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The 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO have erupted into the Naked segment without warning, sending a clear message to the competition; There is a new BEAST on the prowl.

With 2024 marking 30 YEARS OF DUKE, the all-new KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and its high-tech stablemate, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO, have evolved into their most fearsome iterations yet.  

The numbers tell the story with 1,350 cc, 190 Hp @ 10,000 rpm, and 145 Nm of torque @ 8,000 rpm, ripping into the tarmac with pure ferocity – with a new, more aggressive look to match. Impressive figures aside, however, it is its effectiveness at getting power to the ground that makes it even more potent.  

For 2024, THE BEAST has undergone a striking aposematic evolution, sending a clear warning message to anyone brave enough to take it on. An all-new LED headlight unit dominates, with new tank spoilers and added winglets making it known that it is not to be messed with. A further reduced subframe cover eliminates the brake light making for an even sharper, pure look and riding experience. With a lower overall profile and more emphasis placed on the compact chassis, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R looks more muscular and aggressive than ever before. In short, KTM upped the attitude, by lowering the altitude.  


A redesigned air intake and airbox see a revised fuel tank with an overall tank capacity of 17.5 liters, which is an increase of 1.5 liters over the predecessor. This not only takes the riding range up to around 300 km but also performs an important ergonomic function. In the hunt for grams, every panel has been calculated for optimum thickness and minimized where possible, with new tank spoilers and added winglets increasing downforce.  

However, it is the lightweight, and ‘smart’ headlight design that makes the biggest visual impact. Weighing in at nearly 700 g less than the previous unit, and boasting an alien-like design, it adds an all-new aggressive glare to the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R. Position and daytime running lights are located on the profile of the headlight, which auto-adjusts in intensity according to ambient light conditions thanks to a light sensor integrated into the dashboard.  2024 ktm 1390 super duke r 5

Additionally, the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO are fitted with Coming Home light functionality as standard. Here, the headlight will remain on after the ignition has been switched off for greater ambient visibility. This not only illuminates the surroundings but provides a level of safety when parking in dark areas.  


This ferocious BEAST required an enlarge heart to keep up with its muscular stance. Boasting an updated version of the LC8, further marking its territory as the alpha. The bore is increased to 110 mm to achieve an engine displacement of 1,350 cc, with an all-new cam shift integrated on the cylinder heads. This provides more power and torque throughout the rpm range and allows for a more differentiated fuel mapping to meet the latest EURO 5+ emission regulations.  

Getting that power to the ground comes courtesy of new, lightweight MICHELIN Power GP tires with dual-compound technology, as well as a new WP APEX shock absorber which is fully adjustable, allowing for separate high and low speed adjustments, rebound and toolless pre-load adjustment. Improved DCC settings provide better pressure balance resulting in less compromise between suspension comfort and performance, while new 48 mm WP APEX Open Cartridge fork with split function provide optimized settings.  

On the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO, however, the suspension management is taken to an all-new level with the latest generation of WP Semi-Active Technology (SAT). As the most advanced suspension system on the market, it features electronically controlled magnetic valves for variable damping, providing a wide range of adjustability – from maximum comfort to track-ready stiffness.  


Here, the SCU (Suspension Control Unit) adapts the damping rates via the magnetic valves in real-time, reading the road surface and rider style to automatically adjust the suspension on the fly.  

The technology feast doesn't end there, with both the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO debuting updated PERFORMANCE and TRACK MODES, complete with lap timer and telemetry stats, as well as optional ENGINE BRAKE CONTROL and an updated SUSPENSION PRO module for the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO. 

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO will also be offered in select 30 YEARS OF DUKE colorways, reminiscent of the orange scheme found on the 2005 KTM 990 SUPER DUKE.  


A full range of specially developed KTM PowerParts and KTM PowerWear are available for riders to personalize their motorcycles and get themselves kitted up in READY TO RACEPerformance. 

KTM will also be giving away a brand new KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R later towards the end of the year. Entrants are encouraged to visit KTM.com to sign up for the KTM newsletter, to be entered into the lucky draw.  

Discover more about 30 YEARS OF DUKE and the all-new 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R at KTM.com or watch the full-release video on YouTube

Honda Racing Corporation are pleased to announce the signing of Luca Marini for the 2024 and 2025 MotoGP World Championship seasons. The 26-year-old joined the premier class in 2021 after claiming six wins and 15 podiums in the Moto2 World Championship, finishing runner up in 2020. Since joining the premier class, Marini has taken two Grand Prix podiums, two pole positions and four Sprint podiums in 2023. He will join Joan Mir in the Factory Team on a two-year contract.

