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mt03The MT-10 is already the undisputed King of Yamaha’s Hyper Naked range.

Since it arrived on the scene this blockbuster of a motorcycle has gained the utmost respect from everyone who has ridden it – as well as anyone who has seen it in action.

It’s R1-derived high-torque CP4 engine is the most remarkable powerplant that Yamaha has ever fitted to a naked bike. Ultra-aggressive naked styling gives the MT-10 the most distinctive and intimidating looks.

And the lightweight aluminium chassis delivers class-leading levels of agility and stability that make this one of the most exciting and rewarding motorcycles ever built. Now the next evolution of the MT-10 is about to arrive.
With more power, more control and more adrenaline, it’s been built to take the Hyper Naked experience to the next level, and reinforce the MT-10’s reputation as the definitive Master of Torque.mt01New MT-10: More power. More control. More adrenaline

Updated EU5 998cc CP4 engine

The next evolution of the MT-10 is equipped with a refined version of the legendary liquid-cooled CP4 crossplane engine that is closely related to the legendary R1. Developing increased power and producing a stronger feeling of torque, this is the most powerful and most technologically advanced engine ever seen on a Yamaha Hyper Naked motorcycle.

 The updated 2022 design benefits from lightweight aluminium forged pistons, offset con rods and direct-plated cylinders in order to ensure maximum efficiency, and has a number of new model-specific features that are designed to enhance the feeling of torque.
To boost the road-focused midrange, steel conrods are used rather than the titanium components used on the R1, and the moment of inertia at the crankshaft is increased.

Fuel injection settings have been changed for an even higher level of linear torque between 4,000 and 8,000 rpm – and the design of the intake and exhaust systems is also modified to give the MT-10 a more thrilling and unique 360° Torque Emotion character.
Fuel economy is improved, CO2 levels reduced, and this more powerful engine meets EU5 regulations.mt02Tuned intake sound

The sound made by any motorcycle – whether intake or exhaust – is one of its most defining characteristics, and Yamaha’s engineers have focused on creating a unique soundtrack for the MT-10 by designing an all-new intake system.

With an uneven firing interval of 270°-180°-90°-180° the MT-10’s CP4 crossplane technology engine emits a distinctive intake and exhaust noise characterized by a rumbling growl at low rpm and a high pitched roar at high rpm.

Yamaha’s development team has custom-made a new tuned intake sound for the 2022 model by the use of an all-new air cleaner box that is equipped with three intake ducts with different lengths and cross sections.

Each duct produces a different intake sound, and they are designed to resonate harmoniously at varying engine speeds to create a unique intake roar that enhances the overall riding experience.

In particular, the tuned intake is specifically designed to produce a sensual roar between 4,000 rpm and 8,000 rpm that reinforces the MT-10’s enormous torque feeling when accelerating hard or powering out of a turn.

The big-torque experience is heightened by the new Acoustic Amplifier Grilles that are positioned on the front left and front right of the 17-litre fuel tank. These amplifiers transmit the tuned induction sound directly to the rider, and the vibration of the grilles themselves also contributes to the thrill and excitement experienced when the rider opens the throttle.mt04Titanium exhaust

A new titanium exhaust is used on the MT-10, and this lightweight system features a newly designed titanium downpipes and muffler. Like the new tuned intake, the  exhaust has been designed to emit a deep and distinctive sound that emphasizes the bike’s uneven firing sequence.

At lower engine speeds the exhaust sound is dominant, while the tuned intake roar takes over from mid to high revs to create a wall of sound that stimulates the senses and heightens the thrilling acceleration and torque rich performance of the more powerful 2022 engine.mt05Compact and minimalist new exterior styling

Right from the launch of the very first MT-10, this flagship Hyper Naked has maintained its distinctive individuality and established a reputation for being one of the most aggressively styled bikes in the category.
The next evolution of the MT-10 continues this theme of individuality with a powerful and dignified new look that underlines the bike’s intense character and intimidating presence.
This has been achieved by removing any unnecessary bodywork elements and refocusing attention on this charismatic bike’s mechanical beauty.

The ‘face’ of every motorcycle is one of the most significant design elements, shaping the way that it is perceived and also influencing the pride of ownership  and levels of riding enjoyment.
The new MT-10 has a completely new look with a more integrated feel that gives a more minimalist and imposing appearance.

Compact new twin-eye mono-focus LED headlights with separate high and low beam units provide excellent illumination and project a powerful and even beam with softer light at the edges.
LED position lights are situated above the headlights, and the new nose assembly transforms the looks of this flagship model and gives it an even more refined yet dominant look.

Mounted on both sides of the fuel tank cover, the enlarged ducts increase intake efficiency and contribute significantly towards the increased power output of the 2022 engine.
As well as their mechanical functionality in delivering cool air to the fuel injection system, these intakes also visually highlight the outstanding power of the 998cc engine, and form an integral part of the bike’s new look.

Together with the Acoustic Amplifier Grilles located in the front of the fuel tank cover, the dual ducts emit the thrilling intake sound of the high-torque CP4 engine for the riders enjoyment.

With minimal overhang at the front end and a more compact LED taillight – combined with the compact new nose and new larger air intakes – the MT-10’s mass centralized design is taken to the extreme, giving a brutal and condensed side profile that leaves no doubt that this is the King of the MT line.mt06Improved ergonomics

The MT-10’s legendary versatility in almost any riding situation from urban streets through to twisty backroads and long haul trips – and even the occasional track day – has made it one of the most competent and desirable Hyper Naked bikes. For improved comfort together with greater freedom in adopting different riding styles, the 2022 model’s ‘rider triangle’ – the bar/footrest/seat relationship – has been improved.

