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mv agusta 04Timur Sardarov announces the successful completion of the 5-year plan to revitalize the company. His objective to bolster the historic Italian brand was completely fulfilled, resulting in stability and substantial advancement for the “Made in Schiranna” icon. During this period, measures have been taken to steady the company financially, and substantial improvements were made to both processes and products, while also ensuring job security in Varese.

The focus on quality and reliability has resulted in the consolidation of MV Agusta's reputation and credibility among a growing global customer base. As a result, the company is now on track to achieve net profit for the first time in many years. In 2023 alone, MV Agusta introduced 5 new models, and all limited series were sold out within hours of their launch. Additionally, a new dealer network was established, further reinforcing the brand agusta 01

With this move, the Austrian group reaffirms its interest and commitment to the Schiranna brand, considering the strong results achieved in recent years under the guidance of the Sardarov family, who will maintain joint control and a 49.9% stake in the company.

With the early takeover of the majority and, as a commitment to the location and responsibility for the employees, Hubert Trunkenpolz, member of the executive board of PIERER Mobility AG, is taking over the role of CEO and Chairman from Timur Sardarov, who will continue to be available to the company as Vice-Chairman, brand ambassador and agusta 03

Timur Sardarov commented: “MV Agusta embodies passion and a unique sense of romance that captivated me, a seasoned entrepreneur, from day one. The personal challenge of guiding the company out of crisis and steering it towards success through innovative business strategies, team expansion, and new product developments has been conquered. It is an honor to play a role in shaping MV Agusta's legacy. Over the past five years, both the company and I have evolved significantly. Our growth together is a testament to the transformative journey we've shared. My time with MV Agusta has been a pivotal chapter in my life, filled with mutual joys and challenges. As I continue to serve as a dedicated Vice-Chairman, I am committed to supporting the company and its ongoing success.”mv agusta 02

yam 001Two years after making history and setting an altitude world record aboard a Yamaha Ténéré 700, Pol Tarrés recently returned to Chile and set the bar even higher, not just by smashing his own record, but also by setting a new altitude record for a single-cylinder motorcycle.

Tarrés has mastered taking the road never travelled.

Reaching an incredible height of 6.677 metres with the Ténéré World Raid GYTR in full stage 3 setup, Tarrés set a new record for the highest altitude achieved on a twin-cylinder motorcycle. During the reconnaissance phase of the attempt, Tarres also set a new record for the highest altitude ever reached on a single-cylinder motorcycle, ascending to 6.756 metres on the cross country specific Yamaha YZ450FX .

Being a Ténéré ambassador, Tarrés was determined to achieve a new record on the 700 World Raid. Both records were registered on a dual GPS and verified by three guides as the guidelines prescribe. Official ratification of the two world records will take several weeks. yam 002

The expedition team comprised Pol Tarrés, Javi Echevarria (project manager), Miguel Echevarria (film crew), Ahikar Azcona (Yamaha ambassador & team support), Joan Espasa (film crew) and mountain guides, Gerardo Bauty, Cristian Órdenes, Thomas Caballero, and Juan León. Supported by Yamaha Motor Europe, Marc Bourgeois and Yamaha Motor Chile. 

“Preparing for this challenge was difficult, many said it could not be done,” declared project manager, Javi Echevarria. “But we as a team know that exactly that is what drives Pol, to do exactly what no one thinks possible. It was really a team effort – and would have been impossible without everyone involved.”

The target was to ascend Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on earth, the second-highest mountain in the Andes and the highest summit in Chile. Several other athletes have attempted to conquer this uninhabitable place, with its steep rock inclines, scree slopes and snow drifts, yet none have enjoyed the same success as Tarrés and Yamaha thus far. 

Having learned important lessons from the previous attempt, Tarrés and the entire TRECE Racing Society Team took two weeks to acclimatise in the Andes Mountain range. Even with Tarrés’s incredible physical condition, the altitude is a force that humbles most humans and altitude sickness was a constant companion for the team during this acclimatisation process.yam 003

After acclimatising, Tarrés and the TRECE team started to explore potential routes to conquer the mountain, utilizing both the YZ450FX and the Ténéré to complete this reconnaissance phase, whilst also dealing with disruption caused by unexpected snowfall.

The weather also played a significant role in dictating the timing of the record attempt. With high winds forecast, the team were forced to accelerate their plans and make the attempts on the 6th and 7th of March. Due to the snowfall, the routes to the West and Central summits were rendered impassable, so the highest summit and principal crater of the volcano became the goal chosen by the team.