2022 YAM SustainableFund CPR JPN NA PLA 001 09 preview

Following up the Yamaha Motor - CFMOTO joint venture announced on September 15th by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor would like to clarify that the collaboration solely consists of an industrial cooperation to manufacture vehicles in China, for the Chinese market.

Yamaha Motor has positioned China as one of its important production and sales bases, and this joint venture is premised on the acquisition of the clearances, permits, etc., required by competition laws and other laws and regulations.

Beyond that, Yamaha Motor will continue to discuss the direction of the joint venture with CFMOTO going forward with the aim of further raising competitiveness, but no other cooperations are at present in place.


Sharper new look, refined riding position, intelligent technology

The Purest Hyper Naked

As the original Hyper Naked born out of the Dark Side of Japan, the MT-09 has always been the purest of all MT models, with its dark and mysterious aesthetic and grin-inducing performance leaving a lasting impression on every rider.

The game-changing MT-09 broke cover in 2013, just one year after the triple-cylinder CP3 engine concept was first shown suspended in an intricate wire frame at the Cologne Motorcycle Show.

The first MT-09 brought pure emotion and excitement back to the world of motorcycling, kick-starting the Hyper Naked revolution that would change everything.

For 2024, Yamaha has taken the MT-09 to the next level of Darkness, combining intelligence and style, further pursuing the sharpened purity of the Dark Side of Japan.

The new MT-09 offers an even more thrilling riding experience with pure adrenaline, aggressive and edgy styling and a premium specification featuring the latest in technological advancements.

A Decade of the Dark Side of Japan

The introduction of the MT-09 marked a step away from conventional Japanese motorcycle design and introduced a bold, abstract new direction for Yamaha inspired by the unique urban motorcycle sub-culture found on the streets of Japan’s largest cities.

Signifying an exciting new era for Yamaha, the MT-09 featured aggressive styling, a chassis designed for the most agile handling and a torque-laden CP3 engine, with aesthetics and performance designed to stimulate the senses.

Stripped of unnecessary bodywork, packed neatly into a compact aluminium frame and equipped with Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), the MT was the perfect blend of high performance, cutting-edge technology and purposeful functionality.

The new dawn was here and the Dark Side of Japan was unleashed upon the world.

The Beginning of a Hyper Naked Revolution

Over the years, the MT-09 has evolved into one of the most significant and successful models in the Yamaha range, earning its status as one of the most iconic motorcycles in Yamaha’s history.

The MT-09’s introduction was soon reinforced by the arrival of the MT-07, another highly successful motorcycle that established itself as the runaway market leader for many consecutive years.


The Hyper Naked segment is now one of the most important and successful in Yamaha’s range, featuring a total of eight models progressing through the experience levels from the learner-friendly 125cc MT-125 to the 1000cc MT-10 SP, the halo model of the line-up.

New MT-09: Sharper, Purer, More Refined

A Slimmer, Sharper New Look

The MT-09 marks its 10th anniversary with a comprehensive new design intended to amplify the feeling of the CP3’s iconic torquey acceleration.

Based on the concept of ‘3D Riding’, allowing the rider to move more freely on the machine, the 2024 MT-09 bodywork is inspired by Yamaha’s YZ motocross bikes, which also require a high degree of freedom in riding position.

The styling concept behind the MT-09 has always been that of 'functional beauty', eliminating unnecessary features and embodying a 'less is more' approach. Each and every detail has been reconsidered to reinforce the MT-09’s pure aggressive look and maximise an engaged riding experience.

More Compact LED Headlamp

A new LED headlamp, enclosed in a redesigned cover, creates a more unified relationship between the headlamp and the fuel tank and is inspired by the MT’s origins – a blend of ‘Naked’ and ‘Motard’.  

The bi-functional LED projector headlight has been enhanced, featuring a compact diameter lense module that is both smaller and thinner than the previous model, but which still provides a broad and powerful beam with soft edges for both low and high beam settings.

Transparent twin LED position lights express a cool look with a sense of concentration to complete the MT-09’s more compact, sharp and aggressive style.  

