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2023 Bike of the Year.

CEK 0656 copyWelcome to 2024 and more importantly the release of many new and exciting motorcycles from all manufacturers.

However, we rode many new bikes during 2023 and guess what we decided to choose as our 2023 ‘Bike of the Year’ during that time? Well it’s the Suzuki DS 250 SX!CEK 0693 1

A bit of a shock to many, we’d imagine, but for what it has to offer, and at the price of only R59,250, we have no regrets in offering our supreme accolade.

The DS 250 SX feels much bigger than a ‘mere’ 250cc should making many onlookers think it is indeed a larger capacity motorcycle than the badge says. It’s also extremely comfortable on the road and will cruise happily all-day long at the legal speed limit. This fuel-injected, oil-cooled, engine will deliver an amazing 400km +/- range from its 12-litre tank too – ideal with today’s horrendous fuel prices.IMG 9710

We also enjoyed its off-road abilities with its ‘beefy’ suspension and equally tough build quality, a true and hyper-reliable mini-adventure bike on all counts. And finally just look at it – a very attractive motorcycle for sure, confirmed by everyone who saw and admired the little V-Strom.IMG 0157

We couldn’t recommend a test ride more if you’re after a new, affordable, economical, cool-looking motorbike for daily commuting or weekend off-road fun antics. If you do indeed already own one, which many do with well over 300 sales already, then well done folks, you’ve chosen the right bike from 2023 – according to ‘us’ that is. Now let’s see what 2024 has to offer…

Go to www.suzukimotorcycle.co.za to book a test ride today and more technical information.IMG 9727