Re: V-Strom 250 with bigger front sprocket

V STROM250Hello Bill,

I have a question about your review of the Suzuki V-Strom 250 which you fitted with a larger front chain sprocket.  The larger front sprocket would make the final gearing taller, meaning that for any given true speed, the engine (and therefore the gearbox & speedo sensor) would turn slower meaning the indicated speed would be closer to the real speed.  Your figures show the speedo error gets worse with the bigger front sprocket.  Could you have some of the figures in the wrong places?

I'm particularly interested in your article because I  have friends and family all over Australia and I'm looking for a bike with long legs and economy rather than fast acceleration.

I look forward to your reply, Regards Robin.


Hi Robin

Figures are correct as we used an accurate Racelogic Performance Box device.

The 'gap' is about the same but the bike did go faster and therefore revs less at any given speed. I would certainly change the front sprocket. Also, we're at 1500m altitude, which saps power to around 18%, so I'm sure at sea-level the bike will certainly need the gearing to be higher.

Fuel consumption will also be better at any given rpm, which is excellent to start with...










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