This theme is continued at the rear with a newly designed LED tail light. The tail light and brake lights are separated to align with the new outer lens shape. And to give the whole rear a slimmer look, the upper tail light lens is red, while the bottom has a smoked finish.

Sharpened Fuel Tank Design

A new fuel tank has been designed to promote a more engaged and free riding position while maintaining the sharp and edgy aesthetic that has become synonymous with the MT name.

Produced using a new press moulding manufacturing method, the new tank offers sharper character with clearly defined edges and tense styling unique to the MT models.

A More Engaged Riding Experience

Amplified CP3 Acoustics

The grin-inducing roar of the MT-09 is one of its most defining characteristics, evoking a sense of pure adrenaline with every twist of the throttle.  

Following the Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy to stimulate the rider’s senses and make them feel at one with the bike, sound was an important consideration in the development of the latest EU5+ CP3 engine.

The new MT-09’s sound is further amplified by a revised airbox featuring two newly designed air-intake ducts, which accentuate the high frequency sounds while maintaining a linear throttle response.

This sound is then emphasised, especially at higher speed and revs, by the introduction of a new acoustic amplifier grille on top of the bike, delivering the CP3’s vibrant note directly to the rider.

Redefined Riding Position

The MT-09 is renowned for its stability and agility and this has been enhanced by refined ergonomics with modifications to the handlebar/footrest/seat relationship to improve rider comfort and offer greater freedom in movement for different riding styles, while maintaining a sporty forward-lean riding position.

In order to achieve this, the overall handlebar position is now lower and the rider can now choose between two adjustable handlebar positions depending on their personal preference and physique. The steering angle is also increased as a result of the lower profile fuel tank.

The newly designed footrests are 30.6 mm back compared to the previous model and have been raised by 9.5 mm, while the footrest height can be adjusted to two different positions based on rider preference. To improve passenger comfort, the tandem footpegs have also been redesigned and are now mounted underneath the rear frame.

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Details Matter: New Brake and Gear Shift Pedals

Each and every detail of the MT-09 has been reconsidered in order to further improve the riding experience. The rear brake pedal has been redesigned and is now made from forged aluminium, while the tip of the gear shift pedal has been significantly flattened to reduce the amount of ankle movement required during shifting, enabling smoother operation.

Separated Rider and Passenger Seats

To further enhance the feeling of freedom, the MT-09 now features a separated front and rear seat, improving both rider position and convenience when mounting and dismounting the machine.

The step between the two seats also functions as a means of keeping the rider forward and over the front of the machine as the MT-09’s torque is unleashed, while the overall seat design improves rider agility.  

A Type-C USB socket is installed under the rider’s seat to accommodate the charging of electronic equipment and electric heating wear.

Brembo Radial Master Cylinder: Linear Power, Total Control

In order to match the MT-09’s high torque and acceleration, stopping power is enhanced by a new Brembo radial master cylinder, which moves in the same direction as the brake lever, resulting in a linear relationship between rider input and hydraulic brake pressure to the dual front brake discs for excellent controllability.   

In addition, a newly designed adjustable clutch lever offers the rider further control when engaging the clutch. 

Fully Adjustable Front Suspension and Bridgestone S23 Tyres

The MT-09’s 41 mm KYB® front forks are fully adjustable for preload, compression and re-bound damping and now feature revised factory settings to achieve excellent stability.

The rear suspension linkage design has been modified and the adjustable KYB® rear shock set to allow for a more dynamic feeling in cornering, while new Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M tyres offer high grip and light handling.


More Intelligent Technology

5” TFT Full Colour Screen

The 2024 MT-09 is equipped with a range of next-level technology to enhance the overall package and riding experience while remaining true to the Dark Side of Japan concept many have come to love.

An all-new, horizontally mounted 5” TFT full colour screen offers the rider an attractive new interface with the choice of four different themes to suit a range of different riding experiences.  

Smartphone Connectivity and Navigation

For an enriched riding experience, connectivity comes as standard on the MT-09 via a built-in Communication Control Unit (CCU), meaning riders can stay connected while riding by linking their smartphone with their machine via the free MyRide app. As well as seeing call and message notifications on the 5” TFT display, a new dimension is added to the ride by the possibility of taking calls and listening to music via a Bluetooth headset*. Once connected, riders can also make use of the free Garmin StreetCross navigation system, which will display on the 5” TFT dashboard.  


