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Dan Tanenbaum is a 41-year-old gentleman who resides in Canada. He’s an extraordinary chap who spends hundreds of hours making these exquisite works of art.

Dan takes old vintage watch parts and turns them into these miniature motorcycles, which unfortunately aren’t ride able, unless you’re the size of a Lego dude.

But we’d all love to have one on our mantel piece, right? However we’ve no idea how much they’ll cost, very expensive we’d imagine.

Sometimes people have too much time on their hands, ha, ha…






















The visiting team from Mick Grant a former champion and Isle of Man TT winner, had some notable riders to contest the three leg series held at the Aldo Scribante, Zwartkops and Kyalami tracks.

The Port Elizabeth 200 proved to be a runaway win by a clear 10 laps for Gary Johnson backed up by Parkins 1000cc BMW. Crowd attendance on the Saturday’s racing was fairly sparce but this didn’t stop the TT?legends parade or veteran racers from the Eastern province. Rodney Hiles coupled with Schroder from gaining a podium position on the day’s events.

By far the best attended race day was Zwartkops. The packed race schedule planned for the day took some inevitable delays as racing shunts played out to packed grandstands. A host of champions and former greats sampled a track that contained plenty of oil and rubber to cause the occasional missed heart beat for the veteran racers.

Sean Emmett, multiple UK?champion took home the top spot in the Day of Champions Race riding an ex-works 1984 Suzuki 500cc Grand Prix.

Notable riders like Scottish Champion Alan Dufus and Peter Labuschagne both on ultra-fast 1960 single cylinder bikes put up a good showing against the more powerful machines on race day to gain some silverware.

What was billed as another great day of champions at Kyalami became a major tragedy with the loss of two racers on the day in the brunch runner class where Warren Banfield and Marco Pugi both succumbed to their injuries. The start line mellé crash saw riders and bikes go in all directions as six racers crashed with the result that all ambulances were rapidly dispatched to local hospitals.

The passion for speed day suffered once again from various program delays. The Castrol Tourist Trophy was won by Allan Venter on a Yamaha 1100 ahead of series winner Les van Breda on a borrowed Honda 1100 while fast riding John Kosterman was third on a 1985 Suzuki GSX-R750cc. The small but loyal band of enthusiasts however got to watch the passing show in some glorious Highveld summer weather on the day.


1. For Paddy Driver and Jim Redman it all started in the mid 50’s going from track to track in Europe eeking out a living from GP?racing.



Now in its seventh year of running, the annual vintage and classic bike-racing bonanza for South Africa promises to be better than ever for enthusiasts. Zwartkops owner Peter du Toit and the entrepreneurial spirit of the race series says that the original events for four wheelers organised by the legendary David Piper has moved on to cover a major motorcycle component in the classic racing pageant. The first event will be held at Aldo?Scribante in Port Elizabeth on January the 26th. Historic racing will roll out two other must see events at the Zwartkops International race track on February 3rd followed by Kyalami on the 8th.

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