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2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle Tom Vialle’s stunning victory at the Grand Prix of Turkey and the 18th and final round of the 2022 FIM MXGP World Championship allowed KTM to celebrate its fourteenth MX2 title since the inception of the class in 2004. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing star’s achievement also marked the first FIM ‘gold medal’ with the new generation of KTM SX machinery, launched this summer.
2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle 1Red Bull KTM Factory Racing entered the 2022 season faced with obstacles and a hefty challenge. The all-conquering motocross team had won a world championship every year since 2010 bar one but the tragic loss of their upcoming talent Rene Hofer and a lengthy foot injury for Jeffrey Herlings meant that Vialle, who was recovering from his own injury recovery in the winter, was the sole representative. The team were also facing the shortest off-season in the sport’s history and the knowledge that they were developing the brand-new 2023 KTM 250 SX-F for the harshest demands of elite racing. 
2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle 4The motorcycle helped Vialle fly out of the traps
Last weekend’s Grand Prix of Turkey finale saw the 21-year-old needing to beat principal rival Jago Geerts (which he managed with 1-1 scores in the motos after bearing incredible pressure) with just two points splitting the pair. The Frenchman had been vying hard with the Belgian all season – from March to September - and across diverse circuits, terrain and climates. Vialle totaled an impressive 10 victories from 18 Grands Prix. He won 17 of 36 motos and appeared on the podium 15 times. #28 also won the Fox Holeshot award for the year and led double the laps compared to Geerts’ tally. It was his most prolific campaign and brought his second title in just four years in the class; becoming the fourth rider to earn more than one championship with the KTM 250 SX-F since 2004. 2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle 5Vialle will move to the US to contest the 2023 AMA 250SX and 250MX championships next year but his accumulation of two world crowns and 24 wins since coming into the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team as a rookie in 2019 is testament to his work ethic, his union with Joel Smets, Dirk Gruebel, Harry Norton and the rest of the team staff and the enduring competitiveness of the KTM 250 SX-F. 

For 2023 KTM re-worked the chassis and dynamism of the KTM SX line with a completely new range. The ‘anti-squat’ handling concept created the company’s most agile and stable motocrosser to-date that also boasted a number of other innovative features including refined ergonomics and an even stronger single cylinder four-stroke powerplant. 

Vialle’s journey with the KTM 250 SX-F will now continue in the American stadiums and outdoor tracks for both supercross and motocross. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing will look to groom the next talent in the Grand Prix pipeline for 2023 with 18-year-old recruits Andrea Adamo and Liam Everts filling the new MX2 roster. 2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle 6Tom Vialle, 1st and 1st for 1st overall in MX2 & the 2022 FIM World Championship title:“I’m so happy. To finish the season like this is so nice. This is my final race in MX2 so it was special. I wanted to enjoy the last few races and with the team, who have given me such a strong home for four seasons. To have the title for the second time is amazing. The first one was crazy but also this one because it was so tight. I had to come here and go 1-1 but that wasn’t so easy.” 

Joel Smets, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager: “What a day, what a year, what a championship. I don’t think I have ever felt stress like that in any season, even in my own racing career. We’ve been in close situations before but we knew it would all go down to some very tight action today and Tom was able to deliver. I’m so grateful to everybody behind us and I like to think that somewhere and somehow Rene was looking down and enjoying that one.” 

Dirk Gruebel, Red Bull KTM Team Technical Co-ordinator: “Unbelievable today and it is unreal what Tom managed. The mindset was there in qualification but what a difficult situation. Even though Jago did not give up it seemed like Tom just wanted it a bit more. A real drama today but we walked away as the winners and I’m happy for Tom and the whole team after a difficult season. We were always chasing so to take the title is something special.” 

Robert Jonas, Head of Motorsports Offroad: “We faced logistic and sporting obstacles for 2022 and the shortest off-season we can remember and to finish the championship in this way – with another title for our superb team and the talent of Tom Vialle – is the best payback. All the credit must go to the entire Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team who never gave up and kept pushing and working and developing and with one goal in mind. A brilliant effort and it is something the whole factory can be proud of.” 

