prix race machines.

This technology would soon filter down to road bikes, and now, 40 years on, the Deltabox style design remains at the heart of many Yamaha motorcycles.

Based on the XSR900, the XSR900 DB40 Prototype – named to celebrate 40 years of the Deltabox chassis – is powered by the award-winning 890cc ‘CP3’ triple-cylinder engine, housed in the very latest version of the Deltabox style frame.4Wa1t LgKb6Au bpJsy9VnThe name ‘Deltabox’ comes from the amalgamation of the word ‘Delta’, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, represented by a triangle and the word ‘box’.

From a side view, the Deltabox is formed of a triangle linking the head pipe to the swingarm pivot while the cross-section is box-shaped. This relationship between the steering head and the pivot point offers outstanding rigidity and feedback where a rider will need it most. The cross-shaped box section allows for a greater surface area while providing lighter weight and a higher level of rigidity.8rjD jYUqUhBcZ22u9PQpY

Yamaha debuted the Deltabox chassis in their 1982 YZR500 OW61 Grand Prix machine, while the frame’s first appearance in a production racer came just three years later, the TZR250, bringing the characteristics of the YZR factory race machinery to the road. The Deltabox has since become synonymous with Yamaha’s Supersport models, including the revolutionary R1 launched 25 years ago this year.

The XSR900 DB40 Prototype is the latest model based on the XSR900 platform to pay homage to Yamaha’s racing identity. Last month, custom house caferacersofinstagram unveiled their first Yard Built for Good project at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Show, a customised XSR900 harking back to Yamaha’s Grand Prix racers of the 80s and 90s.DKip7Uu3KPQ8P9Pya472vo

800MT EXPLOREExperience the ultimate evolution of the CFMOTO 800MT lineup with the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE, boasting an array of impressive features including a top-shelf traction control system, upgraded multimedia hardware, adjustable KYB suspension, and high-performance Michelin Anakee adventure tires, ensuring that no terrain is off-limits. Designed to push boundaries and elevate your adventures, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE is the perfect companion for those seeking long-distance comfort and unparalleled offroad capability.


As the flagship in the CFMOTO MT range, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE exudes a commanding, yet purposeful presence. With a seat height of 825 mm, it offers an elevated position that inspires confidence on and off the road.


Experience the heart and soul of the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE, where the exceptional 799cc parallel-twin engine delivers optimized torque for impressive performance. Effortless gear changes are facilitated by the Power Assisted Slipper Clutch (PASC) and Bi-directional Quickshifter, enhancing the speed and overall riding experience. Renowned from other 800MT models, this engine with its 799cc capacity generates 67 kW at 9250 rpm and 75 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm.800MT EXPLORE 1

Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension

On the handling front, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE doesn't disappoint either, thanks to a high-strength, lightweight chromium-molybdenum alloy steel frame, and a subframe that weighs only 16 kg. Combined with an aluminum swingarm for optimized rigidity and stability, fully-adjustable 43 mm KYB upside-down front forks, and KYB rear shock, the motorcycle provides a compliant and controlled ride on all road conditions.

Equipped with Michelin Anakee tires, specifically the Michelin Functional Vacuum tires with sizes 110/80 R19 in the front and 150/70 R17 in the rear, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE ensures exceptional grip and traction, inspiring confidence in any terrain.

Weighing in at 225 kg, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE strikes a balance between robustness and maneuverability. When it comes to slowing down, the ABS-assisted J.Juan 4-piston radial-mount calipers are paired with dual 320mm floating discs up front, while a twin-piston J.Juan caliper is paired with a single 260mm disc on the rear, providing extreme stopping power and ensuring confident braking performance.

Rider Aids

Beneath its powerful exterior, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE sets itself apart with a range of class-leading technological advancements. This exceptional motorcycle is equipped with C-ABS (Combined Anti-lock Braking System) that enhances braking performance and safety on various road surfaces. Additionally, it features advanced traction control and electronic stability control systems that provide riders with optimal control and stability, even in challenging riding conditions.

Notably, the EXPLORE also boasts innovative rearward-facing radar technology known as the Behind Radar System (BRS). This cutting-edge feature, combined with Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA), and Rear Collision Warning (RCW), ensures enhanced situational awareness and rider confidence, particularly during long-distance journeys. With these advanced safety features, the CFMOTO 800MT EXPLORE offers riders added peace of mind and a truly elevated adventure experience.800MT EXPLORE 2

Connectivity and Riding Experience

Upfront, a new waterproof 8-inch Multi-Media Interface (MMI) display greets the rider, featuring Apple CarPlay, which provides smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, voice control, navigation, and music library functionality.