The fuel tank cover is now smoother, giving a better feel when the rider grips the tank with their knees when braking or accelerating – and also allows greater mobility when shifting weight for corners. In addition the seat’s firmness has been modified for greater comfort, and the seat design has been modified.

Brembo radial master cylinder

The MT-10’s outstanding front braking system, features dual floating 320mm discs with 4 piston radial-mounted calipers – the same system as used on the R1. 
For 2022 a new Brembo radial brake master cylinder is featured, giving improved braking feel at the lever for increased controllability.  mt07Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter

A key feature on the new MT-10 is the Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL) that gives the rider the ability to set a top speed limit to suit various situations. As well as ensuring that public road speed limits are not accidentally exceeded, the
system can also be useful when riding though unfamiliar areas or in adverse

Quick Shift System

Previously available as an optional extra, the Quick Shift System (QSS) is now fitted as original equipment on the 2022 MT-10. By enabling smooth, clutchless shifting, this system makes full-on acceleration even more exciting – downshifting is also smoother and faster.

New 4.2” full-colour TFT display

The next evolution of the MT-10 comes fully equipped with an R1 derived 4.2” full-colour TFT display that features a clear and easy to read screen with all of the key information on view.
A menu switch on the right handlebar enables the rider to select which information is displayed, while the ‘Mode/Select’ switch on the left side of the handlebar can be used to change the intervention levels of the electronic rider aids, or where applicable, to turn them on or off.

APSG ride-by-wire throttle with four power delivery modes (PWR)

A new Accelerator Position Sensor Grip (APSG) ride by wire twistgrip unit works with the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) to give the MT-10 rider increased controllability when accelerating. This advanced system provides the optimum intake air volume to the combustion chamber, ensuring that the rider experiences smooth torque characteristics over the MT-10’s wide rpm range.

The rider can also adjust the throttle response characteristics using the PWR (Power delivery mode) switch.
PWR-1 is suited to aggressive trackday riding; PWR-2 and PWR-3 deliver a
smoother throttle response that enable the rider to experience the bike’s
linear torque, and PWR-4 is a softer response that is best used when surface
conditions are wet or slippery.

6-axis IMU with rider aids

The new MT-10 is now equipped with a state of the art 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) that was originally developed for the R1, and has now evolved into a smaller and lighter unit.
The IMU features two sensors that measure 3-axis angular velocity: pitch, roll and yaw – and three-axis acceleration: forward/backward, up/down and left/right. This data is transmitted to the ECU which activates the bike’s electronic rider aids which give unprecedented levels of machine controllability by intervening to prevent wheel lock ups, loss of traction or wheelies.mt08

Lean sensitive Traction Control System

The MT-10 benefits from one of the most advanced traction control systems to be featured on a Hyper Naked.
Sensors detect the relative speeds of the front and rear wheels, and when rear
wheel traction loss is detected the ECU momentarily cuts drive to maintain
traction and stability.

Using data from the 6-axis IMU, this new lean sensitive traction control system is able to adjust the degree of intervention to correspond with the bike’s lean angle, with intervention increasing as lean angle increases.
A total of five intervention levels are available.

Slide Control system (SCS)

For increased cornering controllability and confidence the MT-10 is equipped with the latest Slide Control System (SCS). When the sensors predict that the rear wheel is about to slide sideways, the ECU intervenes and reduces drive to the rear wheel until the chassis is stable. The system uses pre-set intervention levels, but the rider can adjust the levels or turn the system off.

LIFT control system (LIF)

When sensor data tells the IMU that front wheel lift is imminent the ECU cuts power to the rear wheel until the machine is stable again. As with some of the other rider aids, the intervention levels are pre-set, but the rider can adjust them or turn them off.      

Engine Brake Management (EBM)

EBM controls the degree of engine braking force when decelerating, and gives the rider a choice of two levels. Level 1 gives a high level of engine braking, while Level 2 gives minimal engine braking, enabling the rider to choose the most suitable level for the prevailing riding conditions. Modes are pre-set, but can be adjusted by the rider or turned off.

Brake Control (BC)

Brake Control (BC) is designed to give increased controllability during mid corner riding, and independently modulates and controls the pressure being applied to the front brake and rear brake.
The rider can select one of two modes: BC1 mode is a standard ABS-active mode, while BC2 is designed to operate in mid corner emergency braking situations.

Yamaha Ride Control (YRC)

While all of the electronic rider aids can be adjusted independently, Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) gives the
MT-10 owner the ability to create an all-inclusive system which can switch the
settings for the traction control, SCS, QSS, LIF, EBM and BC systems all at
YRC is available in four different modes that are designed to suit a
variety of riding conditions.
Mode A is for sporty riding; Mode B is for a wide range of conditions;
Mode C is tailored for urban usage;
Mode D is for rainy or adverse conditions.

The YRC’s four modes have pre-set values, but the MT-10 rider can choose to reset the various different mode settings to match their own preferences.

Lightweight Deltabox chassis

Derived from the class-leading R1, the aluminium Deltabox chassis is one of the lightest, strongest and sharpest handling designs in any category. Developed to handle 200 HP this high-tech frame uses the CP4 engine as a fully stressed member to keep weight to an absolute minimum.
Equipped with a long aluminium swingarm but with a compact wheelbase of 1405mm, the Deltabox chassis delivers stable, light and agile handling in a wide variety of low and high speed conditions.