Starting from Refugio Murray at 4.522 metres, Tarrés and the Ténéré reached the record altitude in only 50 minutes. 

“Above 6.000 metres everything seems to go super slow, the physical exhaustion is indescribable and there is no room for mistakes,” commented Pol Tarrés. ”Even walking is a challenge, let alone riding a Ténéré at this altitude” yam 004

One problem encountered on the previous record setting expedition in 2022 was that of fuel consumption, which is significantly heaver at altitude than at sea level. For the most recent attempt at the record this issue was addressed with the GYTR kit, specifically the GYTR ECU assembly and extra fuel capacity, which allowed Tarrés to ride for longer without the need to refuel.

The GYTR parts from the second stage or handling kit, including more rugged Haan Wheels, KYB 48mm front fork and Paioli rear suspension, also ensured optimal handling performance on the challenging terrain of the Vulcano. 

The mental, physical, and mechanical challenges faced by Tarrés and his team during this testing challenge cannot easily be conveyed with words alone. To tell the full story of this momentous endeavour, the TRECE Racing Society and Yamaha Motor Europe have collaborated on a documentary, to be premièred at the end of this year, that will take viewers on the same incredible journey on which Tarrés embarked in both 2022 and 2024.

2025 KTM 250 SX F ADAMO EDITION 2In celebration of Andrea Adamo winning the 2023 MX2 World Championship, KTM unveils the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION. After a superb run to the title that saw four moto wins and 19 additional podiums, KTM celebrates that success by applying some very special touches to a machine inspired by the bike that Andrea Adamo will ride in 2024 to defend his cherished MX2 title.

It was an emotional day when Adamo clinched the 2023 FIM MX2 Motocross World Championship at the Grand Prix of Italy, at the penultimate round of last season. Securing the title on home soil at Maggiora Park meant the Italian concluded a consistent first season as a Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider by delivering the team a 15th title in 20 years. In doing so he became the tenth different racer to clinch the gold plate with the KTM 250 SX-F.2025 KTM 250 SX F ADAMO EDITION 3
Building on this success the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION holds at the heart of it the very same READY TO RACE ethos that comes with all KTM models. With this being the ADAMO EDITION, KTM wanted to make sure it truly had that factory feel. The KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION is a special version only offered to customers in the EU. It's produced in limited quantities to commemorate Andrea Adamo winning the 2023 MX2 World Championship. In honor of this milestone, only 80 units of the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION will be produced – just like Adamo’s race number #80.2025 KTM 250 SX F ADAMO EDITION
Starting with the brand-new Connectivity Unit Offroad (CUO) - which is also available for the entire KTM SX-F range and included with the 2024 KTM 250 and 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITIONS - this two-part system offers both engine behavior and suspension settings adjustment via the KTMconnect App, allowing riders to tune their bikes to exactly how they want them to ride and feel, making sure everyone can find their preference. Official affiliation with LitPro means riders can dive into the deepest of detail to take a closer look at their racing lines, lap times, gearing, throttle position, G-Force, jump distance and so much more. Whether riders use it to chase a lap time, perfect their setup, or just compare with friends, adjustment and the information offered are all easily accessible in the KTMconnect App.

When it comes to looks, the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION closely resembles the aesthetics of Adamo’s race bike for the upcoming 2024 MX2 World Championship. To add to the presence, the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION comes with an incredibly special item that is a complete front mask with the iconic championship leader red plate featuring Adamo’s race number #80 and signed by the Champion himself.2025 KTM 250 SX F ADAMO EDITION 4
As this item is not available to order separately, it’s a real collector’s piece that Red Bull KTM Factory Racing and Adamo fans will take great pride in owning and carrying on their bike. The #80 red plate will also include Andrea’s signature and the limited-edition motorcycle will come with a separate #80 sticker for putting on the number boards of the race bike if so desired.

The KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION comes with the Pirelli SCORPION MX 32 MID SOFT both on the front and rear. Being the championship-winning tire, it’s an obvious choice. Offering excellent traction that guarantees maximum power transmission to the ground, the MX 32s then also provide the precision and feel needed to find and hold your line into corners due to the layout of the front lateral knobs. With the tire developed by some of the most prestigious motocross racers in the world, including MX2 World Champion Adamo, it will have riders feeling at one with their KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION on the track.