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director: “I’m extremely happy right now because it has been a challenging season for us in MXGP and how we went into 2022 was especially tough. Tom had to peg back a big points gap and to be able to take it to the last race on the last day and then win is an incredible achievement. I want to thank the whole team and everybody in the factory who has built this fantastic motorcycle and of course to Tom who has done an outstanding job. He is a real-world champion and I feel he is ready to go to the USA. It was a masterpiece to deliver those two wins today under such big pressure. Not many people can do that.” 2022 MX2GP World Champion Tom Vialle 2end bike test

AUVcR5EaaH895YFYAwOKgCWith the same winning DNA the company had since its foundation and the same knowledge applied to any of the R-Series machines, Yamaha engineers have brought industry-leading technology to every performance accessory they’ve designed for over 40 years, and today those components are known as Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR®) parts.

GYTR Racing parts are designed in tandem with your Yamaha for unmatched integration, using state-of-the-art materials like carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium. Once the design is complete, GYTR items undergo the highest level of performance and durability analysis. This makes GYTR accessories the only Yamaha-backed, expertly developed performance products – made specifically for your Yamaha, by Yamaha. 2 KBmWbXqUA9YBSAGx3ka1From the early days, GYTR technology has helped to propel Yamaha Racing Teams to many podiums and successes. Today the connection between motorsport activities development and customers has become even stronger, thanks to a reinforcement strategy to secure Yamaha Racing technology for each customer that is wanting to get the best out of their R-Series machine.3rlkIql7a N8BErpqG9dHIGYTR PRO SHOPS: from Racing to Customers

Winning World Championship titles is not the only ultimate goal. Yamaha is customer-centric, meaning that the brand always aims to offer customers the best service and experience. From that statement, in 2021 Yamaha created the GYTR PRO SHOPS concept: the first and only place that anyone from professional racers to track-day riders can go to for all of their racing needs. It’s where they can connect with racing experts and technicians, get their hands on high-specification components, and have their bikes tuned and customised to the highest level.4w5 ND lad78L0a0Ro3bupThere are 17 GYTR PRO SHOPS today across Europe, aiming to expand to 25 within the coming months, and they are all connected to Racing programmes and delivering tailor made solutions for customers’ R1, R6, R7 and R3 bikes. From December 2022, those GYTR PRO SHOPS will be the only place to get the new 2023 R1 GYTR.5BgitFvNau7AYKlXaKqY8k2023 R1 GYTR concept

The Yamaha R1 is a proven race bike, winning championships and races at the pinnacle of production bike racing, WorldSBK and national series around the world. Its unique, responsive CP4 engine offers linear torque with an excellent feel, while its distinctive chassis provides unrivalled handling, further enhanced by the KYB 43mm front forks. The IMU electronics package, ride-by-wire throttle, Brake Control and Engine Brake Management further amplifies the smooth riding experience.6cJ13WgSaCkAqq8D21lqE Like the R6 GYTR, the new 2023 R1 GYTR is made for racing. Designed for customers who are looking for performance and quality, the R1 GYTR is prepared specifically for track usage (not homologated for road usage). Built to be faster and more precise than ever, the R1 GYTR is the ultimate canvas to tailor your own superbike machine. Designed to offer an efficient package to track-day riders and racers, it comes only with necessary parts for the track and equipped with over 25 carefully selected GYTR parts and an Akrapovic muffler and link-pipe system.8NZuH3pgaqe8aPMN3RggtqFurther benefits for riders include an improved power output and rideability, making it the perfect race bike for all levels of ability, with the performance refined across the rev range. The wide variety of options to adjust the ECU makes it easier to ride at your limit, boasting optimised gearing and agility thanks to a range of lightweight parts. In line with FIM Stock 1000 regulations, the R1 GYTR offers improved braking and aerodynamics with the ideal riding position to get the most from your experience. Its fully keyless and comes with a rear stand for greater convenience.45DAJxG0q7S8dHEhQmL3afR1 GYTR Technical Highlights

• Akrapovic Race muffler and mid-pipe system
• AIS plug set
• Engine cover set63ZyKsHUKrLB2QFud4BF5VELECTRONICS
• Wiring harness
• PC interface cable
• GYTR ABS Emulator
• GYTR On/Off Switch
• 15/42T 520 sprockets
• GYTR R-Series 520 racing chain
• BS R11 tires
• GYTR Racing Fuel Cap
• GYTR Stainless Steel Brake Line Set
• Calipers with GYTR steel piston kit
• Brembo Z04 brake pads
• Race handlebars
• Steering stoppers
• Shark Fin Rear Sprocket Guard
• Billet Front Brake Lever Guard
• Race Rear Set with reverse shifting option
• Rear stand hooks
• R-Series Racing Rear Stand
• Complete Race Cowling Kit in primer white
• Racing screen
• GYTR Race seat

The combination of factory modifications, GYTR parts and GYTR PRO SHOP know-how is making the R1 GYTR faster and more fine-tuned than ever. The Yamaha experience doesn’t stop when a customer purchases their bike. GYTR PRO SHOP can offer much more: extra parts, tailor made settings (suspensions, engine, braking, etc.), tips for racing and track days. 

