Roof of Africa Hard Enduro has revised it dates for 2024

roof 00Originally scheduled for November 6th to 9th, the organizers received valuable input from participants, particularly school and university-age riders, urging a reconsideration of the dates to better accommodate their participation. Recognizing the importance of these young riders in shaping the future of the sport, the organizers undertook thorough discussions with stakeholders to find a suitable resolution.
"It has always been our intention to ensure the Roof of Africa remains an inclusive and internationally renowned event," said Ross Whitehead, Event & Operations Manager of the Roof of Africa organizing committee. "We understand the significance of catering to the diverse needs of our community, from top-tier athletes to local enthusiasts, and finding the right balance is paramount."roof 02
The revised dates aim to strike a balance between accommodating the broader riding community, including participants in the Hard Enduro World Championship and Super Enduro World Championship, while ensuring the event remains competitive and challenging for all involved.
"We acknowledge that there are no perfect dates, and one of our concerns which still remain is that the later we have Roof it in the year there will always be a higher risk of summer rains but this is beyond our control and the community has spoken for 2024," added Ross Whitehead. "in saying that ,we believe that the November 28th to 30th window offers the best compromise for our diverse community of riders for this year." We will definitely be doing a in-depth date survey later this year to see what dates suite all the stakeholders for 2025 and beyond.  roof 03
 The Roof of Africa organizing committee expresses its gratitude to the riding community for their invaluable feedback and understanding during this process. They assure participants that they are fully committed to delivering an exceptional event in 2024, and efforts are underway to ensure every aspect of the Roof of Africa exceeds expectations.
As preparations continue, the organizing committee encourages the riding community to rally behind the Roof of Africa 2024, demonstrating their unwavering support as the event approaches.

Entries will be opening soon and places will be limited so hurry and get yours done to make sure you don't miss out.
For further updates and information, please visit where we are about to launch the refreshed 2024 entries and info pages.roof 04