The hardware of the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION shares the core details of its sibling the KTM 250 SX-F FACTORY EDITION. The frame, weighing 300 g less than that of the standard bike, features the same updated engine mounts that allow for optimized flexibility which has led to improved cornering characteristics. The strategic repositioning of rotating mass within the frame has allowed for a better center of gravity too, offering greater traction and anti-squat behavior out of the corners. The KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION also comes with a newly designed carbon-reinforced skid plate as standard, ensuring even the biggest hits barely leave a scratch.

The 250cc engine is not only light at 26.1 kg but also remarkably powerful and reaches an incredible 14,000 rpm rev limit. Supplementing that power is the Akrapovič slip-on line exhaust that boasts titanium construction to fall in line with weight-saving and mass centralization as the main criteria of the KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION.

Fully adjustable WP suspension keeps riders in plush contact with the ground thanks to the 48 mm WP XACT front fork offering 310 mm of progressive and consistent damping. The FACTORY START DEVICE, and Brembo hydraulic clutch system, will also leave riders with no problem getting the holeshot. At the back, the WP XACT rear shock’s advanced damping provides unbeatable traction and energy absorption. An added bonus of the WP XACT front fork and rear shock is that they are both fully adjustable by hand, no tools required.

Getting things stopped, Brembo’s 260 mm front disc and 220 mm rear disc provide superior braking power, with the material of the rear brake lever now stiffer to take the big hits, no problem. Durable strong black rims with orange CNC machined hubs also stand up to the rigors of motocross and, with their lightweight construction, they only enhance the stopping performance, due to less rotating mass.

The KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION is a rare gem that takes the READY TO RACE motto to the next level and the specs list speaks for itself.2025 KTM 250 SX F ADAMO EDITION 5

2025 KTM 250 SX-F ADAMO EDITION specs:

  • Red Bull KTM Factory Racing CTG (Race Season 2024)
  • Red plate of World Championship Winner included #80 and signature in buy pack
  • Updated tank spoilers
  • Orange glossy ‘Factory’ frame
  • Connectivity Unit Offroad system & compatible front fender
  • Updated stiffer suspension settings
  • WP XACT AER 44 mm front fork & WP XACT rear shock
  • Factory Racing Start device
  • Factory Racing Seat
  • Factory Racing Triple Clamps
  • Factory Racing Frame Protection Set
  • Factory Racing front brake disc guard (carbon version)
  • Factory Racing skid plate (carbon version)
  • Factory Racing wheel set (black rim, black spokes, orange hubs, orange nipples)
  • Semi-floating front brake disc
  • Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Soft tires
  • Engine mounts (black incl. cut outs)
  • Orange Rear Sprocket
  • Golden Regina Chain
  • Akrapovič “Slip-On Line” exhaust
  • Hinson Outer Clutch Cover
  • Number #80 in buy pack
  • Vented airbox cover in buy pack

The latest iteration of the KTM SX-F range is a highly advanced technical platform that will form the basis of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s championship ambitions. The potential of the KTM SX-F foundation is beyond doubt, and boasts the DNA of countless wins, podiums, and titles in the upper echelons of motocross and supercross competition through the last decade.

APEX PRO COMPONENTS FOR THE KTM 990 DUKE 1At WP Suspension, we are proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking PRO COMPONENTS tailored specifically for the new KTM 990 DUKE – the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge and the APEX PRO 6746 Shock. These cutting-edge suspension upgrades epitomize precision, control, and the ultimate riding experience.

Focus on the first corner, continuous pressure on the throttle, the rubber finds its grip crushing on the asphalt. Every bump is swallowed by 100% motorsport technology. Every wrinkle of the road transferred to the rider in the form of the most direct feedback in the game. WP APEX PRO COMPONENTS are moulded by the influence and experience of first-class MotoGP™ riders and their teams and have celebrated for their superiority in every class.APEX PRO COMPONENTS FOR THE KTM 990 DUKE

APEX PRO 6746 Shock:

Crafted for perfection and meticulously adapted to the unique demands of the KTM 990 DUKE, the APEX PRO 6746 Shock takes shock absorber technology to new heights. Drawing from years of motorsport expertise, this shock absorber promises excellence in damping, control, and unadulterated riding pleasure. With a plethora of adjustment options, riders can finely tune the shock absorber to suit any track, ensuring optimal performance in every driving situation. The APEX PRO 6746 Shock's exceptional spring performance and rapid rebound provide unparalleled control, while the enlarged nitrogen tank guarantees consistent damping performance, preventing overheating for a flawless ride.