Here, riders can access six different Ride Modes, each offering a unique combination of torque output and traction control intervention to suit varying road conditions, abilities, and preferred riding styles.

SPORT mode provides the sharpest throttle response and maximum torque output with a low level of traction control intervention for street riding, while OFF-ROAD mode provides a softer throttle response and maximum rear wheel slip with the lowest level of traction control for maximum offroad control.800MT EXPLORE 3

Further to this, the 800MT EXPLORE also features a ALL TERRAIN mode, which provide a softer throttle response than OFF-ROAD with no TC intervention, and no ABS, with a RAIN mode providing the softest throttle response and the gentlest power curve and the highest level of traction control for wet and slippery conditions.

Riders also have the ability to toggle the heated seat and heated grips, each offering three levels of warmth and being easily adjustable on the fly, along with accessing cruise control. A convenient USB port cluster and a 12 V socket are included for charging devices, including smartphones.

hon 01Carrying zero excess mass, class­leading power­to­weight ratio is delivered by a 67.5kW and 75Nm engine driving a 190kg package. The all­new, eight­valve parallel twin­cylinder unit delivers both top end buzz and heaps of mid­range usability, combining with a new ultra­lightweight frame for supremely agile side­to­side performance and instant, riotous acceleration. Throttle By Wire (TBW) serves up 4 riding modes and 4­levels Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with integrated Wheelie Control, plus 3 levels of Engine Braking and Power delivery. The new frame wears full Showa suspension: 41mm Separate Fork Function Big Piston (SFF­BP™) USD forks and rear shock working through Pro­Link. Dual, radial­ mount four­piston calipers bite hard. The premium specification includes 5­inch colour TFT instrument display, with Honda Smartphone Voice Control (HSVC), full LED lighting, auto­indicator cancel and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) technology.hon 02The original 1998 CB600F Hornet grew to be a hugely popular bike in Europe, for many reasons. Its compact, naked form was great around town and it had the engine power and handling ability to carve a section of corners with joyous enthusiasm. Different iterations of  the Hornet took it in the direction of sports touring and – in the hands of Hornet Cup racers – an outright race bike, while a 2007 upgrade added extra RR­derived top­end power and  much more aggressive style.

Every individual owner had a reason why their Hornet was so good, but two things     remained constant throughout its life and development:

It was great fun to ride. And the fun came with an affordable price tag.hon 0325 years is a long time and motorcycling has seen some major shifts since the first Hornet arrived. The naked bike segment continues to grow in both size and complexity, with many niches, and rider expectations have never been higher. A perfect time for a new Hornet to land – a bike for now and a whole new generation of riders. It has big tyre tracks to fill and serious competitors to contend with. None of which was lost on Honda’s development engineers.

This background has driven the creation of something quite special – a brand­new middle weight, the CB750 Hornet, which takes inspiration and direction from its ancestor but brings the celebrated Hornet brand right up to date. And packs it with a direct injection   of excitement and pure­thrill adrenaline.hon 04 With styling led by the latest generation of creative minds at Honda’s R&D facility in Rome, it’s been developed to attract younger riders looking for a serious move up. A totally new twin­cylinder engine hits hard with power and torque and features a comprehensive electronics package. High­quality Showa suspension works through a new, lightweight steel frame with high­spec running gear that allows the rider to exploit all the potential available. And minimalist look with uncompromising angles define a sharp, modern streetfighter style.

Honda have armed the CB750 Hornet with a class­leading power­to­weight ratio. And, to keep things simple, three words can be used to sum it up:

Fast, agile, fun.hon 05Engine

  • All new 755cc parallel twin 8 valve unicam engine
  • Max power – 67.5kW @ 9,500rpm
  • Max torque ­ 75Nm at 7,250rpm
  • 270° crankshaft and uneven firing order for maximum engine character
  • Patented Vortex Air Flow ducts for optimum airflow
  • Assist /slipper clutch offers light lever feel and manages rear wheel hop on downshifts
  • 23km/l fuel economy with a potential 340km tank range