For riders who always want more, Yamaha is releasing to the public a very special new racing components range: the GYTR PRO line.DK6xai9mKpVA7 m7M49 B4THE GYTR PRO line up: Closer than ever before to the R1 WorldSBK

After the historical Triple Crown in 2021, four Yamaha Racing teams are competing in the FIM Superbike World Championship with the Yamaha R1: the team Toprak Razgatlıoğlu took the world title with – Pata Yamaha with Brixx WorldSBK – as well as GYTR GRT Yamaha WorldSBK Team, GIL Motorsport Yamaha WorldSBK Team and Motoxracing Yamaha WorldSBK Team. All bikes are equipped with GYTR parts to increase the R1’s performance, and components developed by Yamaha Racing engineers specifically for those machines racing at the highest level. Today, Yamaha offer those components, in limited quantities, to all Yamaha racers in GYTR PRO SHOPS.EhDLswIxKf 89qJWSemd6kSo customers will be able to build an R1 with all the same parts as the R1 WorldSBK, using the new Yamaha GYTR PRO line up. Yamaha first gave a taste of this special parts line up with the R1 GYTR PRO VR46, offered to Valentino Rossi in 2021 using a combination of parts from GYTR and GYTR PRO future catalogues, and some premium components from Öhlins and Brembo.

There have been 400 parts developed for the total scope of the GYTR PRO line up, with targeted availability through the GYTR PRO SHOPS starting from April 2023.

Some of the key components of the GYTR PRO line up are:

  • • GYTR PRO Swingarm
    • GYTR PRO large capacity and low gravity fuel tank
    • GTTR PRO Carbon rear subframe
    • GYTR PRO Triple clamp
    • GYTR PRO Carbon cowling set
    • GYTR Pro screen
    • GYTR PRO Dashboard
    • GYTR PRO Dash support
    • GYTR PRO Handlebars
    • GYTR PRO Handle bar switches
    • GYTR PRO Marelli electronics (customised)
    • GYTR PRO Airducts for brake calipers
    • GYTR PRO Brake lines
    • GYTR PRO Brembo wheel adaptors (front and rear) to fit in the Öhlins FGR400 front forks and the inverted swingarm
    • GYTR PRO Clutch
    • GYTR PRO Side steering damper with bracket and clamp
    • GYTR PRO MB radiator
    • GYTR PRO Akrapovic system
    • GYTR PRO Brake lever protectorF9C4kz5g41yBVo8 NiqvBtWith such an exciting parts list, Yamaha could not resist demonstrating the know-how of Yamaha GYTR PRO SHOPS by building a few R1 GYTR PRO kitted bikes mirroring the R1 WorldSBK machine. A bike that customers can have built for themselves at their GYTR PRO SHOP.

The complete list of the full GYTR PRO line up and their price will be announced by the end of the year.end bike test

DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 1The V-Strom 1000 (DL1000) was released in 2002 as a new generation sports adventure tourer. Its liquid-cooled four-stroke 90° V-twin DOHC engine with four valves per cylinder paired with a lightweight aluminium twin-spar frame soon earned it popularity as a highly versatile tourer. The V-Strom 1000 was powerful, agile, reliable, comfortable and fun to ride. There were few boundaries it could not cross, handling everything from regular to rough conditions with aplomb, no matter where or how far the rider wished to journey. The distinctive rumble of its V-twin engine added an extra treat for the rider and helped give the model its name, (with “V” referring to the V-twin engine and the model’s highly “Versatile” nature, and the German “Strom” suggesting the fine flow of power it delivers).DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 12The third-generation V-STROM 1050/XT hit the market in 2019 as a new version of the top-end model designed to further enhance its adventure touring potential and free even more riders to get out and experience a wider range of adventures. The engine was updated to deliver yet stronger, more linear torque in the mid rpm range and greater power in the high rpm range, all while complying with Euro 5 emissions standards. It also adopted the advanced electronic controls of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S), which made the V-STROM 1050/XT more controllable, more predictable, and less tiring to operate. Its prominent beak was updated to present a sharper, more modern and aggressive look that remained true to its design heritage. To date, sales of the model since the third generation launch in 2019 have totalled approximately 15,000 units.DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 10The V-STROM 250SX was recently announced as the newest member to join the V-STROM series for limited markets only.DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 89