Technical Features:

Adjustable high-speed compression damping

Adjustable low-speed compression damping

Adjustable rebound damping

Adjustable spring preload

Excellent cooling properties

Consistent performance

Greater comfort

APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge:

Engineered with a singular goal – dominating the Middleweight class track records – the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge redefines performance with exceptional damping capabilities and unparalleled responsiveness. This fully adjustable open cartridge system, made from top-tier materials, offers riders enhanced control and expanded tuning options. With adjustable spring preload, rebound damping, and compression damping, the APEX PRO 6500 Cartridge ensures peak performance and responsiveness, delivering the ultimate handling prowess for the ride of your dreams.APEX PRO COMPONENTS FOR THE KTM 990 DUKE 2

Technical Features:

Adjustable spring preload

Adjustable rebound damping

Adjustable compression damping

Greater stability

Improved damping behaviour

Improved and calmer ride

Greater comfort

Front fork springs need to be ordered separately*

yamahaR1 copyYamaha remains fully committed to racing the R1 in the premier production race classes worldwide, including the FIM Superbike and Endurance World Championships. This commitment also extends to supporting teams and customers who race Yamaha’s flagship SuperSport model or utilise it as the ultimate track tool.

Global production of the R1 will continue in the future, as will the development program that has seen the bike secure world titles in both WorldSBK and EWC. While the requirements of Yamaha’s customers have evolved in recent years, the R1 remains a popular choice for teams looking to secure a competitive and cost-effective race package and for individuals focused on enhancing their track experience.

This is why from 2025, considering the challenge of meeting the Euro5+ homologation requirements, in South Africa the R1 will be made available with specifications aimed exclusively at track use, as was done previously with the R6.

Yamaha has invested heavily in making available to customers a range of GYTR performance parts for the R1, leveraging the experience of the same engineers responsible for the development of the R1 WorldSBK campaigned this year by six-time Superbike World Champion, Jonathan Rea. 

The R1 is a proven race-winning package, and Yamaha is committed to ensuring that it remains so for the foreseeable future, both in national and international competition.


WP Suspension is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to its line-up – the WP REPLICA TEAM WEAR 2024. This cutting-edge and exceptionally practical apparel collection has been crafted to cater to the diverse needs of riders, whether they find themselves on the trackside or in the paddock.

Tailored for all team members working collaboratively towards a shared objective, as well as individuals who are driven by the desire to maintain precision and control in their pursuits.

In response to the varied requirements of motorsport enthusiasts, the WP REPLICA TEAM WEAR has been meticulously developed drawing upon decades of expertise within the #1MOTORSPORTCOMMUNITY.

With a completely renovated line-up of clothing and accessories, with the WP REPLICA TEAM WEAR 2024, you will elevate your racing experience. The unparalleled quality and style, designed to meet the dynamic demands of the motorsport community is in your hands.

MY24 450SR SStriking the perfect balance between performance and everyday riding comfort

Engineered to excite, the CFMOTO 450SR S brings race-bike energy to real-world users. Aerodynamic design, explosive power, and adjustable suspension combine to provide an unbridled riding experience. Compared to the CFMOTO 450SR, the 450SR S features the following stand-out features;

Single-side swingarm

Upgraded front wings

Underslung exhaust system

Upgraded 240mm rear brake disc

Upgraded 37mm upside-down front fork with adjustable damping

5-inch TFT display

Traction Control System as standard

MY24 450SR S 6 

Ergonomics and Handling

Inspired by CFMOTO’s racing efforts, the 450SR S boasts a racy design with functional aerodynamics. 
Upfront, the hollow-design fairing resembles a shark fin, improving heat dissipation and allowing for cooler air to circulate the engine. A single-sided swingarm and under-slung exhaust system further enhance the visual appeal, while keeping weight low.

This, paired with its low 179 kg curb weight, means the CFMOTO 450SR S is easy to handle in traffic, but agile and quick to steer at the track.MY24 450SR S 2


Driven forward by a 449.5cc parallel twin-cylinder producing 34.5 kW/9250 rpm and 39.3 Nm/7750 rpm, the CFMOTO 450SR S is well suited to fast blasts around the track or along mountain passes. 

