Toyota saved me

TOYOTAHi guys…

I’m not asking a question about my bike’s problems, instead I thought I’d tell you about a recent issue that I managed to fix.

I have a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet that broke a piston ring and subsequently damaged the piston irreparably. After many calls and searching throughout South Africa I could not find a replacement piston, which was irritating to say the least.

After a few beers in the pub, with piston in hand, my friend said he thinks he has one that looks very similar and might work. He owns a car spares store in Pretoria. So the next day I took it to him at the shop and he pulled out a piston from a brown paper bag.

To my surprise it was 99% identical except it was 1mm wider in diameter. So I took him the barrel, as it has plenty of ‘meat’ in/on the liner, and he bored it out to fit the piston with the correct clearance. I then put the bike back together and it has now ran perfectly for over a 1,000km.

The piston came from a Toyota Cressida and cost R350. Now how cool is that and I thought it would make an interesting article for your site.

Piet Stobaart.

Now that’s very interesting and thanks for your time and effort to let us know, and our readers too if they have the same problem. Well done.

Bill Hunter










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