Optimized front and rear suspension

The MT-10’s advanced suspension system uses optimized model-specific settings that are designed to provide precise handling and confident roadholding, whether in busy urban streets or powering hard through a set of bends in the mountains.
The 43mm fully adjustable KYB front forks offer 120mm travel and can be set up to match personal riding preferences.
These high specification forks are complemented by a fully adjustable KYB rear shock that can be easily adjusted to handle varying loads and riding styles.

Bridgestone Battlax S22 tyres

The MT-10’s lightweight 5-spoke aluminium 17-inch wheels are fitted with the latest Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres.
A 120/70-ZR17 front tyre and a 190/55-ZR17 rear tyre provide outstanding levels of traction, and together with the sophisticated electronic rider aids, this package offers outstanding handling together with a remarkable degree of controllability in many different types of riding conditions.       

MT-10 Key Features

More powerful EU5 998cc engine

Tuned intake sound

Titanium exhaust

Compact and functional new exterior styling

Improved ergonomics

Brembo radial master cylinder

Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL)

Quick Shift System (QSS)

A&S clutch

New 4.2” full-colour TFT display

APSG ride-by-wire throttle with four power delivery modes (PWR)

6-axis IMU

Lean sensitive Traction Control System

Slide Control system (SCS)

Lift control system (LIF)

Engine Brake Management (EBM)

Brake Control (BC)

Yamaha Ride Control (YRC)

R1-derived aluminium Deltabox chassis

Long aluminium swingarm

Compact 1,405mm wheelbase

43mm fully adjustable KYB front forks

Fully adjustable KYB rear shock

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres

MT-10 colours, availability and price

Yamaha will offer the new MT-10 in three colour options. Cyan Storm evolves the DSOJ story in an exciting new direction offering a fresh take on the technical and trend focused colour way. Icon Blue is a dynamic new colour inspired by the factory’s race bikes, and features blue body panels and blue wheel rims. Tech Black projects an understated and moody look, and features an all-black body with black wheel rims.

Deliveries to European Yamaha dealers will commence from the February 2022. Prices vary per region, so please contact the national Yamaha distributor for full information.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Hyper Naked Apparel

Yamaha has developed a range of kits and individual Genuine Accessories that enable MT owners to easily personalize their motorcycle with high quality parts that have been developed to give an excellent fit and a premium finish.

Customers can order the kits and accessories before collecting their new motorcycle, and have them fitted by their Yamaha dealer. All of the items in the kits can also be purchased individually, and in addition to the kit items, the Genuine Accessory list includes everything from Akrapovic Exhaust Systems and levers through to grip heaters and billet handlebar ends.

Yamaha’s extensive MT clothing line includes male and female jackets and pants, as well as a selection of hoodies, T-shirts, gloves and a range of CE-approved riding gear.
The MT collection is constantly evolving, and new products are added throughout the year.end bike test

campaign release naked novemberKTM never rests on its laurels and the goal is to make riding safer, faster. For this KTM is continuously developing groundbreaking technology and rider aids, but without disconnecting the riders from their machine. KTM acknowledges that each rider is different and that’s why each KTM machine offers a multitude of personalization and customization options.

The first sensations of twisting a KTM throttle - those first moments when it’s impossible to suppress that massive grin - must be matched with the technology and innovation. The goal is to ensure that the thrill of riding a KTM is linked with all-around rider reward. To this end, KTM bikes ‘stretch the envelope’ to breaking point when it comes to the latest software and hardware on the motorcycle market.

For almost twenty years the ferocious and versatile KTM LC8 motor has been propelling the most iconic KTM machines. From the Dakar Rally-winning machines of the early 2000s to the segment-leading Travel and Naked models in KTM’s updated line-up, the iconic V-Twin engine has left a big mark in the motorcycle industry. The powerhouse engine continues to thrive and will now be at the heart of a selection of brand-new creations and fresh incarnations of THE BEAST.

To help keep this brute power to the ground in all conditions, KTM has been working on evolving its technology. This allows even the average rider to tame THE BEAST. One of the recent technological developments is the 2nd generation of WP APEX Semi-Active suspension: the introduction of the new SAT allows for more flexibility while riding. Riders are able to tailor their setup, whether it being for the long unbeaten road that lies ahead or thrashing out lap times on the race track.

To learn more about the above technology and all the revolutionary features that KTM has to offer, stay tuned for the release of the KTM Tech Guide; a comprehensive and educational platform that will be launched on ktm.com on November 9. Leading the charge within the KTM Tech Guide will be the legendary LC8, the driving force behind so many flagship models at KTM.

The release will be followed with an in-depth look at what makes the 2nd generation of WP APEX Semi-Active suspension a must-have on November 11.

At KTM we don’t like to tease, but with ‘Naked November’ around the corner we wanted to get your engines revving, with new models lining up behind closed doors, which are about to burst wide open. When?

Coming on November 16:
Two incarnations of THE BEAST are about to take center stage, which all have the attributes of the complete Naked bike. Popular demand, sophistication and better performance means we’re ready to let something more out of the cage.

Arriving on November 23:
All powerful and practical and KTM-style; for some this 2022 model will be the definition of how KTM blurs the segments of the motorcycle industry.

