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890 Adventure PressKit HeroImage LargeKTM has further muddied the limits of possibilities of the Travel and Adventure motorcycle sector with a sharp upgrade to its midweight monarch: the KTM 890 ADVENTURE. The 2023 edition of the bike that has made any trail, any trip, any road, or any route an exercise of ease and adrenaline thanks to unbeatable power, weight, agility, and specific features, is now even better.

The launch of the 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE opens the second phase of six in the 2023 #DARE2ADV campaign where KTM are challenging riders by asking them to brush-off the shackles of their own fears and doubts. The bike can do it, why can’t you? Initiatives and events seen in schemes like THE WORLD ADVENTURE WEEK and annual KTM ADVENTURE RALLIES are prime examples of the transformative experiences enabled and promoted by superlative ‘tools’ like the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE. 890 Adventure PressKit Seat LargeThe KTM 890 ADVENTURE has been crafted as the ultimate master of all conditions and distances. The raspy and responsive LC8 engine remains, with its fantastic output of 105 hp and 100 Nm/6500 rpm of torque. The motor puts surroundings into motion but the ride-by-wire power is as assuring as it is thrilling, controllable as it can be wild, stable as it is spectacular. A low center of gravity with the 20 liter fuel tank design pushes the slim form of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE to the fore and accentuates the ergonomics. Riders can feel the nimbleness and maneuverability in both sitting and standing positions. The robust steel subframe means that the heaviest of pillions and packages are a breeze. 890 Adventure PressKit Bodywork LargeSo, how can the best be made better? Well, KTM has put the bike into a 360 analytical spin and have pinpointed several ways in which the rider’s time in the saddle can be even more unrestrained. 

KTM grafted to place the seat height low in keeping with the tank’s contribution to the ‘ergo’ (825 mm is possible thanks to various saddle options and the lowering kit slices a further 25 mm away) while keeping ground clearance high without compromising the feeling of comfort and performance. For 2023 one of the most significant changes has been made to the front mask between the head of the bike and the fuel tank. It is now integrated with a fairing section reinforced to offer more security and more load-bearing capability for larger GPS devices. Further along, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE has wider panels on the tank and side panels to give the seat protection against unwanted bumps or scrapes. 890 Adventure PressKit Suspension LargeFor the other bumps, reworked WP Suspension APEX 43 mm front forks now come with adjustment for rebound and compression accessible from the top caps. The APEX shock, engineered and slotted into the bike to minimize height, has new settings orientated for the wellbeing and demands of adventure riding. The use of a new 9.3 mp ABS unit feeds from the 6D sensor to enable full possible braking power in a range of scenarios. The improved ABS is synced closer to the ride modes, therefore OFFROAD ABS (maximizing braking control through disengagement on the rear wheel and lowered amount on the front) is activated automatically in OFFROAD or RALLY. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE can be clicked into STREET, OFFROAD, RAIN and an optional RALLY mode. An innovative DEMO setting gifts the rider the chance to try the full gamut of Rider Aids for the first 1,500 km before deciding whether to purchase and keep them permanently. 

KTM has streamlined the ride due to a new, higher screen that offers increased wind protection and is inspired by the product used on the KTM 450 RALLY. They have also packed more comfort into the 2-part seat with a new soft foam structure and a slimmer front fender for superior aerodynamics and rain protection. 890 Adventure PressKit Tech Large
The overhauled 5” TFT display draws particular attention, not only for the revised hardware (bonded mineral glass for extra scratch and glare resistance) but the redesigned software system of menus and infographics that make alterations to the behavior of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE even simpler. The backlight changes intensity as it reacts to the environment and better synchronicity between the TFT and the KTMconnect App means seeing Turn-by-Turn+ navigation directions, listening to audio and taking calls has never been easier or more intuitive. A 2023 feature now enables riders to list their ‘top ten’ calls by the last ones made or favorites list and is another added convenience of the advanced setup. The Turn-by-Turn+ empowers the rider to add extra customization to their navigation details on the go and from the bike’s TFT menu without having to stop and fish around for their mobile device. 

Sportier graphics and more dynamic looks (the plastics are color injected and using in-mold decals where possible for extra resistance, as seen on the KTM offroad bikes) comes with other, practical additions such as the new aluminum engine and tank protector. Other additions include a handlebar switch with hazard warning, different tires for offroad emphasis thanks to PIRELLI SCORPION STRs and LED indicators for the US market. 890 ADVENTURE Black MY23 90 Right SALL AEPI V1 copy
Kitting out the KTM 890 ADVENTURE is a breeze with KTM PowerParts; from extra protective components, luggage racks and units, GPS and smartphone brackets, heated grips, different seats, and headlight kits are just some of the optional additions. 