The unveiling of a brand­new Honda engine is always a special moment. Presenting it as part of a brand new Hornet demonstrates the significance of the return of the iconic model name. Honda’s engineers have built a brand­new, parallel twin­cylinder powerplant packing  hugely enjoyable punch to give the Hornet its performance edge. It’s designed for every rider to exploit to the maximum, with exhilarating peak power output, but also to deliver accessible low to mid­range usability – perfect for the less experienced, and a major boost to the enjoyment of everyday town riding.hon 07755cc, with an 8-valve Unicam cylinder head it pumps out 67.5kW @ 9,500rpm with 75Nm torque @ 7,250rpm. Bore and stroke is set at 87 x 63.5mm with compression ratio of 11.0:1. Compact and lightweight (and a configuration used by the MX competition-ready CRF450R) the Unicam head operates the 35.5mm inlet valves via cam, and the 29mm exhaust by rocker arms. Inlet lift is 9.3mm, exhaust 8.2mm.

For razor-sharp pick-up and throttle response patented Vortex Flow Ducts create a more uniform distribution from the side scoops into the airbox, which then feeds downdraft intakes and 46mm diameter throttle bodies.hon 09The 270° crank and uneven firing order create a characterful, twin-cylinder pulse feeling. To make the engine as tightly wrapped as possible there’s no balancer drive gear; the primary drive gear doubles up duties and also spins the balance shaft. The water pump is tucked away inside the left hand engine cover and there’s no need for a water-cooled oil- cooler. The cylinders also use a Ni-SiC (Nickel-Silicon Carbide) coating, as also used in the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and CRF450R.

An assist/slipper clutch – with oblique layout disc segments – offers light lever feel, eases up shifts and manages rear wheel hop under hard braking and rapid down changes.hon 10Fuel consumption of 23km/l (WMTC mode) offers a potential range of over 340km from  the 15.2L fuel tank. A 35kW, A2 licence option will also be available.

Throttle By Wire engine control offers three default riding modes, adjusting the engine’s  delivery and feel to suit conditions and the rider’s intent; they’re easily switched and managed between the left handlebar mode switch and TFT screen.

There are 3 levels of Engine Power (EP), Engine Brake (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with integrated Wheelie Control available; HSTC can also be switched off. The riding modes offer different combinations of each parameter.hon 12SPORT uses level 3 EP and level 1 EB and HSTC to deliver maximum performance with  minimum intervention.

STANDARD mode is a mid-way setting that uses level 2 setting for EP, EB and HSTC.

RAIN mode employs the lowest EP setting, level 1, for the least aggressive power delivery with level 2 EB and 3 HSTC.

USER mode allows the rider to choose between the 3 settings for each parameter and save the setting for future use.hon 11

yam01Yamaha is proud to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the iconic Ténéré. Since its inception in 1983 with the XT600Z, the Ténéré has captivated the hearts and minds of adventure enthusiasts around the globe and this milestone calls for a grand commemoration.

Over the past four decades, the Yamaha Ténéré has forged its legacy as a symbol of the adventure spirit, exploration and resilience. From conquering the treacherous terrains of the Paris-Dakar Rally to inspiring riders to push the boundaries of what is possible, the Ténéré has become a true legend in the motorcycle world.yam02In the decades since Cyril Neveu claimed a historic double victory in the first and second Paris-Dakar rallies in 1979-80 on the XT500, Team Yamaha has accomplished some incredible rallying achievements. Ténéré icons such as Jean-Claude Olivier, Serge Bacou, and ‘Monsieur Dakar’ Stéphane Peterhansel, whose record of six Yamaha victories that began in 1991 remains unbeaten to this day, took their machines across some of the world’s most demanding terrain. Most recently, legendary adventurer and Yamaha ambassador Nick Sanders finished his latest trip around the globe on his Ténéré 700, while factory riders Pol Tarrés and Alessandro Botturi continue to make rally racing history on their the GYTR-kitted Ténéré 700 World Raid’s.yam03To celebrate this remarkable journey and these legendary riders together with the Ténéré community, Yamaha has embarked on a 40th Anniversary tour across Europe. A collection of historic Ténéré production models (1983-2010), as well as original Dakar classics will be showcased, allowing enthusiasts to witness first-hand the evolution of this iconic adventure machine.