Keep that helmet in your hands, your new ride is about to be unleashed!end bike test


The Husqvarna Motorcycles Norden 901 finally hits dealer floors. First shown to great acclaim as a concept model at the EICMA Show in 2019, Husqvarna Motorcycles has built true offroad ability into an exceptional adventure travel motorcycle that keeps going when the tarmac roads end. Norden 901 2022Inspired by Husqvarna Motorcycles multi-terrain Rally machines, the Norden 901 is built to cover long distances across challenging, diverse landscapes. Fast, fun, nimble and above all capable, this is a motorcycle to make even the longest riding days rewarding, no matter how far the rider chooses to go, on road or off. Norden 901 2022 2 1The Norden 901 brings a tough yet lightweight approach to the midclass adventure sector. A smooth and torquey 899 cc, 105 hp parallel twin engine powers the Norden 901 while balancer shafts minimise vibration. The engine is housed in a light steel trellis frame, prepared to carry rider, luggage, and passenger to the furthest points of the compass across any terrain, assisted by WP APEX suspension with long travel. Large diameter 21’’ front and 18’’ rear wheels roll easily over obstacles on the trail. For all its exemplary offroad ability, the Norden 901 also offers unrivalled comfort and agility on tarmac. Norden 901 2022 2A rider headed deep into unknown territory needs to know they can rely on their machine in extreme situations. Therefore, the Norden 901 braking system is backed up by switchable Bosch Cornering ABS with Street and Offroad modes. Husqvarna Motorcycles’ lean-angle sensitive Cornering Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) is also there to assist, with particular attention having been paid to its levels of offroad assistance. 

Making every journey an adventure beyond the horizon, the Norden 901 offers three selectable ride modes as standard (Street, Rain, Offroad) and an optional Explorer mode to deal with every circumstance the rider might meet. An Easy Shift function allows for clutchless changes up and down the six-speed gearbox while a Power Assist Slipper Clutch (PASC) maintains rear wheel composure.Norden 901 2022 12Technical highlights:

  • Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame with engine as stressed member
  • 889 cc parallel-twin engine with 105 hp peak power and 100 Nm of torque
  • Adjustable WP APEX suspension provides exceptional comfort both on the street and offroad
  • Three selectable ride modes (Street, Rain, Offroad) and optional Explorer mode
  • Cutting-edge, switchable cornering ABS with Offroad mode
  • Ride-by-wire throttle
  • Easy Shift function
  • Cornering-sensitive traction control allows for nine levels of adjustable rear wheel slip (in Explorer mode)
  • Power Assist Slipper Clutch (PASC)
  • Tubeless spoked wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres for peak performance on the street and offroad
  • Large capacity, 19-litre fuel tank provides an extended range of up to 400 km
  • Optional Connectivity Unit provides turn-by-turn navigation, telephone call reception and music selection functionality from the rider’s smartphone

Norden 901 2022 4 1The Husqvarna Motorcycles Functional Apparel Collection features riding gear produced for the Norden 901 rider, perfectly complementing the outstanding design of the motorcycle, and developed to keep you warm, dry and safe all year round. The Norden 901 has been designed to evolve with your riding requirements, and for added usability the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories range offers luggage systems, performance and chassis enhancements and ergonomic solutions to let you customise the Norden 901 to suit your riding. Norden 901 2022 7
Husqvarna Motorcycles’ highly awaited 2022 Norden 901 will be available from November 2021 onwards at authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers. Availability may differ from country to country. For all details on pricing and availability, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles subsidiary or importer. 

Federico ValentiniHead of Husqvarna Motorcycles Marketing: “Since 2014, the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand has been constantly evolving. The launch of the Norden 901 sees us move into another market segment – travel. The motorcycle was unveiled to a highly enthusiastic reception at EICMA 2019 and there has been mounting anticipation ahead of its launch. Now it is finally here, and we believe that the Norden 901 will become a class-leading favourite of riders with the ambition to explore further.” Norden 901 2022 6end bike test

001Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP’s Fabio Quartararo secured his first MotoGP World Championship title this weekend with a superb fightback to a fantastic fourth in Misano.

Fabio Quartararo had his first chance at MotoGP glory this weekend and accomplished his dream after fighting from 15th to fourth at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli.

Starting from 15th after a wet qualifying affair, Quartararo was cautious on the opening lap, losing a few positions in the opening corners. As the race settled the Frenchman pushed on, picking off his rivals before breaking into the top ten on lap six. 

Continuing his charge, the rider from Nice continued his rise through the pack, closing the gap and joining the fight for fifth. Sat in ninth, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team-mate Franco Morbidelli was the first man on his list. Passing the Italian for eighth at turn four, Quartararo was quick to pass Luca Marini for seventh. 

With a top-five in sight, the 22-year-old overhauled Alex Rins to claim sixth before a brave pass on Aleix Espargaro at Tramonto completed his charge. A mistake on the exit of turn ten however saw the Frenchman drop back to sixth momentarily but bravely reclaimed the position at Curvone.

Eight seconds adrift, the podium looked out of reach with seven laps to go, but crashes for Miguel Oliveira and Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia in the closing stages promoted the newly-crowned champion onto the rostrum.

Holding onto third with half a lap remaining, the Yamaha man had Enea Bastianini close behind and narrowly lost out on third with three corners to go, bringing his M1 Yamaha home in fourth securing his first MotoGP crown and France’s maiden MotoGP World Champion. The Frenchman also became the sixth youngest premier class champion.

Valentino Rossi’s final dance at home ended in a top ten finish. The Italian started from the back of the field and found himself last at the end of the opening lap. The wise 42-year-old used his experience as riders around him struggled with the 20-degree track temperature to secure tenth place in his final visit to Misano in MotoGP.

Petronas Yamaha SRT team-mate Andrea Dovizioso obtained more points aboard his M1. His third race on the Yamaha ended in 13th place after he followed compatriot Rossi through the pack to secure three points.

Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP’s Franco Morbidelli ended his home Grand Prix in 14th. A strong starting Morbidelli ran fifth in the opening laps but struggled with fitness as he continues his recovery. The former Moto2 Champion finished 14th securing two points.