2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE Highlights: 
// Upgraded ergonomics and bodywork for more protective and comfortable riding 
// Low weight, proven race-derived chassis for perfect performance yet practical compromise 
// Revised WP Suspension settings and adjusters for more response and travel ‘glide’ experience 
// Optimized travel ‘friendliness’ with better TFT menus, App options, reworked Ride Modes, higher screen and more versatile and comfy 2-piece seat 
// More Offroad orientated tires with PIRELLI SCORPION STRs 
// Two fresh color options and new racier graphics set 

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE is available to order now through any KTM Authorized dealer and will be ready for the road from December. 

001Race day!
After yesterday’s stop due to the weather conditions that made the track impracticable, work started at sunrise to restore optimal conditions for the race. A long and careful work of the track team to ensure safety standards and optimal conditions for the show. A1X2879So, finally begins the race day that closes the 100Km of Champions, with the warmup in preparation for the race at 14:30. In the box you immediately feel a great desire to get on the track: the day off increases the expectation of the riders and the enthusiasm of the fans who joined the Motor ranch thanks also to the beautiful sunny day. Piadina, sandwiches, “vin Brûlé and chestnuts, loud music, fun and entertainment. LGZ5354The race starts with the riders of the "yellow" group and the rest is news: competition at the highest level, and after the first two run it is already clear the pairs who will compete until the last lap for the final victory. A9X6550it is a two-way battle between the Rossi/Marini and Bartolini/Baldassarri couples, who in the end wins the eighth edition of the 100Km of champions. The final order of arrival is as follows: Bartolini/Baldassarri, Rossi/Marini, Vietti/Antonelli.
Valentino's comment:
“We knew that Elia and Balda were very fast and we fought from the beginning of the race. However, we finished second: it was a great weekend, and the race becomes more and more competitive every year. The best way to end the season."

It’s evening, and time to dismantle everything. Great satisfaction for an event that has once again proved to be an unmissable appointment for many.
Is it already time to think about the next edition? LG95620

2023 KTM STREET LAUNCH KTM introduces new decals and color updates across the 2023 STREET range, allowing riders to find a machine that matches their true READY TO RACE colors.

KTM roars into the new year with a fast-as-ever brace of STREET motorcycles, covering the full spectrum of road-going machines catering to all riders and riding types. 

At the entry point, KTM brings the small but mighty KTM 125 DUKE and KTM 390 DUKE Naked machines out to play. These are flanked by the impressive new generation Supersport weapons in KTM RC 125 and KTM RC 390 guises. 

Not to be outdone in the mid-weight class, the KTM 790 DUKE makes a re-appearance, with the KTM 890 DUKE GP bringing extreme attitude, and the KTM 890 DUKE R providing the class muscle. 

For 2023, the range is updated with new premium hues taking their inspiration from the vibrant KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE RR prototype and Grand Prix teams. 
2023 KTM 790 DUKE
THE ORIGINAL SCALPEL slices back onto the scene as an A2 compatible entry point to the KTM mid-weight range, bringing its razor-sharp handling to the beginner segment. This decision comes off the back of a partnership agreement with Chinese manufacturer, CFMOTO, which sees the 790 cc powerplant continued. This means the 105 hp Naked machine will continue to fill a core gap in the market globally. With a dedicated 95 hp A2 compatible version taking on the streets in Europe. 
2023 KTM RC125
KTM RC 125 / KTM RC 390 
Both models in the KTM RC range receive the KTM GP Orange treatment, complete with black exhaust. All 2023 KTM RC models also feature a dark-tinted screen as standard. 
2023 KTM 125 DUKE
THE SPAWN OF THE BEAST, the KTM 125 DUKE gets a fresh color update, introducing a blue-on-white motif, accented by an orange tailpiece and striking orange wheels. 
2023 KTM 390 DUKE
KTM 390 DUKE The middle-weight CORNER ROCKET receives two new colorway updates: a vibrant orange and blue/gray option, and stealthy black and matt gray hue adding a darker, more sinister shadow to the streets. 
2023 KTM 890 DUKE GP
The KTM 890 DUKE GP introduces more black to the fray, with an eye-catching black-on-white colorway, set off by a striking orange subframe and orange wheels. 