In addition to a full line-up of the latest Ténéré models that event participants can test ride, the 40th Anniversary tour will also see the public launch of the new Ténéré 700 World Rally. Displayed in striking factory racing colours inspired by the YZE 850 that took Peterhansel to victory in 1993, the Ténéré 700 World Rally is a fusion of Yamaha’s desert racing heritage with modern, world-class performance. A name synonymous with desert racing success and boundary-pushing technology, the latest generation Ténéré 700 represents four decades of experience and success coming together in a machine unrivalled in ability and adventurous spirit.yam04The Ténéré 40th Anniversary tour made a triumphant stop at the Adventure Bike Rider Festival, the largest adventure riding festival in Europe. The event was a resounding success, with a vibrant atmosphere and an overwhelming sense of excitement among attendees. Yamaha celebrated this momentous occasion alongside the passionate Ténéré community. Festival-goers had the opportunity to experience the Ténéré's prowess firsthand through thrilling off-road and on-road test rides on the latest Yamaha models. Expert demo rides showcased the Ténéré's capabilities in challenging terrain and to top it all off, Yamaha's ambassador, the legendary Nick Sanders, joined the festivities and shared his captivating adventure movie, leaving everyone inspired by his incredible journeys. The Adventure Bike Rider Festival proved to be an unforgettable celebration of Yamaha's 40-year milestone with the Ténéré, solidifying its legacy as an icon in the world of adventure riding.yam05

2024 KTM EXC HARDENDURO 1With many decades of success at the world’s toughest hard enduro races, along with the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, KTM introduces a dedicated HARDENDURO model to its unrivaled 2024 KTM EXC range.

In celebration of the most challenging hard enduro races on earth, KTM has released the 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO, positioning itself at the top end of the KTM Enduro model range.2024 KTM EXC HARDENDURO 2

Well known German hard enduro rider Manuel Lettenbichler already giving the 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO his stamp of approval, having taken the 2022 Hard Enduro World Championship title, and opening his 2023 campaign with wins at RED BULL Erbergrodeo and Xross Hard Enduro Rally. The 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO has some serious pedigree.2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDUROUsing the all-new 2024 KTM 300 EXC as a baseline, the KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO is engineered with feedback from top extreme enduro riders to provide the ultimate READY TO RACE Enduro machine available, directly off dealership floors.

The 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO is specially built to tackle tough terrain and features a slew of special protection parts, including closed hand guards, clutch slave cylinder protection, composite skid plate and brake disc guards to withstand the most extreme racing scenarios imaginably.2024 KTM EXC HARDENDUROAlong with an all-new frame, closed-cartridge suspension, refined bodywork, and industry-leading TBI technology, the 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO also features additional parts such as:

  •     New, model-specific graphics
  •     Orange frame
  •     HARDENDURO bar pad
  •     Soft, grey ODI lock-on grips
  •     Ribbed diamante factory seat
  •     Map-selection switch
  •     Factory frame protector set
  •     Factory wheelset, featuring black D.I.D rims, black spokes, orange-anodized hubs, and orange-anodized nipples
  •     Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tires
  •     Wrap-around handguards
  •     Radiator fan
  •     Orange-anodized CNC machined triple clamps
  •     Composite skid plate
  •     Floating front brake disc with composite front brake disc guard
  •     Solid rear brake disc, with safety wire and orange rear brake disc guard
  •     Orange Supersprox stealth rear sprocket
  •     Orange-anodized oil plug
  •     Orange-anodized clutch slave cylinder protection
  •     Front and rear pull straps

The all-new 2024 KTM 300 EXC HARDENDURO will be available at authorized KTM dealers from July onwards. For more information, visit ktm.com

suz001With the extra components, you'll be extra relaxed while going off the road with your V-Strom

After a successful run of the V-Strom 650XT, Suzuki made strides at the 2022 EICMA with its all-new 2023 V-Strom 800DE. It soon became of the most hotly anticipated middleweight ADVs, and the bikemaker even priced it competitively. But going full “things can always get better”, Suzuki has now taken the wraps off the 800DE Rally Edition. As the name suggests, the special edition spruces up the ADV’s off-road credentials, thanks to a handful of accessories.