Thanks in part to a 270° crankshaft angle, and a double-balance shaft arrangement, engine vibration is kept to a minimum for a more comfortable ride. A 14L fuel tank capacity also increases the maximum cruising range to 300 km.MY24 450SR S 4

Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension

Taking its inspiration from the track means the CFMOTO 450SR S handles like a true race machine. Premium components such as 37 mm upside-down front suspension featuring adjustable damping allow a personalized riding experience.

The CFMOTO 450SR S also features upgraded brakes, with a 240 mm, dual-piston brake on the rear. This complements the already potent front Brembo setup and works with the standard ABS to ensure there is no loss of grip or locking up during hard braking maneuvers.MY24 450SR S 5

Rider Aids

The CFMOTO 450SR S features an advanced traction control system for improved safety. This works by limiting rear-wheel slip in low traction situations, while a slipper clutch provides a lighter clutch feel and easier shifting. This also allows riders to use the gearbox more effectively when gearing down into a corner, without any concern about the rear wheel locking up.

Automatic headlights are also fitted as standard, ensuring you’re never caught in the dark, with ESS emergency braking lights also included for added on-road visibility.MY24 450SR S 8

Aspar CFMOTO 1The Chinese manufacturer will support the Spanish team in its challenges in the World Championship

CFMOTO forms a new alliance with the Aspar Team, a team that, since it began its journey with the Pierer Mobility group in 2018, has achieved 26 victories, 58 podiums and two world titles in Moto3™ with Albert Arenas and Izan Guevara.

CFMOTO and Aspar Team join forces in 2024 to fight for the Moto2™ and Moto3™ titles. The Spanish team will compete on all the World Championship circuits to take the Chinese manufacturer to the top of the podium in an exciting season in which the team will repeat its lineup in Moto2™ and will welcome a new rookie in Moto3™ alongside the current rookie of the year David Alonso.Aspar CFMOTO 2

The Chinese manufacturer entered the World Championship in the Moto3™ category in 2022 and already in its first season managed to get on the podium in Indonesia. In 2023 CFMOTO achieved two more podiums and now, in 2024, the goal is even more ambitious: to fight for victories and podiums with the help of Jake Dixon and Izan Guevara, in Moto2™, and David Alonso and Joel Esteban, in Moto3™.

Adventure Rally Portugal 2024 Registration OpenThe time is now! Bookings are about to officially open for the 2024 KTM EUROPE ADVENTURE RALLY, where orange bleeders will get together for the excursion of the year this October. Drop the hammer and be certain to race to our booking site upon opening, as positions for this exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime journey will fill quickly.

As the 7th-annual KTM EUROPE ADVENTURE RALLY, Portugal’s Algarve region will take centerstage between 7-10 October, based out of Lagos and with a host of 250 like-minded adventurers eager to experience their KTM machinery in the ultimate setting and with KTM’s fine hospitality across all three days – complete with superior accommodation compared to previous editions.

Algarve is well-regarded for its diverse, scenic surroundings, headlined by a vast stretch of coastline views while calling out to each participant's inner explorer with its rolling hills, dense forestry, and captivating little towns throughout the pure riding experience. Riders can join tour-guided groups or opt to go 'Rally style' under tailored GPS instructions.

Bookings through the official online portal will open from 30 January at 13:00 CET.

Get set for around 800 km of high-quality seat time over three riding days, supported by expert KTM technicians and accompanied by some of the brand’s top ADVENTURE ambassadors, including Chris Birch, Johnny Aubert, and Giovanni Sala. All will share exceptional guidance among invaluable advice, fully immersed in the camaraderie that defines the RALLY spirit.

On the bike, riders will be met with a series of Special Tests via the Main Route that also features optional Breakout Routes, meaning participants can make the ride as challenging as they dare along the way. Once each day is said and done, however, it will be the relaxed atmosphere and inclusive vibe back at base that will make for truly special memories that will no doubt stand the test of time.

With the specially designated routes awaiting, don’t miss out! Lock in the dates, start preparing for the immense journey ahead, and get into the spirit for the 2024 KTM EUROPE ADVENTURE RALLY.

Book a place on the 2024 KTM EUROPE ADVENTURE RALLY in Portugal

Secure one of 250 places for all KTM riders on a first-come-first-served basis

Algarve is the setting for the 2024 event from 7-10 October