KTM 2023 Street models will begin shipping in November 2022. For more news about the 2023 KTM model range, visit ktm.com or your nearest authorized KTM dealer. 

The rider of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team talks freewheeling about the first year in MotoGP of the Team, Ducati and the championship that has just ended

Tavullia (Italy), November 23rd 2022 – “2022 marks a turning point in the history of MotoGP: we have never had so many riders at this extraordinary level and so close each other” – Luca Marini summarises his whole 2022 in this pill. A significant year for the rider of the Mooney VR46 Racing Team, in his second season in the Top class on the Ducati Desmosedici GP, which saw him compete in a new Team built around him and which only made his MotoGP debut last March.
Challenging months, but always ended with a plus sign and an inexorable and constant growth, which led him to be among the strongest riders in the second half of the championship up to the Valencia GP. 12th place in the overall standings with 120 points, twice really close to the podium in P4 in Austria and at Misano, for a total of 19 races completed (only one retirement at the Malaysian GP due to a technical problem immediately after the start) and 10 placings in the Top10.

My 2022

“The second half of the Championship, in terms of results, was incredible. I am really positive for 2023 because this season we have learned, we have grown and for next year we must aim high, for victory".

“Would I have signed for these results at the start of the season? I would say no, instead for something more. I knew I could do well, I knew I could be competitive, even without signing."98fe0511 ef4a f3ec cf4a e29cf831a505

A couple of times so close to the podium 

“Many times I was close to the podium, sometimes it seemed really within reach. What went wrong? There are only three places on the podium! There's no real reason to explain it, we've often been among the fastest on the track, but it's not easy to be one of those three at the end of the race. At least it's not obvious, not take for granted. Sometimes we lacked a bit of luck, other times we lost something in qualifying and we started from the back of the grid".  fb7c15bd 413c e11e 4734 21af517acdf1The turning point

“Something changed between Le Mans and Mugello. There we found an excellent base in terms of settings which we then exploited during the rest of the season. Immediately after the GP in Jerez we had a day of testing and, for the first time since the winter tests, we were able to work on all the aspects that we don't have time to deal with during the race weekend, considering the timing of the sessions". 

The new Team

“If we think that this group made its debut on the track, as a team in the Top class, just a year ago, we can say that the atmosphere is fantastic, both on and off the track. We bonded a lot, we are often together, we do normal things like having a dinner. Many of my technicians have children and so we often find ourselves talking about everyday life." 

"From a purely technical point of view, after a rather complicated start to the season, we were practically perfect. It is impressive to think that most of the Team members were rookies this year. Everyone had to make sacrifices at the beginning, the one from Moto2 to MotoGP is a demanding leap in terms of workload. We had to get to know the bike, understand the new category and the guys were simply fantastic."c606ead0 44f1 a107 d742 a30bda1fe422The Ducati

“The Ducati is the most competitive and fastest bike on the track. The results say so and the riders too. It's powerful and, in its own way, easy to ride. From the beginning of the season, the step forward made by the Ducati engineers is impressive. In the pre-season tests, the situation was critical, difficult, especially for me who immediately had the 2022 specs. From mid-season onwards, Ducati managed to open a huge gap over the other manufacturers. Congratulations to them for the work done, it paid off and I hope they continue like this. They really won everything in this 2022!”.

The MotoGP Championship

“What can I say, an incredible season in terms of riders and bikes. For those who have been spectators, a real show with hard-fought races. 2022 marks a turning point in the history of MotoGP: we have never had so many riders at this extraordinary level and so close each other".

343023 Honda s trio of A2 licence friendly 500cc machines receive strong 1800x1800Honda’s A2­compatible mini­adventurer receives major performance­ focussed improvements led by Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF­ BP) USD forks, dual disc front brakes and radial­mount calipers. Handling is further improved by the new swingarm, which is lighter with more lateral flex. The rear shock has new settings to complement the new forks. A redesigned front wheel and lighter radiator save weight and new fuel injection settings improve engine character. More powerful headlight LEDs and front indicator position lights offer greater visibility.