Fabio Quartararo’s championship rounds off a sensational season with two races remaining. Five victories with five further podium finishes sees the champion head to Portimao, a circuit he claimed a dominant victory at in April, 65 points clear atop of the table. Yamaha lie second in the constructor’s championship, 12 points behind the leaders while Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP reclaim the top spot in the team’s championship standings. 

The paddock will now take a break before returning to action for the second visit to Portimao, a race dominated by Quartararo in April, across the weekend of 5-7th November.

Fabio Quartararo – Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, 4th

“To be honest, I still can't believe what I achieved today... This feels so good! It wasn't an easy race. On the first laps I saw Miller crash, but I thought it was Marc. Then I looked at the TV, and I saw that Marc was fighting with Pecco. Then I saw another red bike crashing. At that moment I wasn't happy. I was just thinking ’Okay, Pecco crashed‘ and I‘m glad he is okay. To try to finish on the podium was a little bit the target, but our front tyre was in a bad shape by then, and I couldn't make it in the end. But I don't care. I became a World Champion today. I could have finished last, and the result would have been the same. I have no words. I just want to enjoy this moment with the team."

GP Nolan Del Made in Italy e Dell'Emilia-Romagna GP Race Results:

  1. Marc Marquez - Repsol Honda Team
  2. Pol Espargaro - Repsol Honda Team +4.859
  3. Enea Bastianini - Avintia Esponsorama +12.013
  4. Fabio Quartararo - Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP +12.775
  5. Johann Zarco - Pramac Racing +16.458
  6. Alex Rins - Team SUZUKI ECSTAR +17.669
  7. Aleix Espargaro - Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +18.468
  8. Maverick Viñales - Aprilia Racing Team Gresini +18.607
  9. Luca Marini - SKY VR46 Avintia +25.417
  10. Valentino Rossi - PETRONAS Yamaha SRT + 27.735
  11. Brad Binder - Red Bull KTM Factory Racing + 27.879
  12. Michele Pirro - Ducati Lenovo Team + 28.137
  13. Andrea Dovizioso - PETRONAS Yamaha SRT +41.413
  14. Franco Morbidelli - Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP + 42.830
  15. Takaaki Nakagami - LCR Honda IDEMITSU + 1'22.462

2021 MotoGP World Championship Standings

  1. Fabio Quartararo - Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP 267 points
  2. Francesco Bagnaia – Ducati Lenovo Team 202 points
  3. Joan Mir – Team SUZUKI ECSTAR 175 points
  4. Johann Zarco – Pramac Racing 152 points
  5. Jack Miller – Ducati Lenovo Team 149 points
  6. Marc Marquez – Repsol Honda Team 142 points
  7. Brad Binder – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 136 points
  8. Aleix Espargaro – Aprilia Racing Team Gresini 113 points
  9. Maverick Viñales – Aprilia Racing Team Gresini 106 points
  10. Miguel Oliveira – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 92 points
  11. Alex Rins – Team SUZUKI ECSTAR 91 points
  12. Pol Espargaro – Repsol Honda Team 90 points
  13. Enea Bastianini – Avintia Esponsorama 87 points
  14. Jorge Martin – Pramac Racing 82 points
  15. Takaaki Nakagami – LCR Honda IDEMITSU 71 points
  16. Alex Marquez - LCR Honda CASTROL 54 points
  17. Franco Morbidelli – Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP 42 points
  18. Iker Lecuona – Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing 38 points
  19. Danilo Petrucci - Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing 37 points
  20. Luca Marini – SKY VR46 Avintia 37 points
  21. Valentino Rossi – PETRONAS Yamaha SRT 35 points
  22. Stefan Bradl – Honda HRC 13 points
  23. Michele Pirro – Ducati Lenovo Team 12 points
  24. Dani Pedrosa – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 6 points
  25. Andrea Dovizioso – PETRONAS Yamaha SRT 6 points
  26. Lorenzo Savadori – Aprilia Racing Team Gresini 4 points
  27. Tito Rabat – Pramac Racing 1 point
  28. Cal Crutchlow – Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP 0 points
  29. Garrett Gerloff – PETRONAS Yamaha SRT 0 points
  30. Jake Dixon – PETRONAS Yamaha SRT 0 pointsend bike test

MATTI’m going quite quickly, I should probably think about braking now because I don’t really know my way around this place too well yet and turn one has something of a dangerous reputation. These were my thoughts as I rolled off the throttle in anticipation of stroking the front brake lever enough to make me feel nice and safe, get settled into the corner and power out the other side, safe and sound.

This was nearly 25 years ago, not long after I had finished national racing here in South Africa and so I was still respectably rapid. More than quick enough to embarrass the vast majority of the other Brit journalists who were on the launch with me, so I didn’t feel under any extra pressure to try harder – Superbike magazine’s honour would remain intact.

As these thoughts zipped through my mind, obviously a sign I wasn’t trying hard enough in itself, another of the Bimota SB8R’s on track with me roared up my inside. It was on the back wheel, and was so vertical it looked beyond the balance point, and the rider was standing up.IMG 8360I had very much thrown the anchor out at this point, though I had no interest in searching out the corner entry point or even the apex, I was transfixed by the sight of this Bimota seemingly intent on wheelying straight into the gravel trap.

This was turn one at Misano, the gravel trap that had chewed up triple Grand Prix 500 world champion Wayne Rainey and spat him out a very different man. Back then the circuit ran the opposite way round to the direction you now witness when MotoGP visits, but either way the short straight is next to the pit wall.