From a distance, the Rally Edition appears identical to the standard variant. But look at them side-by-side, and the details start coming into focus. The first thing to note is the added equipment plonked onto the 800DE. This includes a wider aluminum belly pan down low and blacked-out tubular crash guards up top. The latter extends all the way from the V-Strom’s beak to the new sump guard for much-needed crash protection if you tip off. And if you do, the hand guards will keep your palms protected, although these appear identical to the stock ones.suz002Speaking of stickers, the special edition flaunts a new livery. There are new graphics from head to toe, put in place to mimic Suzuki’s rally racer. These are complemented by ‘Motul’ stickers all around, as well as dark bronze spoke wheels with ‘V-Strom’ lettering. A closer look at the wheels also reveals new Bridgestone AX41 tires, said to offer better grip than the stock dual-purpose Dunlop Trailmax Mixtours.

And that’s about it for the changes. Under all this, the Rally Edition carries forward Suzuki’s new 776cc, twin-cylinder powerhouse. It produces 84.3 horsepower (at 8,500 RPM) and 57.5 pound-feet (at 6,800 RPM), all sent to the wheel via a six-speed transmission. Think this is plenty? Then you’ll appreciate the presence of likable electronic aids. We’re talking ride modes, traction control, switchable ABS modes, and a bi-directional quickshifter, all accessible via a TFT instrument cluster.suz003As for underpinnings, the ADV is built around a steel frame that relies on fully adjustable Showa suspension at both ends, offering 220mm travel at each end. Serious off-roading fans will also appreciate the 21/19-inch wheels–perfect to chart over anything and everything. Concurrently, braking prowess comes via 310 mm dual front discs and a 260 mm single rear disc, each bit by a Nissin caliper.suz004


Allowing riders to master terrain like never before, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ all-new 2024 TE and FE machines set a new standard for riding offroad. Expertly crafted with new frames, subframes, bodywork, suspension, and brakes, the extended list of shared innovations across the new enduro platform was introduced to further improve overall rideability. With every model continuing to deliver outstanding performance, riders will undoubtedly embrace and benefit from the technical changes made to all seven class-leading machines.

Offering predictable damping, the new, enduro-specific WP suspension allows riders to conquer technical sections in complete confidence and control. The WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring forks incorporate a mid-valve piston for smooth action and consistent performance while a hydrostop in the final 68 mm of travel helps to maintain forward momentum. A redesigned WP XACT shock features a new piston to improve comfort and is 100 g lighter and 15 mm shorter while retaining 300 mm of travel. Both the fork and shock settings can be adjusted by hand for a fast and easy personalised set-up.FE 250 2024 2Designed to work in perfect harmony with the WP suspension is the new chromium molybdenum steel frame. Improving anti-squat behaviour and offering revised flex characteristics, the chassis, which includes a new and much more durable hybrid subframe, guarantees each machine delivers exceptionally agile handling with confidence-inspiring straight-line stability.

Wrapped around the new chassis is new bodywork that is adorned with modern, Swedish-inspired graphics and a new high-grip seat cover. Offering an improved rider triangle, which ensures more knee contact and therefore better control, the slim design of the bodywork also offers complete freedom of movement when riding stood up. The updated bodywork is complete with a redesigned headlight producing a brighter light output and is installed using a much more efficient and user-friendly mounting system.

TE 150 2024 2For the new generation, the TE 150, TE 250, and TE 300 2-stroke models are now powered by new engines fuelled using Throttle Body Injection (TBI) technology. Introduced to ensure these lightweight machines maintain their best-in-class performance, TBI guarantees a much more consistent and controllable spread of power throughout the rev range, even in the toughest of conditions.

FE 250 2024 2 1The FE 250 and FE 350 machines benefit from new and much more compact DOHC engines. These are positioned in the frame two degrees backwards when compared to the previous generation, which further centralises mass and contributes to the improved anti-squat behaviour of the chassis. In addition, both engines are designed to position all major components as centrally as possible for improved handling and to generate maximum torque and power.

All models in the range take the enduro riding experience to new levels thanks to advanced electronics. The EMS allows each machine to offer two pre-set riding maps to suit varying terrain, with each gear selected engaging a tailored power delivery. The 4-stroke models offer additional rider aids including Traction Control and a Quickshifter for positive upshifts, even under heavy load.FE 250 2024 3

The line-up is complete with premium components shared across the range including a new LED headlight, enhanced BRAKTEC brakes with high performance GSK discs, a combined start/stop button, ProTaper handlebars, and Michelin enduro tyres.