The CB500X – originally launched in 2013 alongside the naked CB500F and fully­faired CBR500R – brings crossover adventure style to Honda’s fun­focussed twin­cylinder ‘light middleweight’ trio. It is a motorcycle that, without fanfare, quietly gets on with the job of being supremely competent and adaptable for a wide variety of owners.342937 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800The CB500X’s usefulness is down to a straightforward equation – a perky, well­regarded twin­cylinder engine which produces real torque and drive from low rpm, and revs hard up top – plus a chassis that gives a supremely comfortable ride both around town and out on the open highway, all wrapped up in distinctive adventure styling.342944 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800

It slips between the role of short­hop commuter to weekend tourer effortlessly. Long travel suspension irons out irregular road surfaces, wide handlebars provide leverage and the upright riding position offers both comfort and a wide field of view for the rider. In other words, the CB500X is an all­rounder in every sense of the term.342945 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800

In 2016, a first upgrade saw the CB500X receive a larger fuel tank, more wind protection and a taller screen. It also gained LED lighting, spring preload­adjustable front forks and adjustable brake lever. Its 2019 evolution delivered more sophisticated adventure style, more engine performance and a number of chassis upgrades, ensuring that while the CB500X remained confident in its wide­ranging abilities, its ‘X’ factor was well and truly amplified. It gained EURO5 compliance in 2020.342953 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800Having proved its popularity over nearly a decade, for 2022 year model it receives high­ quality front suspension in the form of Showa 41mm SFF­BP USD forks, plus dual front discs, lightweight swingarm, redesigned front wheel and other detail updates including a striking new colour and bold new graphics

Chassis & Styling

41mm Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF­BP) USD forks

New dual 296mm discs matched to Nissin two­piston calipers

New lightweight front wheel and swingarm

Revised headlight LEDs from improved high/low beam plus position lights

Light, strong and unchanged for the 2022-year model, the CB500X’s 35mm diameter steel diamond­tube mainframe has a tuned degree of yield that gives plenty of feedback to the rider as road surfaces change. The shape and position of the engine mounts, plus the frame’s rigidity balance, also reduce vibration.342976 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800Immediately obvious is a brand­new front end set­up. With the aim to heighten all­round handling performance the 41mm telescopic forks of the previous design have been replaced by spring preload­adjustable Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF­BP) USD forks with 135mm axle travel (150mm cushion stroke), clamped by new top and bottom yokes. By dividing the functions – Big Piston pressure separation damper in one leg, spring mechanism in the other – reaction and ride quality are both improved.

The single­tube rear shock absorber (as found on larger capacity sports bikes) with its large­diameter piston and 135mm axle travel (60mm cushion stroke) ensures excellent response and temperature management; it features 5­stage preload adjustment with newly optimised spring rate and damping settings.342980 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800Handling is further improved by the redesigned, lighter swingarm. Now constructed from 2mm steel (rather than 2.3mm), it employs a hollow cross member and is stiffer rotationally, and also more flexible laterally to improve handling. A crisply redesigned chain guard completes the new look.342982 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800In line with the dynamic improvements to the chassis and suspension, the braking performance has also been improved. The single 310mm wave­pattern disc and two­ piston caliper front brake of the previous design has been replaced by dual 296mm wave­ pattern discs and axial mounted Nissin two­piston calipers. The introduction of the smaller discs not only keeps any additional weight gain to a minimum, but also reduces the required pressure on the lever when braking.

The redesigned 19­inch cast aluminium front wheel – lighter thanks to thinner spokes – reduces unsprung weight to aid turning ability. It’s crowned by a tough new mudguard design and heads a 17­inch rear wheel; trail­pattern tyres are sized 110/80­R19 front and 160/60­R17 rear. Weight bias has also been adjusted. with front/rear bias percentage of 48.7/51.3 compared to the previous 48/52. Kerb weight is 199kg. Wheelbase remains 1,445mm with rake and trail of 27.5°/108mm.

The CB500X wears an aggressive, ‘ready for the wild’ adventure style, with the long radiator shrouds and fairing giving a strong three­dimensional texture front to rear, linked by interlocking side covers and fuel tank. But this is a bike as much about function as form; high­pressure air flowing around the fairing and screen (with two available height settings – 1445mm and 1410mm) is managed to improve wind protection for the rider at highway speeds. The sharply­chiselled headlight is now even more piercing with extra­powerful LEDs, plus there’s added visibility from front indicator position lights.342978 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800

A slim seat profile allows for free movement around the machine and aids easy ground reach. And to help manoeuvrability the steering angle is 38° from centred to full lock.

Gunmetal grey tapered steel handlebar elevate control further still. Seat height is 830mm and the upright riding position is very accommodating, while providing excellent visibility. Overall dimensions are 2155mm x 830mm x 1410mm, with 180mm ground clearance.