Riders can also personalise the TFT display even further by sending images from their smartphone via the MyRide app using the Information Transfer feature.

There is also the option to provide power to external devices with the new under-seat USB Type-C socket.

*Bluetooth headset not included with MT-09


Intuitive New Switchgear

New integrated handlebar switch assemblies enable the rider to operate the wider range of functions of the new MT-09, including smartphone connectivity, navigation and riding modes, as well as navigating the further menu options.

Featuring a clear, logical and simple design – the shape, movement and ergonomic layout of the buttons have been designed with intuitive movement in mind, meaning riders can cycle through the various different functions with ease.

Customisable Riding Modes with Yamaha Ride Control Settings

New for 2024, MT-09 riders can now further customise their riding experience via the Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings, which allow the rider to select engine power characteristics and the level of electronic intervention to suit their preferences and road conditions.

Three integrated riding modes, ‘Sport’, ‘Street’ and ‘Rain’ featuring factory settings with different intervention levels to suit various conditions are complemented by the option to pre-set two Custom modes. This allows the creation of specific YRC settings to suit certain situations (weather, location, etc.) by altering the level of electronic support such as Power (PWR), Traction Control System (TCS) and LIF (Lift Control) – all of which can be set directly through the MT-09’s dashboard or using a smartphone via the MyRide app.  

These personalised settings can be sent to the machine from the rider’s smartphone and cycled between with ease while riding using the all-new switchgear.

Extra Support from Advanced six-axis IMU for Ultimate Performance

In 2021, the third-generation MT-09 became the first Hyper Naked to be equipped with the high-tech six-axis IMU directly developed from the R1.

Constantly measuring acceleration in the forwards-backwards, up-down and left-right directions – as well as the angular velocity in the machine’s pitch, roll and yaw directions – the six-axis IMU is able to send data in real time to the ECU, which controls the suite of electronic rider aids, including the lean sensitive Traction Control System (TCS), Slide Control System (SCS), as well as a front wheel Lift Control System (LIF) and Brake Control System (BC).

This suite is further enhanced for the 2024 MT-09 with the addition of a Back Slip Regulator (BSR), which offers stabilisation when the rear wheel locks under excessive engine braking by controlling the level of torque produced. This is especially useful in situations when it is difficult to activate the slipper clutch, such as when grip is low.

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Cruise Control for Effortless Riding

In addition to the comprehensive electronic rider aids, the new MT-09 is also equipped with a cruise control system to enhance the overall riding experience by offering a more relaxed option for motorway riding.

Operational in third gear and above, once the cruise control system has been activated, it can be adjusted in 1 km/h increments with a single push of the button or steadily increased by holding the button down. The system is cancelled whenever the brakes, clutch or throttle is engaged.

Soft-click and Auto-cancelling Turn Signals

For a more intuitive and convenient riding experience, a soft-click of the indicator switch will flash the turn signals three times for use when lane-changing or when only brief indication is required. A full-click of the switch will result in continuous flashing until 15 seconds have passed and until the machine has travelled more than 150 metres.

A new Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function reacts to sudden braking by engaging the hazard lights to warn road users behind the vehicle is stopping at speed in an emergency situation.

Third-Generation Quickshifter

The new MT-09 is equipped with the third-generation quickshifter, enhancing the ride by enabling clutchless downshifts while accelerating and clutchless upshifts under deceleration.

To maintain a more natural feeling, the third-generation quickshifter will not operate in certain situations when engine rpm is extremely low or high, and when the machine is neither accelerating nor decelerating. In these circumstances, the quickshifter icon on the new TFT display will indicate whether the quickshifter can be used.  

Technical Highlights

Sharper, more compact looks including redesigned bi-functional LED headlight

New 5” full colour TFT screen with smartphone connectivity and navigation

Customisable riding experience via Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) settings

Modify YRC settings via smartphone with the MyRide app

Handlebar and footpeg position modified for a more engaged riding experience adjustable into two positions

Separated new seat unit

Precise formed new fuel tank

Acoustic amplifier grille

Latest 890cc, three-cylinder, four-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5+ CP3 engine

Six-axis IMU with a full suite of lean-sensitive rider aids, now including Back Slip Regulator (BSR)

Cruise control

New Brembo radial master cylinder

Third-generation quickshifter

New Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 M tyres

Adjustable suspension for enhanced sports riding

Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame

Yamaha’s SpinForged wheels for agile handling

Adjustable brake and clutch levers

Colours, Availability and Price

The new MT-09 will be available in three colours: Midnight Cyan, Icon Blue and Tech Black. Delivery dates to European dealers and prices vary per region, so please contact the national Yamaha distributor for full information.


