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MY24 450SR SStriking the perfect balance between performance and everyday riding comfort

Engineered to excite, the CFMOTO 450SR S brings race-bike energy to real-world users. Aerodynamic design, explosive power, and adjustable suspension combine to provide an unbridled riding experience. Compared to the CFMOTO 450SR, the 450SR S features the following stand-out features;

Single-side swingarm

Upgraded front wings

Underslung exhaust system

Upgraded 240mm rear brake disc

Upgraded 37mm upside-down front fork with adjustable damping

5-inch TFT display

Traction Control System as standard

MY24 450SR S 6 

Ergonomics and Handling

Inspired by CFMOTO’s racing efforts, the 450SR S boasts a racy design with functional aerodynamics. 
Upfront, the hollow-design fairing resembles a shark fin, improving heat dissipation and allowing for cooler air to circulate the engine. A single-sided swingarm and under-slung exhaust system further enhance the visual appeal, while keeping weight low.

This, paired with its low 179 kg curb weight, means the CFMOTO 450SR S is easy to handle in traffic, but agile and quick to steer at the track.MY24 450SR S 2


Driven forward by a 449.5cc parallel twin-cylinder producing 34.5 kW/9250 rpm and 39.3 Nm/7750 rpm, the CFMOTO 450SR S is well suited to fast blasts around the track or along mountain passes. 

Thanks in part to a 270° crankshaft angle, and a double-balance shaft arrangement, engine vibration is kept to a minimum for a more comfortable ride. A 14L fuel tank capacity also increases the maximum cruising range to 300 km.MY24 450SR S 4

Chassis, Brakes, and Suspension

Taking its inspiration from the track means the CFMOTO 450SR S handles like a true race machine. Premium components such as 37 mm upside-down front suspension featuring adjustable damping allow a personalized riding experience.

The CFMOTO 450SR S also features upgraded brakes, with a 240 mm, dual-piston brake on the rear. This complements the already potent front Brembo setup and works with the standard ABS to ensure there is no loss of grip or locking up during hard braking maneuvers.MY24 450SR S 5

Rider Aids

The CFMOTO 450SR S features an advanced traction control system for improved safety. This works by limiting rear-wheel slip in low traction situations, while a slipper clutch provides a lighter clutch feel and easier shifting. This also allows riders to use the gearbox more effectively when gearing down into a corner, without any concern about the rear wheel locking up.

Automatic headlights are also fitted as standard, ensuring you’re never caught in the dark, with ESS emergency braking lights also included for added on-road visibility.MY24 450SR S 8