LCD instruments – set in a multi­surfaced and textured surround – feature a Gear Position and Shift Up indicator; this is set to a default 8,750rpm but can be adjusted in 250rpm increments between 5­8,750rpm.

LCD instruments – set in a multi­surfaced and textured surround – feature a Gear Position and Shift Up indicator; this is set to a default 8,750rpm but can be adjusted in 250rpm increments between 5­8,750rpm.

The recommended retail price for the new CB500X is R119 999 including VAT342966 22YM HONDA CB500X 1800x1800

2023 KTM RC 8C The start lights had barely gone out when the race to own a 2023 KTM RC 8C was over, taking a mere 2 minutes and 38 seconds for all 200 Krämer-built KTM RC 8C track machines to sell out.

Each one of the 200 ultra-exclusive 2023 KTM RC 8C track machines has sold out in an astonishing 2 minutes and 38 seconds. As with previous years, KTM used its digital sales platform to offer buyers a direct means to secure their bike as soon as sales opened.

Prospective owners were directed to the digital sales platform, where they could register their interest in the KTM RC 8C by way of paying a deposit. 30 of those buyers also opted to take delivery of their machines at an equally exclusive handover event next spring in Valencia, Spain. 

Co-engineered in close partnership with Krämer Motorcycles, the KTM RC 8C is built using high-end, high-performance racing componentry with an enhanced LC8c production engine for easier maintenance and parts availability. The end result is a 100% track-based motorcycle capable of churning out the highest levels of performance and handling, without needing overly sophisticated electronics or unobtainable tools in the pits. 

Being limited to only 200 units, KTM has created an online waiting list awarding interested buyers another opportunity in event of a cancellation.

01Ten Kate Racing’s Dominique Aegerter secured his second FIM Supersport World Championship crown today as he wrestled to fourth in the opening WorldSSP race in Indonesia. 

Dominique Aegerter completed his title defence in Indonesia today, storming to a second consecutive FIM Supersport World Championship crown with the Ten Kate Racing team. 

After a troublesome Friday, Aegerter began his championship-winning Saturday in fine form, flying to an important front-row start in Saturday morning’s Superpole session, while title-rival Lorenzo Baldassarri finished down in eighth. 

With the track temperature quickly approaching the 60c mark, making a strong start to Saturday afternoon’s 19-lap encounter would be crucial, with dust layering the race circuit making overtaking a difficult task. 02A quick start for the Champion saw him gain a position into second on the run into turn one but quickly found himself beaten up in the opening laps. Running in seventh, Aegerter looked content with Baldassarri running behind him until a nasty high side at turn one saw the Italian thrown out of contention. 

With his main contender out of the race, all Aegerter had to do was finish inside the top 13. However, the Swiss rider continued to push on, first gaining a position on Stefano Manzi who had been given a penalty before forcing his way ahead of Nicolo Bulega and began chasing after Yari Montella ahead. 

A tense final corner battle between Montella and the Yamaha rider saw Aegerter cross the line in fourth 0.008 seconds ahead of his rival, giving him the points needed to secure back-to-back titles in the Supersport class. 

Jules Cluzel had a promising opening race of the weekend as he brought his GMT94 Yamaha home inside the top ten with team-mate Andy Verdoia in 12th. Leonardo Taccini secured the final point position while Unai Orradre completed the last of the runners in 18th. 

After securing 13 race victories and a further two podium finishes so far in 2022, Aegerter extends his lead atop of the standings to an unsurpassable 85 points as he is crowned champion and the third-ever rider to achieve back-to-back titles in the Supersport class. 

The 32-year-olds title success also extends Ten Kate Racing’s impressive record further, taking them to a total of 11 riders’ championships in Supersport as well as their 2007 WorldSBK championship win. 03

Dominique Aegerter – Ten Kate Racing,

“This year has been amazing; both the team and I have done a fantastic job to win our second World Supersport Championship together with three races remaining. So far, we’ve achieved 15 race wins, and 17 podiums, so it’s been a fantastic season and a dream come true to be champion again. 

“It feels great to be in amongst the record books with some big names, but the focus was always the championship and not the statistics. We had a big lead and then it was cut down to just five in Most, but we kept pushing and got the job done in Indonesia. I want to dedicate the championship to my family, friends, the Ten Kate Racing team, and all of our sponsors because it wouldn’t be possible without them all; let’s now enjoy the last race here and the final round in Australia where there’s no pressure!” 

2023 KTM 690 SMC R KTM 690 ENDURO RThe KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R have been the class-toppers in their respective applications for over a decade. For 2023, that trend continues in typical KTM fashion, fueled by a true READY TO RACE pedigree.