LXP Orioli Mood Web 1

There is no greater or rarer luxury than the total freedom to travel, explore and experience without setting any limits. MV Agusta celebrates this concept by presenting the world’s first luxury all-terrain motorcycle - the LXP Orioli.

Produced as a limited run of just 500, this new model is a tribute to Italian motorcycling legend Edi Orioli who, wearing the iconic Lucky Explorer colors of green, red, and white, became a symbol of adventure riding in the 1990s, dominating the world rally scene. As well as being numbered, every motorcycle produced will be personally signed by Edi Orioli, making each a unique piece to ride and collect.

The LXP Orioli positions in the luxury motorcycle segment for its equipment, technical features, choice of materials and attention to detail, ensuring the utmost comfort and first-rate performance both on and off-road.


The engine is the new 931 cc three-cylinder, developed entirely in Varese. Development was guided by the vocation of a model like the LXP Orioli, which must offer outstanding performance and adapt to a wide variety of riding contexts. The new three-cylinder is powerful, rich in torque, versatile in delivery and particularly lightweight at just 57 kg, which makes it 10% lighter on average than its direct competition. In its standard version, the engine delivers 124 hp at 10,000 rpm and 

102 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm; specific power is 133 hp/liter and 85% of the torque is already available at just 3,000 rpm.  

The crankcase and lubrication and cooling systems are completely new, while significant changes have been made to the crank gear, ignition - now even more robust - and the gearbox, which is extractable. The timing system flaunts a double overhead camshaft design, and the cams are DLC coated, a feature typical of sports bikes. The engine is liquid-cooled, and the crankshaft is counter-rotating, a technical solution that is unique in its category and for which the MV Agusta three-cylinders have always stood out, ever since the presentation of the first 675 cc model. This translates into vastly improved riding, the reduced inertia facilitating the changes of direction. Vibration has been further reduced with the countershaft, while the hydraulic clutch ensures smooth operation even in extreme riding conditions. The exhaust system is designed and developed to optimize the performance of the 950 engine and intensify the aggressive sound.

LXP Orioli Mood Web 4


The LXP Orioli can count on a particularly advanced 6-axis inertial platform, which interfaces with the on-board electronics, comprising the engine control unit complete with high-frequency processor. The Full Ride by Wire is based on torque management strategies, while the available maps - Urban, Touring, Off-Road and Custom All-Terrain - are specifically developed to ensure appropriate delivery and ideal adjustment of the electronic controls in different conditions of use. Traction control, which can be disabled, boasts five levels of intervention for road use, two for off-road use and a Rain mode to guarantee maximum safety even in adverse riding conditions. The engine brake offers two levels, which can be adjusted independently from the selected Riding Mode: level 1 is with reduced engine brake, level 2 is with full engine brake.

As well as ensuring a high level of safety through the turns, the Cornering ABS incorporates RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-Up Mitigation), with a strategy that is unique in its category, as well as other off-road-specific functions, such as the option to deactivate it fully or only at the rear wheel. 

The ABS system has also been specifically developed to operate efficiently with both knobby and road tires.

The cutting-edge technology extends to the twist grip that, as with the entire three-cylinder range, is complete with counter rotation. This is important in order to heighten feeling and guarantee the smooth disabling of cruise control. The latter can be set by speed increments or decrements of 1 km/h or 5 km/h at a time. The key management system is fully Keyless.

In terms of its quality and comprehensiveness, the instrumentation is inspired by the world of premium cars, with its extensive options for connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the HD resolution of the 7” color TFT panel and its adjustable brightness. There are two graphics to choose between, depending on personal preference. Common to the entire range, the MV Ride app allows the rider to connect a smartphone, set up turn-by-turn navigation, save itineraries and riding data, and share this data with other users in the community. The MV Ride app even allows the user to program their LXP Orioli via smartphone before they start the engine. And the Mobisat anti-theft device with integrated geolocation comes as standard on the LXP Orioli.

Standard equipment aboard the LXP Orioli also includes full LED front and rear lighting for perfect visibility in all conditions. To further improve the user experience, the handlebar controls are backlit with LED lights.