Suzuki now introduces the V-STROM 1050/DE as a new iteration of the top-end model that offers riders an even greater range of long-distance adventure touring possibilities. The new V-STROM 1050 carries over all the strengths of the previous model, while adopting new or updated features that further heighten riding pleasure, comfort and utility. In contrast, the V-STROM 1050DE is a new offering packed with distinctive features aimed specifically at enhancing its ability to more confidently negotiate gravel and the other unpaved surfaces of country roads, green lanes, and camp trails.DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 14The 2022 V-STROM 1050/DE is powered by the latest iteration of Suzuki’s distinctive liquidcooled, four-stroke, 90° V-twin DOHC engine. The product of many years of development by a dedicated team of passionate engineers, this engine has long enjoyed a reputation for delivering power, reliability and pure riding pleasure. Notable changes to make the engine even more comfortable and easier to control include the introduction of Suzuki’s Bi-directional Quick Shift System and an update to the transmission. These combine to deliver smoother, easier shifting and greater riding fun with a more linear shift feel when going through the gears. The 2022 V-STROM 1050/DE also adopts an even more robust collection of the advanced electronic controls of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), which includes and update to the Traction Control System that brings a new G (Gravel) mode to the V-STROM 1050DE.DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 15Suzuki’s V-twin engine features an unmistakeable deep rumble in the low rpm range, strong, linear torque production in the mid rpm range, and a free-revving nature that maximises power output in the high rpm range, all while complying with Euro 5 emissions standards. There is also a palpable yet almost indescribable pleasure to the exhaust note produced by the V-twin engine that stands out notably, whether touring for long distances, enjoying a run on the streets, or exploring gravel roads.

DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 585-inch colour TFT LCD Multi-information display. A custom new 5-inch full-colour TFT LCD multi-function instrument panel features a clearly legible display of a rich variety of information. Not only does it keep the rider fully aware of all the bike’s systems and settings, it also supplies critical real-time operating status information. The look is one of high quality that helps instil pride of ownership.

LCD readouts include:

 Speedometer

 Tachometer

 Riding range

 Cruise control setting

 Cruise control resume speed

 Hill hold control setting

 Odometer

 Dual trip meter

 Gear position

 Water temperature

 Ambient temperature

 Freeze indicator

 Engine rpm indicator

 Average fuel consumption (1&2)

 Instant fuel consumption

 SDMS mode

 ABS mode

 ABS rear off(1050DE only)

 Traction control mode

 Quick Shift (ON/OFF)

 Fuel gauge

 12-hour clock

 Voltmeter

 Service reminderDL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 127

DL1050RR RJM3 Press Information 27end bike test

2022 ISDE FRANCE KTM 1Revs flew and throttles got abused with the latest and best support at the world’s oldest and most prestigious motorcycle race. KTM went again full-bore as an official partner of the International Six Days Enduro, started this year at Le Puy En Velay in France on Monday 29th August, with a comprehensive rental fleet and on-the-ground service.