A pit wall that at this moment had many Bimota technicians and designers and generally sharp-suited Italians watching the track action.IMG 8361They weren’t watching me, they were pointing and laughing at the ridiculous talent on display as their new model dropped from near vertical wheelie into some seriously hard braking that threw the rear wheel sideways – intentionally no doubt – as the rider backed it into the turn and then left a fat darkie on his way to the next corner.

I missed my turn-in point, made a fleeting and embarrassingly vague connection with the apex and laughed out loud in my helmet. The Bimota entourage may have enjoyed it, but with the view I had of that spectacular bit of riding I had definitely enjoyed it even more.

The rider was a young Shane Byrne, probably better known to you as Shakey, a soon to be MotoGP and World Superbike racer and before he retired a multiple British Superbike champion. He’d just been picked up by Fast Bikes magazine as a tester on his non-racing days, and it was a genuine privilege to share the track with him that day.IMG 8363Working for what I still (completely unbiasedly of course) consider to be the best sport bike magazine ever, in its heyday, as a road tester and then the road test editor, was a bucket list employment opportunity that I will always cherish. I worked with some truly talented people, met a lot of genuinely amazing personalities in the motorcycling world and rode just about every bike I ever wanted to, and a few that I didn’t.

With our hand-painted helmets, multiple personalised leathers, endless freebies, fat expense accounts and virtually continuous travels to the world’s best circuits it would have been easy for it all to go to my head and end up prancing around like some kind of pretend somebody. But having raced in South Africa I realised how average I was, how many very fast racers there were and that there would always be several somebodies to embarrass you to your core if you ever got the slightest bit boastful and started talking about how quick you thought you were.

Episodes like the Misano Bimota episode came along often enough to remind me to keep quiet, stay in the background, and if I happened to be one of the quicker riders then the riding would do the talking for me.IMG 8365Australia’s Eastern Creek, again a turn one incident but this time with a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. I was beginning to learn the layout, gritting my teeth harder each lap as I braked later and turned more quickly, pleased that I was clearly getting smoother and faster each lap.

Towards the end of the day I felt good, I’d engineered myself a spot at the end of my group so I had riders to chase and overtake. I was having a whale of a time, I was beginning to believe my own hype when, knee barely skimming the deck because I didn’t want to create too much wind drag in a frightfully fast corner, neck straining against the turbulence, I knew I had now mastered Philip Island’s turn one. And then in my peripheral vision, on my outside no less, another Suzuki came zipping past. In the middle of the fakkin’ corner!

Bollocks to that I thought, who the bloody hell does he think he is? I’ll latch on and dive bomb the cheeky bastard a few corners later. Except it was me tying myself in knots a few turns on as I bounced through the grass trying to hang on to some twat who thought he was Neil Mackenzie or someone.

Except he was Neil Mackenzie, the same Scotsman who’d stood on a GP500 podium, who’d raced said 500 around this very circuit and then gone on to take three British Superbike titles.

I did however smash a shed-load more beers than him that evening in Sydney and made much more of a tit of myself than he ever could have, so there is that.IMG 8366I’ve ‘followed’ (my version of the facts that actually involve being overtaken by) Kevin Schwantz, Jurgen Fuchs, Freddie Spencer, Colin Edwards, Troy Bayliss, Ruben Xaus, Tito Rabat, Jeremy McWilliams, Steve Plater and South Africans like Dave Petersen, Russell Wood, the MacLeod brothers, Hudson Kennaugh and many, many others on the international scene whom I have to admit to forgetting at this very moment – blame the local vino rosso where I’m writing this in my van just outside the city of Bologna.

I started this column with a firm idea of what I wanted to say, and why; but far too deep into this delightful box of red nectar I have lost the thread of my feeble line of reasoning, so I’ll just let the moral of the story be: don’t be a bigheaded tosser and brag about your speed, especially in the company of people you don’t know. 

The chances are that there is at least one, but probably more people in your vicinity that are so much faster than you that you’ll be tempted to hang up your leathers for good once you’ve recovered from the shock of realising quite how pedestrian you really are.

Enjoy the experience of being blitzed by someone truly world class, learn a thing or two from them if you can, and if you are genuinely quick then let your riding be your calling card, not your mouth.

One of the things I noticed in nearly three decades of riding great tracks with awesome guest riders is that you never, ever hear any of them bragging about their speed the night before they hit the track.

The evening afterwards when dinner’s finished and they’ve sunk a few too many beers? Oh yeah, like any of us they like to tell a story or two, and when you’re a world class talent then such tales may be tall and involve incredible heroics on their part – but they’re true, so listen and appreciate and under no circumstances share your own exploits of racing glory from that time you nearly made the podium at Midvaal Raceway.

Mat Durrans

All the details in this story are obviously the fictional fever dreams of a failed bike journalist and are subject to an artistic super-license. Amen.

THE BIKE SHOWend bike test

Image from the 2021 National Cross Country Round 5 captured by Sage Lee Voges for www.zcmc.co.za 78 of 81Brother Leader Tread KTM took top honours when leading rider Bradley Cox snatched up the overall National Cross Country Championship on Saturday. Fresh off his National Enduro E1 Championship title, the victory comes especially sweet for the multi-disciplined star. 

The nail-biting season finale took riders to Virginia Trails in KwaZulu-Natal, where a confident Cox had the home ground advantage. After a consistent performance in the OR2 Class throughout the season, a third place overall was all it took for Cox to claim the title in his class and overall. Image from the 2021 National Cross Country Round 5 captured by Sage Lee Voges for www.zcmc.co.za 39 of 81“It’s been a dream year! I’m so thankful for everyone that has been a part of my success because without their support, this wouldn’t even be possible,” said an elated Cox.