The innovative brand is throwing a light on the future with a power-packed line-up.

VISION IN MOTION to spark emotion: CFMOTO showed up in the great halls of the Fiera Milano for the 80th EICMA show. The company from Hangzhou, China, and one of the fastest-growing brands in the business with vast international expansion and a rapidly varied product portfolio. The press conference thumbed the ‘START’ switch on CFMOTO’s EICMA program and set the tone as the lights flashed on the stage with Markus Ferch, VP Sales of Europe, and Carles Solsona, Design Director, that unveiled new production model, concepts and special bikes in front of hundreds of people watching on site and around the world thanks to the Global Streaming through CFMOTO’s official social media accounts.

125NK CONCEPT: Next Generation of Cut the edge


The NK family is ready to welcome a new member. With the 125NK CONCEPT, CFMOTO is ready to fill the void in the 125 cc segment with a bold, daring and unique vision for the perfect Fun Machine. A naked bike for the next generation of riders commited to precision, uniqueness and ready to Cut The Edge like never before.

The 125NK CONCEPT’s identity is immediate and attractive through the design feeling introduced by the NK-C22 Concept bike. The single-sided swingarm highlights the carbon fiber cover on the rear wheel, while the slim tail grows up to the rider’s seat, nearby which we find a sporty exhaust system that underlines the transbody line of the bike. The big shoulders of the tank are enhanced by unique side panels that develop to the front, where is placed a LED light with a dedicated signature layout.

On the front wheel, the carbon fiber air duct it’s a straight recall to performance, while the front mudguard is one of the recognisable details of the NK family. All these design features are enhanced by a color scheme that effectively transmits the vibrant dynamism of this Concept bike. The 125NK CONCEPT anticipates one of the most awaited products on the CFMOTO line up. It will enlarge the NK family, but also will take a special place into the heart of the young two-wheels enthusiasts.

MT-X CONCEPT: Explorer Machine


The MT-X CONCEPT is the manifesto of “X” adventures to be faced when focused on a high-tech vision, while living a present time in continuous motion. A unique styling of the graphics and colors give the right personality to a capable machine like the MT-X Concept: the octanium color is synonym of adventure, of a mature attitude to new challenges, while the fluo accent is the CFMOTO racing spirit declined into fun and limitless exploration.

Define your limits, and shatter them. The MT-X CONCEPT the manifesto of “X” adventures to be faced when focused on a high-tech vision, while living a present time in continuous motion. The graphics and colors blend streaks of adventure and racing, while the boldness of the design is marked by lines and surfaces that sinuously flow from the back to the front of the bike, and vice versa.

The muscular front end is charactherized by a full LED headlight, while the vertical 8” TFT touchscreen is inspired by the navigation tower of rally bikes. Also, the floating side wings are a direct recall to the adventure bikes that marked an era of desert races. 21” front wheel, high ground clearance and increased suspension travel are crucial features to overcome every obstacle along the path. The rear panels, a flat rider’s seat and a slim tail are distinctive traits of an off-road DNA inhered into the MT-X Concept.

Every design element plays a key role to perfectly embed the fuel tank, placed with a lower position compared to other MT products so far. An abundance of fuel stored in the right spot effectively lower the center of gravity, optimizing the overall balance and improving the riding experience in every condition. No boundaries can contain the limitless surge for adventure of the ultimate Explorer Machine.

675 Engine: The first three-cylinder engine developed by CFMOTO

The 675cc three-cylinder powerplant is a completely new in-house project with low weight, high durability, rapid acceleration (due to a low inertia crank) and smooth delivery (due to the FCC slipper clutch) that will equip new exciting models coming out in 2024. The engine will deliver a maximum torque of 68 Nm at 8250 rpm, a maximum power of over 100 HP and, furthermore, will reach a peak of 12300 rpm. Those impressive numbers will lead our new vehicles to an impressive to 0-100 km/h acceleration in just in 3 seconds. 

The unit is forged from aluminum to reach a 10% weight reduction compared to similar motors. For our first ever three-cylinder engine, the weight is limited to 55kg. Forged aluminum pistons contribute to an 8% more strength compared to non-forged ones. 

(All data from CFMOTO Engine Laboratory, specific data may vary for production vehicles.)

