Suzuki GSX 150 SF query

GXRGood day Bill,

Thank you for the entertaining and informative review on the Gixxer 150! Love it! I had my eye on this bike for a while as a first bike for my wife. Your review came in the nick of time and I took the plunge.

In your review of the bike, you noted the possibility of tweaking the carb jetting, and also getting clever with the gearing. Could you possibly direct me to someone capable and knowledgeable who’d be able to assist me with such options without messing up the bike? I’m certainly not an expert on this, but I do know you don’t want anyone just fiddling with these aspects of your brand new bike.

I appreciate your feedback! Keep up the good work!


Anton Potgieter

Hi there, and thanks for the kind mail - hope you 'both' enjoy the 150 as much as we did.

If you live in Gauteng give our Dyno specialists a call, he'll know what to do? His name in Noddy (084 430 9090). 

Have fun...

  Bill Hunter










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