On the global racing stage, Billy Bolt’s most recent success clearly underlines Husqvarna Motorcycles’ reputation as a highly competitive manufacturer. Competing in the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, the Husqvarna Factory Racing star secured his third consecutive title indoors to once again demonstrate the exceptional capability of the FE 350.FE TE 2024 2

2024 Technical Highlights

  • New chromium molybdenum steel frame optimised for improved anti-squat behaviour and enhanced flex characteristics
  • New polyamide/aluminium hybrid subframe offers exceptional strength and durability
  • New 48 mm WP XACT Closed Cartridge spring forks deliver consistent damping and predictable handling
  • New WP XACT rear shock is lighter and developed specifically for enduro riding
  • New ergonomic bodywork offers revised rider triangle for enhanced control
  • New 2-stroke engines feature TBI technology for improved rideability and ease of use
  • New 250cc and 350cc DOHC 4-stroke engines provide class-leading power and torque
  • New LED headlight provides a brighter light output and simplified fitment
  • New BRAKTEC brake system and high-performance GSK discs provide superior stopping power
  • New multifunctional Map Select Switch design controls the Quickshifter and Traction Control (4-stroke only)
  • New Offroad Control Unit (OCU) for highest level of reliability and user-friendly serviceability of electronics
  • Premium-quality ProTaper handlebar and ODI Grips
  • Electric starter powered by a lightweight Li-ion 2.0 Ah battery

All enduro riders can dress and prepare for all conditions with the Functional Offroad Apparel Collection. Headlined by the new Moto-10 Spherical Railed Helmet, an extensive range of riding gear and waterproof clothing ensures riders can perform at their best for longer, and in total comfort. For the new models, a comprehensive selection of Technical Accessories is now available with each component designed to enhance the performance and durability of each machine.

The 2024 enduro range is now available worldwide at all authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers. Availability may differ from country to country. For details on pricing and availability, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles subsidiary or importer.

2024 KAWASAKI KX450 2For the last five decades, the Kawasaki KX™ lineup has helped paved the path to championships for the motocross heroes of today. The KX family remains one of the most dominant motocross and supercross brand of motorcycles available today, with the KX450 continuing to be one of the leading motocross bikes in its class. With development cues taken from the Monster Energy Kawasaki factory racing team, the all-new KX450 is one of the strongest off-road machines on the track. All-new features for 2024 include a new cylinder head, lightweight aluminum frame, center exhaust, and Kawasaki KX first-time features include ODI Lock-On grips, Brembo brakes, Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC), riding modes with handlebar-mounted switch box, and Bluetooth connectivity using Rideology the app.

The KX450 motorcycle is the bike that builds champions. Racers receive the benefit of the industry-leading Team Green support network that can be found trackside at events across the nation. Kawasaki riders also have the opportunity to enroll in the Kawasaki2024 Kawasaki KX450 engine copyALL-NEW 2024 KAWASAKI KX450 HIGHLIGHTS:

  • NEW Engine tuning
  • NEW Cylinder head
  • NEW Straight exhaust port and center exhaust 
  • NEW Smartphone connectivity 
  • NEW Handlebar-mounted traction control switch 
  • NEW Brembo brake system
  • NEW Lightweight aluminum perimeter frame
  • NEW ODI Lock-On grips
  • NEW Easy-to-remove side cover
  • NEW Slim ergonomic bodywork
  • NEW KTRC and riding modes


For 2024, Kawasaki changed the layout of the entire intake system, all the way down to the valves which were modified to an ideal port shape and shifted vertically to be symmetrical with the intake and exhaust ports. The intake and exhaust ports were also modified for straighter airflow and improved efficiency. As a result, power is improved across all areas at any throttle position or engine rpm. 

The exhaust pipe has been moved to the center of the bike, helping to contribute to both peak power and controllability while allowing for slimmer bodywork. The pipe’s silencer was moved forward as well, contributing to mass centralization and a firmer feel. 2024 KAWASAKI KX450 3NEW CHASSIS 

An all-new lightweight aluminum perimeter frame retains the praised handling character of the previous model, with optimized stiffness and dimensions that help improve the front-end feeling and traction while riding in various conditions. 


