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Setting the Trend for a New Era of Sportbikes

The Suzuki GSX-8R introduces an exciting new expression of sportbike appeal, performance andriding pleasure. Controllable, agile, and designed to satisfy, whether riding around town orheading out for a sporty run through winding mountain roads on the weekend, the GSX-8R isdestined to appeal strongly to customers across a wide range of ages and levels of experience.The GSX-8R joins the GSX-S series, featuring superbike looks that evoke anticipation of ridingpleasure combined with satisfying sports performance, reassuring controllability and optimizedcomfort.The GSX-8R builds on the solid engineering advances. At the core is Suzuki’s new-generationparallel twin 776cm3 DOHC engine with the frame built around it to form a perfect package. Every aspect of the design is geared to delivering a satisfying experience to riders who desire more power than the 650cm3 class can deliver, who aspire to riding a bike with the sharp styling of a thoroughbred sportbike, and who desire a satisfying ride that is reassuring and reliable. The chassis and free-revving engine respond faithfully in a nonassertive fashion that makes the rider’s style and preferences the focus of riding pleasure on every outing. Riders can easily tap its full potential and enjoy an exhilarating ride they will continue to enjoy for many years. Wrapped in the unique styling of a thoroughly modern interpretation of Suzuki’s sportbike heritage, the GSX-8R features an aggressive, mass-forward look that is slim, compact, well balanced, and ready for action.

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The New Standard of Sport

The product concept “The New Standard of Sport” is intended to convey how the GSX-8R combinespractical real-world performance, rider-friendly controllability and advanced equipment features withcutting-edge sportbike styling. Designed to appeal to riders of all ages and skill levels, the GSX-8R brings the fun of riding a sportbike to every outing, whether commuting to work or school, taking a quick trip to the local shops, or heading out for an exhilarating run through winding mountain roads. The harmonious pairing of Suzuki’s parallel twin engine with an optimized chassis layout offers riders power, handling, and comfort that faithfully follows their will and puts them in full control. The GSX-8R introduces a thoroughly modern design expression that celebrates functional beauty backed by exciting yet forgiving performance. The sharp lines of its advanced styling is about to set the trend for an exciting new generation of Suzuki sportbikes. With progressive features ranging from its parallel twin engine, robust frame, separate forged aluminum handlebars, uniquely shaped aluminum swingarm, inverted front forks, dual front disc brakes with four piston radial-mount calipers, LED lighting and color TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel, to advanced electronic control systems that include Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, Suzuki Traction Control System, the Bi-Directional Quick Shift system and the Ride-by-Wire Electronic Throttle System, the GSX-8R is a sportbike destined to lead the way toward an exciting new era of riding pleasure.GSX800FRQM4 press information 5


Engine Features:

  • 776cm3 parallel twin DOHC engine delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and the pleasant feeling of free-revving performance through to the high end.
  • The 270-degree crankshaft configuration provides power delivery characteristics and a pleasing sound similar to that of the model’s V-twin brethren.
  • The Suzuki Cross Balancer is a patented biaxial primary balancer that contributes to smooth operation and a compact, lightweight engine design.
  • Long-reach iridium spark plugs help enhance combustion efficiency.
  • Cooling system inlet control helps maintain consistent engine temperature and eliminate rough idle while warming the engine in cold weather.
  • The electronic throttle bodies help achieve faithful response and a linear feeling to throttle action.
  • The 2-into-1 exhaust system features a dual-stage catalytic converter inside the collector that helps satisfy Euro 5 emissions standards and a striking short design.
  • The six-speed transmission realizes smooth shifting and improved controllability.
  • Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) helps reduce fatigue on long rides and contributes to smoother shifting.
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SUZUKI Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) Features:

  • Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS) better supports the rider in matching performance to the conditions of the riding scene, road conditions, or preferred riding style.
  • Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) with 3 mode settings (+ OFF) enables greater control over the bike’s behavior under diverse riding conditions.
  • Suzuki’s ride-by-wire electronic throttle control system realizes throttle action that responds faithfully to the rider’s every intention.
  • Suzuki’s Bi-directional Quick Shift System (with ON/OFF settings) provides quicker, smoother, more assured shifting without operating the clutch lever while in motion.
  • The ABS system contributes to stable braking by helping prevent the wheels from locking up, even under hard braking.
  • The Suzuki Easy Start System starts the engine with one quick press of the starter button.
  • Suzuki’s Low RPM Assist function helps maintain engine idle speed for smoother and easier starts.\GSX800FRQM4 press information 57

Chassis Features:

  • Rugged steel frame contributes to comfort, straight-line stability and nimble handling.
  • Forged aluminum separate handlebars contribute to positive control and a sporty riding position.
  • The windscreen was purposefully developed to help reduce fatigue on long rides.
  • Dual four-piston radial mount front disc brake calipers act on ø310mm discs to provide sure stopping power and controllability.
  • Cast aluminum wheels featuring a unique design contribute to nimble handling and a sporty appearance.
  • Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport2 tires contribute to nimble, predictable handling and sporty performance.
  • Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) SFF-BP* (Separate Function Fork – Big Piston) inverted front forks deliver a smooth, controllable ride. *SFF-BP is a registered trademark of Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.
  • Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) link-type rear suspension contributes to agility and stability.
  • Features a uniquely shaped lightweight aluminum swingarm with enhanced torsional rigidity that contributes to nimble handling and straight-line stability.
  • The 14L fuel tank features a stunning slim design.
  • Cowl (frame) mounted headlight assembly contributes to agility and neutral steering feel.
  • The rider’s seat is designed for comfortable sport riding, delivering solid support and shaped to offer freedom of movement.
  • New cowl-mounted mirrors enhance aerodynamic performance and wind protection.

Electric Equipment Features:

  • Custom 5-inch color TFT LCD multi-function instrument panel displays a wealth of information in clearly legible fashion.
  • Vertically stacked hexagonal LED headlights topped by an LED position light provide a clear view of the road ahead and enhance the sharp looks and bold presence of the front cowl.
  • The LED rear combination light features a distinctive design.
  • The turn signals adopt LEDs, which are highly visible and feature long life.GSX800FRQM4 press information 30