The rider’s racing dreams are only just starting to unfold as the ultimate event of them all loomslarge – the Dakar Rally. Cox has been hard at work as he prepares to step onto the international stage and represent his country in his debut Dakar event. 

With the help of Dakar legend and father, Alfie Cox, the future looks bright for the rising talent. His recent trip to Morocco to compete in Rallye Du Maroc has put the rider in good stead for the Dakar dunes. With a third place in Rally 2, Cox used the event to showcase his potential to achieve great things in the sport. Image from the 2021 National Cross Country Round 5 captured by Sage Lee Voges for www.zcmc.co.za 79 of 81While the season didn’t unfold as Brother Leader Tread KTM teammate Charan Moore had hoped, the rider describes feeling grateful to share in the team’s successes. Moore had a tough day in the saddle on Saturday after a crash set him back by almost 50 minutes. 

“It’s been tough year for me with a whole bunch of bad luck. The race started off very tentative in the conditions, but I got into a good flow and worked my way back into the top ten. I had a crash in the dust and the bike slid off a steep mountain ridge, I was so stuck that I spent almost 50 minutes getting back up to the track!” commented Moore. Image from the 2021 National Cross Country Round 5 captured by Sage Lee Voges for www.zcmc.co.za 16 of 81While he was frustrated by the event, he is more determined than ever to come back stronger next year. He said, “It's been a difficult year for me personally but I’m happy to share in the team’s success and be a part of such a great family. I am so motivated to come back fitter, stronger and ready for 2022. This season taught me resilience and to keep going and push through, even when things don't go your way!”

Like Cox, Moore will represent South Africa as he makes his debut in the Dakar Rally next year. It’s full steam ahead for the rider as he shakes off his disappointment and prepares to race for the greatest title of them all – a finisher’s medal at the prestigious event. end bike test

Matthias Walkner 2021 FIM Cross Country Rallies World ChampionRed Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Matthias Walkner has taken KTM’s third consecutive FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship with a second-place finish at the Rallye Du Maroc aboard his KTM 450 RALLY.

Austrian racer Walkner had a 20-point advantage at the top of the championship standings heading into round four of five in the series, and knew he had to put in a strong performance in order to clinch the title in Morocco. Walkner took the lead of the rally on stage two before falling foul of a tricky note in the road book on stage three. The 2018 Dakar winner came back fighting to narrowly miss the stage victory on stage four ahead of the final day. Matthias Walkner Rally Kazakhstan 2021 On the fifth and final day, Walkner knew exactly what was needed of him over the 166km timed special to score enough points to claim the 2021 world title. The KTM racer finished eighth for second overall, securing his second FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. The victory is KTM’s third consecutive win in the series with Toby Price and Sam Sunderland earning the 2018 and 2019 titles, before the 2020 series was cancelled due to the global pandemic. KTM has taken the championship honors six times from the last nine seasons of competition. 

Of the three rounds raced of the series so far, Walkner has shown incredible consistency, finishing as runner-up at the high-speed Rally Kazakhstan, before taking the win in the contrasting conditions of the epic Silk Way Rally, less than one month later. Now, with another top-two result in Morocco, the experienced 35-year-old has shown he is clearly on form and will now be aiming to carry his winning momentum into the final round of the series at Abu Dhabi before focusing on the 2022 Dakar next January. Matthias Walkner 2021 FIM Cross Country Rallies World Champion 1Matthias Walkner: “It’s been a super cool rally for me (in Morocco). I set out this morning hoping to take the win, but I made a small mistake about halfway through that only maybe cost me a minute, but it was enough on the shortened stage to lose out. Second place is great though and to win the world championship title early is amazing. The team have been great all year, so a big thank you to them. It’s time to relax now and really enjoy the moment.” end bike test

Yam champTen Kate Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team’s Dominique Aegerter was crowned the 2021 FIM Supersport World Champion at San Juan, after finishing third in Sunday’s dramatic race. Steven Odendaal lost his chance at taking the title fight to Indonesia, after the Evan Bros Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team rider was taken out of contention at Turn 1. Meanwhile, GMT94 Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team’s Jules Cluzel completed his first-ever double victory in the championship.

With pole position, fastest lap and a pair of wins, Cluzel enjoyed a perfect weekend at the Circuito San Juan Villicum. The French rider won by almost five seconds on Saturday, but had to fight hard with the Kawasaki of Can Oncu in Race 2. Cluzel was able to edge clear in the closing stages to take his fourth win at the Argentinian venue.

Aegerter headed into this weekend with a 54-point lead in the championship, but could only manage fifth in Race 1, finishing just behind title rival Odendaal. The Swiss rider now needed to outscore Odendaal by two points on Sunday, and after the South African fell at Turn 1, it all-but guaranteed that the 2021 rookie would be crowned champion. He fought to a third-place finish, his 14th podium of the season, and became Yamaha’s ninth and the team’s 10th WorldSSP champion.

After being collected at Turn 1, Odendaal was still able to pick up his bike and continue, but while making his way back into the points-paying places, the 28-year-old fell and was forced to return to the pits with damage.

ParkinGO Yamaha’s Manuel Gonzalez had qualified in third on Saturday, and fought his way through to a second-place finish in Race 1, his seventh podium of the season. In Race 2, however, he lost the front on the way into Turn 1 and collected Odendaal’s bike. The Spanish youngster was able to continue and climbed back to a 10th-place finish.Yam champ2Kallio Racing Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team’s Hannes Soomer was 12th in Race 1, but was able to score his best result since returning from injury, finishing fourth in Sunday’s race. Evan Bros Yamaha’s Peter Sebestyen also enjoyed his strongest weekend yet, with eighth on Saturday and fifth in Race 2.