The legendary ISDE is close to a remarkable centenary and the 2022 edition of the unique team contest was the 96th in the history of the competition. Speed, excellence, endurance and stamina played out across the terrain of central France and close to the foot of the Alps Mountain range. In this international cauldron of racing – with teams and riders (and fans) from across the world relishing the full scale of the ISDE for the first time since 2019 – KTM played again a pivotal part. 2022 ISDE FRANCE KTM 3Riders counted on the cutting-edge tech and engineering of the 2023 KTM SIX DAYS EDITION machinery, with 2-stroke 250 and 300 EXC models and 4-stroke KTM 250, 350, 450 or 500 EXC-Fs. The entire fleet of ISDE race bikes was booked and sold-out months before. Orange bleeders had the KTMs for the full duration of the 2022 event, including transportation costs, registration and insurance. The 2023 KTM SIX DAYS EDITION flew on the course with the same kind of speed that the motorcycle disappeared from the reservation sheet as entrants from 13 different countries rushed to the scheme on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The 2022 ISDE contained the KTM ISDE Race Service; a provision that has been developed and honed through the years of its existence. The ISDE can be brutally demanding for both man and machine so the support repair and logistical assistance of the KTM Race Service is invaluable and is present at every checkpoint. Riders won’t even have to worry about oil levels: just their lines and flow on the trails in the quest for the best chrono. KTM brought also a full truck of spares into the ISDE paddock, so KTM racers could count on relief from any tight emergencies. 2022 ISDE FRANCE KTM 4The Race Service meant: access to the KTM Service Stations, technical instructions for all KTM riders, technical assistance for the whole event as is permitted according to FIM rules, tools for the service, Motorex Lubricants and liquids (engine oil, cooling liquid, chain spray, etc.), petrol for the race days, daily update for settings and race information, WP suspension support, storage boxes (for gloves, goggles, tires), service points emergency assistance (spares, tools, liquids, petrol, drinks, snacks, fruits), Spare Parts Service (cost of spare parts not included), catering (drinks, snacks, fruits, etc.), one air filter every day for race days (up to 6 air filters overall), a first bike service after pre-ride (before technical control) and bike derestriction if required. 2022 ISDE FRANCE KTM 5end bike test

VanDeVen Turkiye 2022 Fullsepctrum ESZ 1065 previewNancy van de Ven has been crowned World Champion at the fifth and final round of the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey. The 24-year-old Dutch wonder-woman arrived with a 25-point lead in the series and did exactly what she needed in the final two races to secure her maiden world title with a 6-8 finish for eighth overall. Fellow Yamaha stars Larissa Papenmeier and Lynn Valk put in stellar rides to finish second and fourth at the Turkish round. That was enough for Valk to secure the championship silver medal and Papenmeier the bronze, making it a total “blue-wash” of the top-three positions for Yamaha. As a result, Yamaha has claimed the WMX Manufacturer’s world title for the seventh time in the past 11 years. 

The FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship was introduced in 2008 and has since seen five different World Champions. Van de Ven is the second World Champion for Yamaha, after Kiara Fontanesi celebrated six titles aboard a YZ250F between 2012 and ‘18, and is the first WMX World Champion to hail from The Netherlands. VanDeVen Turkiye 2022 Fullsepctrum ESZ 2983 previewConfirming the strength of the YZ250F, Yamaha also wrapped up its seventh WMX Manufacturer’s title thanks to the combined efforts of van de Ven, Valk and Papenmeier. Throughout the five rounds of the WMX World Championship this season, van de Ven celebrated one Grand Prix victory, two race wins and four podium finishes. At the same time, Valk celebrated three race wins, one round win, and two podium finishes to finish as the 2022 series runner-up. Papenmeier made her first podium appearance of the season this weekend to clinch her fifth championship bronze medal.

Nancy van de Ven 

FIM WMX World Champion 

“I have been dreaming of this moment for so long. This has been my goal for as long as I can remember, and what I have been trying to achieve for so many years. So many times, I have come close, and it just did not work out for one reason or another. Now, I have finally won the title, and it feels so good to have achieved the biggest goal I have ever set for myself. I am just so happy!”VanDeVen Turkiye 2022 Fullsepctrum ESZ 1100 previewend bike test

2023 GASGAS RX 450FThis is a special one! Since Sam Sunderland’s history-making 2022 Dakar Rally win, GASGAS has wanted to give back to the rally community. That's why we’ve created a GASGAS Factory Racing inspired rally bike, something we're calling the RX 450F Replica! Each one is carefully assembled with many of the very same high-performance components that can be found on Sam’s Dakar-winning machine. This is way more than just an imitation model, the RX 450F Replica is as close as it gets to the real deal and it’s available now, worldwide!

  • GASGAS Factory Racing inspired rally bike unveiled – the RX 450F Replica
  • Limited-edition run of bikes assembled with high performance parts
  • These will sell out fast – contact your local GASGAS dealer today!2023 GASGAS RX 450F 2Whether you’re a full-on rally-raid privateer or part of a team, the all-new RX 450F Replica from GASGAS will make your rally career, or next desert adventure, so much easier and way more fun! Needing absolutely nothing to go racing, the replica bike is assembled by hand with a long list of essential rally-specific components, most of which the exact same as can be found on the race bikes of Sam Sunderland and Daniel Sanders. 