At the heart of both the KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R, lies the most powerful production single-cylinder engine available. With over 30 years of consistent development, the KTM LC4 has slowly morphed from a 553 cc race-spec engine in 1987 to the fully-fledged 693 cc machine it is today.

Not only has the LC4 stood the test of time, but it essentially created a segment unto itself. This has proven to be the ideal baseline for the KTM 690 range, paving the way for two of the most dominating motorcycles to leave the Mattighofen factory.2023 KTM 690 SMC R 2

At the forefront of this powerplay is the KTM 690 ENDURO R. Having been the go-to dual sport machine for many years, it receives a few welcome updates for 2023. Now an even more astute enduro weapon, the KTM 690 ENDURO R offers no compromises when tackling hard enduro-type terrain, and easy, fast-flowing trails.2023 KTM 690 ENDURO R

This is perfectly displayed by Dakar racing expert Xavier de Soultrait in his recent victory at the Transanatolia Rally.

“I wanted to challenge myself on the 7-day Transanatolia Rally by racing it with a production machine. The KTM 690 ENDURO R was up to the challenge, and to my surprise, I won the overall bike category. In some sections, I found the KTM 690 ENDURO R was faster than some of my older Rally bikes, with it performing perfectly. The KTM 690 ENDURO R is the ideal weapon for fast-paced and flowing trails, easily capable of holding its own in the Rally world."

Not to be outdone, the utterly ballistic KTM 690 SMC R has been the slide-king for adrenaline-hunting canyon carvers for decades. Built to be thrashed around twisty mountain roads and tear around race tracks, the KTM 690 SMC R has been the undisputed supermoto king for nearly as long as the wheelies it pulls off.2023 KTM 690 SMC R 3

For 2023, both the KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R sport a simple but effective LCD screen providing riders with information like speed, RPM, and an array of essential warning lights. The dashboard's slimline design also means the line of sight forward is clear of any obstructions.2023 KTM 690 ENDURO R 1Likewise, both LC4 machines benefit from Cornering ABS, which allows riders to use full braking power in all conditions, even at big lean angles. This is supported by Offroad ABS on the KTM 690 ENDURO R which reduces ABS efficiency on the front wheel but completely disables ABS on the rear, allowing riders to lock up the rear into a tight turn.

Supermoto ABS replaces this feature on the KTM 690 SMC R, which quite literally pulls out all the stops. When activated, ABS is also reduced on the front wheel and completely disabled on the rear, allowing for big drifts into corners and tire-smoking powerslides out of the apex.2023 KTM 690 SMC RBoth machines also receive enhanced CTG and seat treatment, with the KTM 690 ENDURO R taking its styling cues from the competition Enduro range. The KTM 690 SMC R brings an all-new blue and orange adornment to the fray, boosting its overall premium appeal.

Lastly, both machines sport EURO 5-compliant exhaust systems made from precisely engineered high-quality stainless steel. However, thanks in part to KTM’s global networks of dealers, the added availability of dedicated KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts have been designed to allow for the highest levels of performance, protection, and mobility.

The latest generation of LC4-powered machines offers versatility with a truly unique riding experience. With each model presenting ideal unique arguments for different riding styles, they bring together a dynamic combination of race-bred performance, ergonomics, and technology ready to truly tackle any terrain.2023 KTM 690 ENDURO R 4

For more information about the new KTM 690 ENDURO R, click here. To find out more about the 2023 KTM 690 SMC R visit ktm.com.

4PTZmKKVamwBb4R0iV vSqInstrument upgrades, smartphone connectivity and ABS refinements

Since its launch in 2019, the Ténéré 700 has achieved outstanding success throughout Europe. With over 40.000 units sold, its special combination of a high torque 690cc CP2 engine with a rugged dual purpose chassis has reaffirmed Yamaha’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of Adventure bikes – and the legendary Ténéré is once again the definitive motorcycle for every explorer and adventure seeker.AayoUcgtqAT9lVOFxiFdT6The line has been further strengthened with the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition featuring an additional range of premium upgrades that equip it for the toughest terrain – and the recent introduction of the long range Ténéré 700 World Raid has given every rider the possibility to go even further beyond the Next Horizon.