GMT94 Yamaha’s Valentin Debise was sixth in both races, finishing ahead of Kallio Racing Yamaha’s Vertti Takala in Race 2. The Estonian also managed his best WorldSSP weekend to date, with 10th on Saturday and seventh on Sunday.

Ten Kate Yamaha’s Leonardo Taccini was 11th in Race 2, while Yamaha MS Racing’s Unai Orradre scored a pair of points finishes, with 13th in yesterday’s contest and 14th on Sunday.end bike test

RC 8C Customer Event Jerez 6It took a mere 4 minutes and 32 seconds for all 100 ultra-exclusive KTM RC 8C track bikes to sell out via KTM’s digital sales platform, with 25 of those buyers opting to take delivery under the watchful eye of Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio at Jerez.

Unlike anything before it, the KTM RC 8C is a hand built, lightweight racing prototype that uses the familiar 889 parallel-twin engine from the KTM 890 DUKE R in a bespoke, track-ready chassis, bristling with high-end racing componentry. RC 8C Customer Event Jerez 1Only 100 of these ultra-exclusive track weapons were made available to the public, with 25 exclusive handover packages offered, allowing 25 lucky customers to opt-in for a private KTM RC 8C Track Experience with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio, and individual race set up by master WP suspension technicians. 

The 25 customers arrived at Jerez on 7 October 2021 and had the opportunity to watch an official Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test session from a VIP spectator box, followed by a private dinner with members of KTM Motorsport, as well as Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio. RC 8C Customer Event Jerez 7October 8th was the day everyone was looking forward to, with the 25 KTM RC 8Cs already having been pre-run in, it was time to get the new owners accustomed to each of their own machines. 

With Riaan Neveling and Markus Kramer giving each customer a concise and thorough breakdown of the KTM RC 8C, the riders were subject to a rider briefing by Dani and Mika, who set out the day’s proceedings. RC 8C Customer Event Jerez 3One of our Orange Bleeders took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, surrounded by KTM RC 8Cs and in the perfect setting, to propose to his girlfriend. Obviously, she said YES! 

With 6 pit boxes pre-prepared, with the 25 KTM RC 8Cs lined up in the same order in which they were ordered online, the doors opened simultaneously, giving the 25 lucky owners the first eyeful of their new machines. RC 8C Customer Event Jerez 4What followed was a few laps led by Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio, with a grid start in the same order. The riders spent the rest of the day on track getting to grips with their race bikes, with Dani and Mika providing one-on-one sessions to whoever needed them.

The day ended with dinner, allowing everyone to share their stories and bringing a close to another successful, exclusive KTM experience. 

Click here to see what transpired in Jerez and what the lucky 25 got up to.RC 8C Customer Event Jerezend bike test

2022 YAM YZF700R7 EU GYTR ACT 008Yamaha Motor Europe is excited to announce a unique racing event in 2022, featuring the all-new Yamaha R7 Supersport bike. The Yamaha R7 Series European SuperFinale will take place during one of the final rounds of the 2022 FIM Superbike World Championship and will feature the 30 top riders from the national R7 Cups and Challenges organised by Yamaha's branches across Europe.

Fast, agile and featuring the same aggressive styling as its R Series stablemates, the 689cc twin-cylinder Yamaha R7 combines sports performance with everyday fun, while the availability of GYTR performance parts designed specifically for the bike make it an ideal base model for racing.

The Yamaha R7 Cup series, which will debut in 2022 across Europe, will be managed by Yamaha branches and has been designed specifically to offer a cost effective and accessible racing series for both existing racers, and for those riders looking to make the move from track days to a more competitive arena, but one with the same sense of community.The 30 riders who impress in the various Yamaha R7 Cups will be invited to the R7 Series European SuperFinale at the end of the season, which will be held during one of the last European rounds of the FIM Superbike World Championship. The riders will complete practice and qualifying on the Friday, before taking to the track for two races on Saturday.

But the Yamaha R7 Series European SuperFinale is not just about the racing, it's also about creating memories for the participants that will last a lifetime. As well as sharing a paddock with the stars of WorldSBK, the SuperFinale riders will get to meet and chat with Yamaha's riders in all three World Championship classes. Yamaha staff will be on hand to offer coaching and advice to all the riders, who may also find themselves lining up on the grid for the two races alongside some well-known faces.

The location and date of the Yamaha R7 Series European SuperFinale, as well as the calendars for the various R7 Cups in each European country, will be announced at in the very near future.2022 YAM R7 PRESS EU GYTR STATIC 003Paolo Pavesio: Director, Marketing and Motorsport, Yamaha Motor Europe

"The concept behind the national R7 Cups and the R7 Series European SuperFinale is different to that of our other racing series, in that they are not designed specifically for young racers looking to progress up the racing ladder. Instead, they are designed to be cost effective and accessible for those riders who want to race primarily for fun or to step up after participating in track days. The goal is to create a series with a real community spirit, one that feels welcoming to riders whatever their age or background. A series and an event in which Dad can race alongside his kids, or friends can compete to finally prove who is the fastest. But while it's as much about enjoyment as it is about racing, we're sure that we're going to see some real competition on track as riders race to secure a place on the Yamaha R7 Series European SuperFinale grid at the end of the season!"2022 YAM R7 PRESS EU GYTR ACTION 002end bike test