450MT: Off-road Adventuring with a punch

450MT 3

CFMOTO’s proven and successful 449cc parallel twin platform has been tuned and honed for the fun and excitement of adventure riding. The 450MT’s engine delivers 32.5kW at 8500 rom rpm and 44 Nm at 6250 rpm, while dual balance shafts improve the smoothness of the throttle response, reducing drastically the vibrations. With a 270° crankshaft, the distinctive sound of the CFMOTO engine thrills the users at every acceleration, in every condition. This also makes the riding experience incredibly easy, if we also consider a 175kg dry weight. 

Handling on and off-road is boosted with 200mm travel offered by the KYB suspensions, adjustable in the preload and on 20 levels of damping. Ergonomics are finely tuned to provide comfort cruising in windy-roads, but also guarantee full control in the roughest trails with a high-bent handlebar and dedicated footpegs.

The bike’s off-road soul is expressed through the tech specs as well as the bodywork and styling; 90/90-21” front and 140/70-18” rear wheels, 220mm ground clearance and 820mm seat height (800 mm with optional seat).

To improve the off-road capabilities, the BOSCH dual-channel ABS can be turned off on the rear wheel through a dedicated handlebar button. Also the BOSCH TCS can be disengaged through the curved 5” TFT color display with Bluetooth connectivity. 

800NK GP: Ready to hit the track

he most powerful naked bike of the NK range is infused with the ambition and the essence behind CFMOTO’s Moto3™ racing project as part of MotoGP™. The 800NK GP is ready to hit the track with a sporty riding position, and elite technical features from the same suppliers that support the race team.

From tires to brakes, high-end adjustable suspensions, slip-on exhaust, raised footrests, lowered handlebar, CNC-ed parts, fork and swingarm protection, and the single seat configuration. Everything on the NK GP is race oriented, and not just the special Moto3™ livery that brings the Cut The Edge into the racetrack.  

Custom Works: CL-C LOW RIDE and CL-X SPIRIT


The vibes continue with the CL family: the 450CL-C makes its first ever appearance in European soil. The new “Cool Life Cruising” model of CFMOTO is backed by the 700CL-X family. Innovation is a major priority for CFMOTO, but so is expression and design: that’s why Custom Works is born. Through the best craftsmen techniques in the whole motorcycle industry, the CL-C LOW RIDE and CL-X SPIRIT make their appearance in EICMA 2023.

The CL-C LOW RIDE takes all the clear stylistic cues of the CL-C line and brings a whole new veneer of cool. The bobber style of the rear tail is enhanced by the lenticular rim fitting a large sized tyre, while the single-seat configuration is embellished by contrasting stitching. The aggressive attitude of the LOW RIDE is enhanced by the dual exhaust system, while the engine casing recalls the accent color all around the bike. The CL-C traditional teardrop shaped fuel tank has been chromed and modified.

Honoring the tradition, 2023 brings the sight of the CL-X SPIRIT right to the front of the stage.The scrambler soul is emboldened by the new higher, dual exhaust that sits under a freshly profiled saddle with revised shape and a high-quality leather. Another part of the makeover as are the spoked wheels with off-road tires.The updated suspensions and brakes keep the scrambler vibes rolling with a large amount of style thanks to the dedicated paint of the bodywork that perfectly highlights the tubular frame. 

 “Times are evolving fast and so are we. It has been and is our vision to become a premium global powersports brand. We follow a clear strategy of globalization, electrification, and connectivity to achieve the vision.” said Markus Ferch, CFMOTO’s Vice President of Sales for Europe. The quest for excellence will not slow or cease.CFMOTO has established the brand and is now firing on all cylinders to stay true to the innovative essence. Outstanding vehicles, first-class quality and emotive design and ideas are helping the firm to be seen, to be heard and be a part of everyday life and mobility.


Out of the gate, over a triple, past a checkered flag and pristinely placed on a dealership floor: the KTM SX-F motocross line-up is still the best READY TO RACE performance range to catch in the sector. And now for 2024 and dropping early December - the company is braced to offer the next phase of what will be a revolutionary rider experience.