Just take a look at what’s included...

  • Super-light carbon fiber navigation tower
  • XACT PRO 7548 Fork
  • XACT PRO 7750 Shock
  • Red anodized X-TRIG triple clamps
  • Red Supersprox Stealth rear sprocket
  • Neken ‘bars
  • Akrapovic exhaust
  • Oversize Brembo brakes
  • GASGAS branded Hinson clutch cover
  • Continental TKC 80 tires
  • Black anodized EXCEL rims
  • Optional sticker kit

Based on the powerhouse motor from our MC 450F motocross bike, the GASGAS RX 450F Replica certainly isn’t short on performance! Electrical wizardry tames things just a little to deliver usable power tailored specifically for rally racing. Inside the motor it’s pretty special too. For added reliability there’s a strengthened clutch and gearbox, a reworked SOHC cylinder head, as well as a Pankl con-rod and piston.2023 GASGAS RX 450F 3The best suspension that money can buy has been fitted to the new GASGAS RX 450F Replica – WP PRO COMPONENTS. To be completely accurate and for those who know what’s what, it’s the XPLOR PRO 7548 fork up front with the XPLOR PRO 7750 shock at the rear. This combo inspires confidence thanks to its consistent performance across the roughest and toughest of rally terrain.

Completing the build and making sure that the GASGAS RX 450F is capable of racing at the highest level from new, a selection of the finest aftermarket components are installed during the assembly process. Performance-wise, we’re talking X-TRIG triple clamps, oversize Brembo brakes, an Akrapovic exhaust, and Continental TKC 80 tires. For durability, we’ve fitted a Supersprox Stealth sprocket, Neken ‘bars, and a GASGAS branded Hinson Clutch cover. We’ve also thrown in an optional sticker kit with each bike that’s super easy to apply if needed.

For more information and to check out the full spec of the GASGAS RX 450F Replica, head to GASGAS.com.2023 GASGAS RX 450F 1end bike test

ER6 24National Cross-Country Championship - Porterville | Round 5

The Porterville leg of the Cross Country National Championship which took place in the Western Cape this weekend turned out to be a weekend rather to be forgotten. The trouble riddled event saw in what can only be described as a disastrous turn of events was a tough day for the team.ER6 27Grant Frerichs from KTM South Africa said: “The guys showed real character fighting all the way to the end no matter what, we really had some serious gremlins to deal with but we managed to pull through and score valuable championship points.” He added that the team are now looking towards the last round in a few weeks’ time and will make sure they are all ready and come out swinging.ER6 60Matthew Wilson salvaged some hope and did enough to go into the final round with an eight-point lead. "I felt very confident coming into round 5 of the National Cross-Country series, my day started off very good for myself qualifying P3 overall and P1 in class. I had a great first lap but disappointingly my day went downhill from there when I got sick during the 2nd lap and couldn’t seem to shake it off, the track got super rough making it a long day in the saddle.” 

He went on to say “All in all I finished 4th on the day in my class, heading into the final round with a 8 point lead hungry to be back where myself and the team are supposed to be… on top! "ER6 38Scott Heygate commented: "Round 5 in the bag started off well qualifying P4 overall and first in OR 2 which set me up for a good start. In the main race a few early mistakes cost me slightly, but I regathered in lap two and had to conserve fuel as the track was longer than anticipated and on lap 3 I moved into the lead and led for a bit and had an awesome battle with Brett Swanepoel.” He will go into the final round in P2 overall and class and will be looking for a strong finish to the season at the last round.