The incredible potential of the Ténéré 700 models has been demonstrated by factory rider and brand ambassador Pol Tarrés who became the first person to ride a 2-cylinder machine in the Erzbergrodeo, outperforming many riders on lightweight enduro machinery.2oXwNGXl4Z6BYWXFBRTFA7Pol was joined by Tunisia Desert Challenge winner Alessandro Botturi in the Ténéré World Raid Rally Team for the Africa Eco Race in October. And while the race team blasted through Africa, Nick Sanders has once again demonstrated his remarkable spirit of adventure as well as the class leading performance, durability and reliability of Yamaha’s adventure bike by completing the first circumnavigation of the globe on a Ténéré 700.

For 2023 the Ténéré 700 and Ténéré 700 Rally Edition feature a number of important upgrades and refinements that add value to the overall package and reinforce their position as the world’s leading Adventure machines.9oDfeT9Ka8S9eAeEOBgA98

Updates for Ténéré 700 & Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

  •      5-inch dual-theme TFT meter
  •      Smartphone connectivity
  •      3-mode ABS
  •      New colours and graphics for Ténéré 700 – Icon Blue and Tech Kamo
  •      USB socket
  •      LED flashers
  •      New front brake lever design
  •      Quick shifter pre-wiring883lJyi 4eO82LiWLGjNGc

P90483753 lowRes bmw r 1250 r style sThe R 1250 R now presents itself in impressively honed and and advanced form and provides even more roadster pleasure for riding on winding country roads solo or with a pillion.

BMW Motorrad and the purist, naked roadster powered by a boxer engine - this has always been a success story ever since BMW motorcycles have been around.

Whether on winding country roads, over soaring alpine passes, on a tour with a pillion or on a short, relaxing ride after work - the R 1250 R shines thanks to its sporty agility, comfort and the primal dynamic performance of the boxer engine. Now BMW Motorrad has given the R 1250 R some new standard features and optional extras - to generate even more intensive roadster enjoyment.P90483746 highRes bmw r 1250 r adaptivAs before, the legendary two-cylinder boxer engine provides powerful propulsion. It still has an engine capacity of 1,254 cm3 and, even in the current EU5 registration, generates 100 kW. Thanks to BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve timing and valve lift on the intake side, it delivers beefy power across the entire speed range, extremely smooth and quiet running and outstanding fuel consumption and emission values.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and new "ECO" driving mode as standard. Riding Modes Pro with riding mode preselection and engine drag torque control (MSR) as optional equipment.

Here, the standard Dynamic Traction Control DTC ensures a high level of riding safety thanks to providing excellent traction. The new standard "ECO" riding mode helps the rider to travel as fuel-efficiently as possible.P90483747 highRes bmw r 1250 r corescrThe ECO riding mode allows the rider to use the innovative BMW Motorrad ShiftCam engine technology primarily in such a way to achieve the maximum range. In ECO mode, the rider is encouraged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible with a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation. In ECO mode, the TFT colour display provides an efficiency display in the upper status line. If you want maximum performance - for example for overtaking with a heavy load or riding uphill - the ride mode button can be used to quickly and easily switch to a different ride mode.

The new R 1250 R can be equipped with the Pro riding modes option as optional equipment ex works. Among other things, it provides additional, individually configurable riding modes. By using the riding mode preselection function, the rider can individually set riding modes on the riding mode button. The engine drag torque control (MSR) is another new component of the Pro riding mode. It can be used to safely avoid unstable riding conditions that can occur during coasting or downshifting due to excessive brake slip at the rear wheel.P90483748 highRes bmw r 1250 r dtc absBMW Integral ABS Pro (part integral) and Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) as standard.

As a popular sports tourer, the R 1250 R in its latest edition features BMW Integral ABS Pro as standard. This is a braking system, which offers even more safety when braking - even when leaning into bends - and thinks even further ahead, so to speak. As the riding mode concept continues to expand, more new functions will also be added. For example, the ABS control characteristic will be adapted further to the respective riding mode. As part of the "Riding Modes Pro" option, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) additionally supports the rider during emergency braking manoeuvres. DBC increases safety when braking, even in difficult situations, by avoiding unintentional throttle activation. By means of intervention in the engine control, drive torque is reduced during braking so as to make full use of the braking power at the rear wheel. This keeps the motorcycle stable and shortens the braking distance.

New full LED headlamp with adaptive turning light as an optional extra ex works. Newly designed LED turn indicators and iconic daytime running light as standard.