For the first time in KX history, a Brembo braking system will adorn the front of the KX450, including a master cylinder and brake caliper for excellent stopping power controllability. A Nissin braking system will remain on the rear of the motorcycle for a combined braking package that produces seriously fast lap times.2024 Kawasaki KX450 Brembo brakesImproving the overall ergonomics while maintaining the KX machine’s pure racing style was a priority for Kawasaki engineers. The 2024 KX450 will feature all-new bodywork that allows riders to change their riding position more easily. The shrouds, side covers and rear fender all received updates to their design, condensing the KX450’s overall appearance for a lighter-looking feel while adding to the mass centralization of the bike itself. A new quick-release design will be featured on the side cover, facilitating convenient, tool-less access to the air filter.

For added rider comfort, ODI Lock-On grips will come standard on the KX450. This innovative grip system bolts the grips to the handlebar and will simplify the process of replacing grips. The grips will be accented with green details in the rubber tips and mounting hardware, continuing the motorcycle’s sharp racing image. 


A new traction control and power mode switch enhances the left handlebar, marking another first for the KX line of motorcycles. Riders will be able to choose their level of KTRC assistance (strong, weak, or off), adjust between power modes (normal or mild response), and activate launch control at the push of a button. 

Power mode mapping can now be adjusted using the Rideology app, another KX-series first. Instead of using the current accessory FI calibration kit, riders will now be able to adjust fuel and ignition timing and keep a maintenance log using Bluetooth connectivity from their smartphone. 

(Rideology: The App is not intended for use during vehicle operation. Only use Rideology: The App when the vehicle is not being operated and it is safe to do so).

2023 YAM PREstablishmentHySE CPR EU NA 001 03 previewYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Yamaha Motor”), Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Honda”), Kawasaki Motors, Ltd. (hereinafter “Kawasaki Motors”) and Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Suzuki”)  jointly announced today that they have received approval from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to form a technological research association called HySE (Hydrogen Small mobility & Engine technology) for developing hydrogen-powered engines for small mobility.*

To realize a decarbonized society, a multi-pathway strategy to address various issues in the mobility sector is necessary, rather than focusing on a single energy source. Against this backdrop, research and development targeted at commercialization of mobility with engines powered by hydrogendeemed a next-generation energy sourceis gaining momentum.

However, the use of hydrogen poses technical challenges, including fast flame speed and a large region of ignition, which often result in unstable combustion, and the limited fuel tank capacity in case of use in small mobility vehicles. In addressing these issues, the members of HySE are committed to conducting fundamental research, capitalizing on their wealth of expertise and technologies in developing gasoline-powered engines, and aim to work together with the joint mission of establishing a design standard for small mobility’s hydrogen-powered engine, and of advancing the fundamental research endeavors in this area.

The members of HySE will continue to deepen their collaborative relations in order to provide a variety of small mobility options to users and meet their diverse needs, thereby contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

Kenji Komatsu, Chairman nominee of HySE and Executive Officer of Technical Research & Development Center, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., comments, “We are extremely pleased to announce the planned formation of the association. There are many challenges in the development of hydrogen-powered engines, but we hope to see the association’s activities advance the fundamental research in order to meet those challenges. We are committed to this endeavor with a sense of mission to preserve the use of internal combustion engines, which epitomize the long-time efforts that our predecessors have invested.”

Main research and development areas, and the role of each company:

Research on hydrogen-powered engines

Research on the model-based development of hydrogen-powered engines (Honda)
Element study on functionality, performance, and reliability of the hydrogen-powered engines (Suzuki)

Hands-on research using real hydrogen-powered engines on their functionality, performance, and reliability (Yamaha Motor, Kawasaki Motors)

Study on hydrogen refueling system

Studying the requirements for a hydrogen refueling system and hydrogen tanks for small mobility (Yamaha)

Study on fuel supply system

Studying the auxiliary equipment required for a fuel supply system and tanks, and the equipment installed between the fuel tank and the injector (Kawasaki Motors)

In addition to the full members (the four aforementioned motorcycle manufacturers), Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter “Kawasaki Heavy Industries”) and Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter “Toyota”) support the association as special members. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, being one of the main organizers of the “CO2-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain Technology Research Association” (hereinafter “HySTRA”), will drive forward HySE’s activities, based on the knowledge gained from its activities for HySTRA. Toyota, on the other hand, will assume the role of leveraging HySE’s research results to the maximum benefit for the development of hydrogen-powered engines, utilizing its know-how on experiments, analyses, and the designing of large hydrogen-fueled power units for four-wheel vehicles.