Fuel frustrations ruined the day for Kerim Fitz-Gerald but still remained positive saying: "My day started off well and went downhill from there running into problem after problem, that said all things considered I am glad I am healthy and will be ready for the last round."ER6 42Brad Cox had to abandon his hopes of a podium due to a race ending crash which forced him to get evaluated for a concussion injury as a precaution. "I felt really good on my bike in terms of comfort and I had good pace throughout the time trial until a small error resulted in a massive crash and I hit my head pretty hard, I had to make the mature decision to sit out the main race because I will never play with a head injury and my championship is already over after my bad luck earlier in the year, that said I look forward to some redemption at the final round."ER6 53end bike test

SuperdukesBrad Binder KTM Superduke R to go on auction

Brad Binder recently returned home to South Africa to set a new benchmark lap record around the newly refurbished Kyalami racetrack on board his KTM RC16 MotoGP bike. The project was driven by Red Bull and a 9 minute feature film was released showing a sequence of events culminating in the Superlap. The film shows a very special 1290 Super Duke R being thrashed around Kyalami in the lead up to the Superlap. The Super Duke is littered with a whole host of KTM PowerParts accessories making it the ultimate track weapon and it is adorned with Brad’s signature on the tank.Superdukes 1The Super Duke will go on auction through Facebook for 7(seven) days starting on 12:00 Monday (22/8/2022) and ending 12:00 Monday (29/8/2022). All bids need to be placed within the time frame mentioned and must be on the original post (pinned to the top) on the KTM South Africa Facebook page. The highest bidder will take delivery of the motorcycle through his/her KTM dealer of choice.Superdukes 3end bike test

QUEST21 5 880x500As you may now know that Honda Quest True Adventure is an adventure challenge designed to give adventure motorcycle enthusiasts a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the ultimate adventure motorcycle. It’s not often that the chance to ride a Honda Africa Twin in its ideal environment comes along and with Honda Road to Quest, we will be bringing true adventure riding to a town near you.

The national roadshow, comprising of four fully kitted Africa Twins, will be made available to test ride at our respective dealerships for a week each, culminating with advanced sessions in key locations such as ADA for our Gauteng customers the week thereafter.QUEST21 7 880x500Honda Quest is not a race or a rally, it is an adventure to self-discovery, designed to test human endurance and adaptability. You need not be a hardened adventure motorcycle enthusiast to partake. We are looking for individuals who prefer to choose to take the road less travelled. Those who are resourceful, independent, yet mindful of their fellow man, then Honda Quest is for you. All interested customers will be required to produce a valid motorcycle license.

Come experience first-hand why the Africa Twin is the ultimate adventure steed. You will also get the opportunity to meet past Quest contestants who will share their Honda Quest experiences while honing in on rider developments skills from trained ADA staff.QUEST21 BOOTCAMP 880x500

Do you have what it takes?

Follow us at Honda Wing SA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all details as to where the road show will be next. Our first stop will be at Honda Wing Randburg (Bikers Warehouse) from the 15th of August and our first customer event will take place at ADA on the 3rd of September.end bike test

K ER6 2782National Enduro Championship, Round 3 | Bathurst

The second last round of the 2022 National Enduro Championship was a battle for the Brother Leader Tread KTM squad. 

Blake Gutzeit set the field alight with the fastest time of the first lap after starting in the second row. “It was really difficult to fully charge from the second row because of some technical bits and riding in Brett’s dust,” Gutzeit said afterwards.K ER6 3128Gutzeit commented the roads were very fast and after trying to pass for some time, the jeep track took a sharp left into some natural bush which he did not see coming “I went straight into a washaway ditch and the bike stopped abruptly sending me flying over the bars”.

Team mechanic Kevin Tyrer said “Blake really had his bell rung there” and Gutzeit was forced to retire due to injuries to his wrist and the hit to his head. “That was it for me, which was obviously not what we were looking for as I felt really good at the start and KTM South Africa supplied me with everything I needed, really such a great bike and such a great team to be part of” Gutzeit commented. He went on to say: “I can’t thank Franziska enough for putting everything in place and really just believing in me, but it’s time to regroup and move forward onto the next race.”K ER6 3163Brad Cox back from injury struggled in the early hours of the race, but managed to claw his way back after regrouping at decontrol. “I’m not super stoked with 2nd of course but that’s all I had out there today so I’ll take it as it comes” he said. “The bike was really amazing and it was so good being back with my orange family on the weekend” he added.K ER6 3174Young Matthew Stevens said the Winterton event was another awesome event and that it was the perfect enduro loop that encouraged close racing. It was evident after four hours of racing with just 10 minutes separating the top 5 riders. “I really felt strong all the way through and I’m happy with my progress keeping the gap close to the big boys in front,” Stevens said. “I’m pleased with my P5 in J1 and it feels like I’m getting there” he said in closing. K ER6 3781end bike test