The standard full LED headlamp already illuminates the road with an unrivalled bright, clear light. Enhanced safety when riding at night is ensured by the adaptive turning light which is a component of as an ex works option. The rider benefits from even better illumination of the road on bends, thereby ensuring even safer riding at night. The adaptive turning light works by switching on additional LED elements in the main headlight that are fitted with their own reflectors, depending on the leaning angle. It is activated from an inclined position of more than 7° and a speed of more than 10 km/h. The additional lighting effect can be perfectly experienced up to a leaning angle of 25°.

New standard features include redesigned LED tun indicators and the iconic daytime running light.P90483759 highRes bmw r 1250 r seat heTFT colour display with "Sport" Core Screen as standard.

As before, the new R 1250 R is equipped with a TFT colour display featuring integrated arrow navigation and extensive connectivity. Excellent readability, clear menu navigation and a highly integrated operating concept place it at the top of the production motorbike world. The rider can choose between customised screen displays for various purposes. This also includes the "Sport” Core Screen, which provides real-time information about the current and maximum lean angle as well as control interventions - such as ABS Pro or DTC.
P90483757 highRes bmw r 1250 r classicUSB socket as standard. Seat heating for rider and pillion to make touring even more pleasurable available as an optional extra ex works.

The new BMW R 1250 R already offers two different sockets as standard. The previous 12-volt on-board power socket plus an additional USB-A socket with a 5-volt power supply. This most widely used type of USB socket with newly developed charging electronics allows you to charge a smartphone while riding by connecting a cable adapter. Up to 2,400 mA charging current is available, enabling fast charging depending on the type of smartphone used. 

A seat heating system for rider and pillion passenger as an optional extra ex works also significantly increases comfort when temperatures are low. Heated seats are available in combination with two individual seats and are offered exclusively in combination with heated grips. A new, convenient operating concept has been developed for the rider's seat with five heating levels. The heated grips settings - in combination with the seat heating featuring five instead of two heating levels - are operated via a menu. The pillion seat heating has two heating levels and is operated by a toggle switch at the bottom left of the rear frame.P90483749 lowRes bmw r 1250 r icegrey
Dynamic roadster paint finishes: The new R 1250 R features attractive base paintwork as well as the two model variants Triple Black and Sport. New solo rear special equipment.

In the basic variant, the new BMW R 1250 R highlights its advanced roadster style in Ice Grey non-metallic in conjunction with a black frame. With the Triple Black and Style Sport variants, available optionally ex works, the customer can choose from two particularly expressive colour concepts.P90483754 lowRes bmw r 1250 r style sSport model variant:

Body colour Racing Blue metallic, white frame, gold front/rear brake callipers, black sports handlebars black, blue front spoiler blue, solo rear (alternatively pillion package).P90483763 lowRes bmw r 1250 r triple Triple Black model variant:

Blackstorm metallic body colour, agate grey frame, gold front/rear brake callipers, stainless steel radiator grille, stainless steel engine spoiler, Pure tank trim, solo rear (alternatively pillion package).

The new solo rear optional feature underlines the sporty style of the new R 1250 R and makes it look particularly light and dynamic. The pillion seat is replaced with a painted plastic cover and the pillion footrests and pillion handles are removed.

If you want to keep the R 1250 R fully suitable for pillion use, the pillion package is available as an alternative package within the model variants. It contains all the components that are eliminated by the solo rear.P90483760 highRes bmw r 1250 r single The highlights of the new BMW R 1250 R:

  • Primal power boxer engine with BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timings and valve stroke on the intake side.
  • Generous power generation across the entire engine speed range, optimised fuel consumption and emission levels, increased running smoothness and refinement.
  • Output and torque: 100 kW at 7,250 rpm and 143 Nm at 6,250 rpm.
  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as standard
  • BMW Motorrad ABS Pro (part integral) as standard.
  • Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) as standard.
  • Three riding modes as standard.
  • “ECO” riding mode for particularly economical riding as standard.
  • Riding modes Pro with additional riding modes and new riding mode preselection as well as engine drag torque control (MSR) as optional equipment ex works.
  • “Sport” Core Screen as standard.
  • NewLED turn indicators and daytime running light as standard.
  • On-board power socket and USB socket as standard.
  • Newfull LED headlamp with adaptive turning light as an optional extra ex works.
  • Seat heating for rider and pillion to make touring even more comfortable as an optional extra ex works.
  • Newsolo rear special equipment.
  • Newspecial equipment spoke wheels.
  • Attractive base colour and two model variants Triple Black and Sport as optional extras ex works.
  • Extended range of optional equipment items and original BMW Motorrad accessories.