The latest iteration of the KTM SX-F range is a highly advanced technical platform that will form the basis of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s championship ambitions. The potential of the KTM SX-F foundation is beyond doubt, and boasts the DNA of countless wins, podiums, and titles in the upper echelons of motocross and supercross competition through the last decade.KTM wants to offer even more though. In 2024 the possibilities to harness the connectivity potential of both the bike and the racer is bigger and more exciting than ever. There has never been a better time to strive to be better, and KTM will place even more power and metrics into the hand of the rider.“The KTM SX-Fs have always said a lot about us as a company and our mentality but for 2024 we’re set to move the needle once again,” said Riaan Neveling, Head of KTM Global Marketing. “Our credentials on the dirt are as bright as our colors but we are always looking at how we can empower riders and racers even more and that’s why several 2024 models are going to cause quite a stir. Success, experience and imagination can produce some really cool concepts and we will push the segment on again with what we have in store.”

Keep eyes peeled across social media starting early December 2023. There is only one brand still in the fastest line.


Heralding a massive leap forward for the KTM Naked range, the all-new KTM 990 DUKE takes aim directly at the coveted 1000 Naked bike segment – without making any excuses about why it exists.

With 2024 marking 30 YEARS OF DUKE, the all-new KTM 990 DUKE slots into the line-up like a well-polished round in the chamber. In its quest to be the most performance-focused NAKED machine possible, the KTM 990 DUKE ticks all the right boxes mechanically, while deploying extreme new styling.

The KTM 990 DUKE makes its intentions perfectly clear. Apart from a blisteringly potent engine, an all-new chassis, and swingarm design – not to mention updated ergonomics and technology – it now sizes up to larger capacity motorcycles in both displacement and proportions.

MY24 KTM 990 DUKE 9

Side-on, the new design has been modeled around the concept of an explosion in a freeze-frame, harnessing extreme energy ready to be released. This new design is further enhanced by two colorway options in Black and Electric Orange – the latter being developed specifically to celebrate 30 YEARS OF DUKE.

At the face of it, predatory design meets reduced styling with an evolved LED headlight being a stand-out feature of the all-new KTM 990 DUKE. Constructed from a carefully chosen mix of materials, the new design ensures lighting stability in all road conditions. Position and daytime running lights are located on the profile of the headlight, which also auto-adjusts in intensity according to ambient light conditions thanks to a light sensor integrated into the dashboard.

Additionally, the KTM 990 DUKE is fitted with a Coming Home light function as standard. Here, the headlight will remain on after the ignition has been switched off, awarding the rider with a few seconds of light to open doors or for better visibility in the garage.

Power is taken care of by a dramatically updated version of the LC8c engine found in the KTM 890 DUKE R. Boasting 947 cc, the roaring heart of the KTM 990 DUKE receives new pistons, crankshaft, and conrod producing a fire-breathing 123 HP and 103 Nm, with a total motorcycle weight of only 179 kg.

The KTM 990 DUKE takes its DNA from the long lineage of hard-hitting DUKE models that have come before it, adding more verve and aggression. It is a performance-oriented machine at its core, designed around a lightweight, flickable chassis that inspires utmost rider confidence.In typical DUKE fashion, a stiff trellis frame and a new closed-lattice swingarm come together to welcome high-quality adjustable WP APEX Suspension components. These, together with track-proven Bridgestone S22 tires, provide SNIPER-like accuracy when it comes to cornering stability.

The WP APEX Suspension fitted to the KTM 990 DUKE features easy-to-adjust settings, encouraging the rider to push the limits comfortably. Upfront, the 43 mm WP APEX Suspension can be easily and accurately dialed in with 5 clicks on both rebound and compression. On the rear, the WP APEX Monotube shock absorber can be adjusted in 5-clicks, with manual preload adjustment also possible.

Once seated, riders are greeted by a 5-inch, anti-scratch bonded glass dashboard providing all the information a KTM 990 DUKE pilot could need. Revised graphics and menu structures are designed for faster, more intuitive access to the various features of the KTM 990 DUKE. This includes a new function that displays Lean Angle data, with an optional TRACK Mode complete with lap timer and telemetry stats. A USB-C connection is also added for device charging duties.

MY24 KTM 990 DUKE 11

In short, the brief was simple; Develop the ultimate mid-class NAKED machine. In achieving this, the 2024 KTM 990 DUKE hits the mark dead center.

A full range of specially developed KTM PowerParts and KTM PowerWear are available for riders to personalize their motorcycles and get themselves kitted up in READY TO RACE performance.

Discover more about 30 YEARS OF DUKE and the all-new 2024 KTM 990 DUKE at KTM.com.

MY24 KTM 990 DUKE 1

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