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Honda launches RoadSync App in South Africa

Honda RoadSync Vertical Logo Black LHonda Motor Southern Africa is pleased to announce the launch of the Honda Road Sync app, a mobile application designed to enhance the riding experience for motorcyclists.

This innovative app is set to revolutionize how riders interact with their motorcycles, providing seamless connectivity, enhanced safety, and unprecedented convenience.

The Honda RoadSync app exemplifies Honda's dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology with the exhilaration of motorcycle riding. Tailored for Honda's latest models namely the 2024 Honda XL750 Transalp and Honda CB750 Hornet, the app allows riders to manage essential smartphone functions without compromising safety.

The Honda RoadSync app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is available for download from the respective app stores. Riders can easily connect their smartphones to their motorcycles via Bluetooth, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

2023 Service Honda RoadSync Meter image Call L
The new RoadSync App interacts with Honda's Smartphone Voice Control System, a standard   feature on both the 2024 Honda XL750 Transalp and Honda CB750 Hornet models. The system allows the rider to control their smartphone via Bluetooth® connectivity.

Riders can pair the Honda RoadSync app seamlessly with a smartphone.

The download of the "Honda RoadSync app", the pairing of the motorcycle with a smartphone and the use of a Bluetooth® headset attached to the helmet (with audio input) allows the rider to:

Easily navigate to preferred places and local points of interest

Make and receive phone calls

Receive and reply to SMS text messages

2023 Service Honda RoadSync Meter image Music L

Listen to music via their favorite streaming app

Receive up-to-date local weather information and when using the navigation, checking weather data of the destination

All functions of the app are operated by a combination of voice commands and the switch unit on the left side of the handlebars. This allows the rider to store his smartphone safely while in use.

Features available in the app include:


Google Maps forms the basis for the navigation of the "Honda RoadSync App".
The directions are transmitted to the driver via voice output. Five preset favorite places can be saved. In addition, it is possible to, set a target by voice command.


Five frequently used contacts can be saved, which can be selected by voice search. In the case of incoming calls, the system transmits the name of the caller to the driver via narrator.


There are five standard quick messages stored that can be converted to personalized messages. The driver can select a contact by voice search and then send them an SMS message by voice input. Incoming messages are transmitted to the driver via voice over. Supported messenger apps include WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


The driver can select a favorite music app (Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.) in the settings of the Honda RoadSync App before they set off on the ride.


Local weather data can be checked for the next hour, the next 3 hours or the next 5 hours. When using navigation, a detailed prediction for the destination is also available.

The integration of the RoadSync app reinforces Honda’s commitment to road safety.

The Honda RoadSync app, developed by Honda, will be phased in across South Africa, starting in June 2024.

*Honda reserves the right to further develop its technology in the future, to respond to the changing needs of customers and evolving models.

More details about and the Honda RoadSync App and the Honda Smartphone Voice Control.
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