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While sharing its core elements with the other models in the GSX-S series, the GSX-S1000GX introduces new features and advanced functions that give it a unique position as Suzuki’s new crossover proposition. 

Like the GSX-S1000GT, it features the superbike-level performance, confidence-inspiring controllability, optimized comfort, connectivity and attention to detail one expects of a premium sport touring experience. 

Though both the GX and GT belong to the GSX-S series, the differences are also significant. The GX features a longer suspension stroke that contributes to its extended front and rear wheel travel, increased ground clearance and comfortable upright riding position. Furthermore, it achieves a whole new level of suspension performance by introducing Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES) —Suzuki’s first electronic suspension —and by adopting Suzuki’s original new Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization (SRAS) system. These technologies combine to make the GX comfortable and controllable on road surfaces ranging from urban asphalt and cobblestones to paved country and winding mountain roads. 

The result is an exciting new crossover machine that sits comfortably between the sport tourers and adventure tourers. While delivering the aggressive superbike performance and sporty looks that distinguishes the GSX-S series, the GX also provides long-distance touring comfort thanks in part to its upright riding position and equipment features. Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES), the integrated riding modes and control provided by Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-α) and other advanced systems help ensure comfort and controllability, even on cobblestones and other less than ideal road surfaces. This new model is well worthy of taking its place as the king of crossover touring comfort and riding pleasure, with a level of aggressive-looking supersport styling and attention to detail that will resonate soundly with discerning riders. 

Suzuki 1

“The Supreme Sport Crossover” 

The product concept, “The Supreme Sport Crossover”, envisions the GX’s role in the lineup as a new model that represents Suzuki’s vision of what a luxury crossover bike should offer. Strategically combining the best attributes of the GSX-S1000GT grand tourer and V-STROM 1050 sport adventure tourer, this new model offers riders the versatility of a bike built to be comfortable and easy to control and equally adept at satisfying the rider’s needs and mood, whether enjoying an aggressive sport run or touring long distances on most any kind of road the rider chooses to take. 


Styling features: 

  • The styling aims to embody the concept of Suzuki’s first luxury crossover model. 
  • Thoroughly modern design that speaks of aggressive superbike-level performance skillfully blended with grand touring elegance and the tall, upright riding position and long-legged proportions of an adventure tourer. 
  • New front cowl features a sharp nose that culminates at the compact LED low-beam headlight, with compact LED position lights running along the sides forming a sharp pair of “eyes”. 
  • The contrasting coloring and upswept lines of the cowl’s side panels create an aggressive yet sophisticated look that complements the tall seating position. 
  • Exposed side rails and gold-colored front forks and rear suspension motor unit contrast with the blacked-out muffler and engine to emphasize the long-legged nature of this crossover design. 
  • The lineup of three availably body colors were carefully selected to convey the model’s appeal. 
  • A custom ignition key sporting the GX logo on a gold background adds an extra touch of luxury. 

suzuki 2

Engine features: 

  • High-performance 999cm3 four-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC inline-four engine delivers smooth, consistently powerful output throughout its wide power band. 
  • The engine’s broad, smooth torque curve and power delivery reduces fatigue when touring at highway speeds, while also delivering powerful acceleration when desired. 
  • The 4-2-1 exhaust system is tuned to feature powerful resonance while delivering a pleasing exhaust sound, while also satisfying Euro 5 emissions standards. 
  • Electronic throttle bodies help achieve an optimal balance between idling speed control and power output characteristics, while also contributing to Euro 5 compliance. 
  • The air cleaner box reduces intake resistance and provides a pleasing intake sound. 
  • The exhaust and intake cam profiles provide a fine balance of performance and controllability. 
  • Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) contributes to smooth shifting and realizes a light touch to clutch lever operation that helps reduce fatigue on long rides, especially when caught in busy traffic.

Chassis features: 

  • Compact, lightweight chassis is engineered to ably support the engine’s superbike-level of performance and provide maximum control and comfort when riding for long distances on most any kind of road. 
  • The twin-spar aluminum frame is built to deliver nimble handling and great road holding ability that will go the distance. 
  • Exposed seat rails feature secure side case attachment points and a design allows for thicker, more comfortable seats for the rider and passenger. 
  • The aluminum swingarm provides great road holding ability, contributes to stability in high-speed corners and features the strength to withstand heavy loads. 
  • Handlebars featuring a wider grip and optimized position closer to the rider contribute to a comfortable upright riding position that reduces fatigue when touring or enjoying a sporty ride. 
  • Attractive 6-spoke cast aluminum wheels contribute to nimble handling, stability and all-round sporty performance. 
  • Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 radial tires (120/70ZR17 at the front; 190/50ZR17 at the rear) are designed to perform optimally, provide sure grip and deliver the right combination of agility and stability. 
  • 4-piston Brembo mono-block front brake calipers mated with ø310mm floating-mount twin discs deliver strong, reliable braking performance. 
  • The standard-equipment rear carrier is handy and practical for carrying extra gear, while its integrated grab bars provide the passenger with a firm grip that makes riding more comfortable. 
  • Suzuki Advanced Electronic Suspension (SAES) leverages Hitachi Astemo (SHOWA) SFF-CA™ inverted telescopic front forks and a BFRC-lite® link-type mono-shock rear shock deliver a comfortable and controllable. 
  • Suzuki Floating Ride Control (SFRC) improves maneuverability and comfort by helping to keep the seat and handlebars stable while the wheels and tires absorb the bumps on the road. 
  • Measures to reduce vibration such as the floating handlebars and rubber-covered footrests, contribute to a more relaxing and less tiring touring experience. 
  • Both the rider and pillion seats feature a new cushion construction that helps maximize comfort on long rides. 
  • The 3-step height adjustable touring windscreen protects the rider to offer greater comfort and less fatigue on long rides. 
  • Standard-equipment knuckle covers protect the rider’s hands from the elements and lend a look of tough, go-anywhere crossover touring performance.


  • Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-α) offers integrated riding modes that provide the right balance of control and comfort under a wide variety of riding situations. 
  • Smart TLR Control integrates the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) with Lift Limiter and Roll Torque Control, enabling the rider to better control the bike under diverse and varying conditions. 
  • Active Damping Control offers four electronically controlled damping settings –Hard, Medium, Soft and a customizable User setting –to best match the SDMS-α riding modes or the rider’s chosen preference. 
  • Suzuki Road Adaptive Stabilization (SRAS) activates automatically when riding on cobblestones or other uneven surfaces to provide a smoother ride with softer, more controllable throttle response. 
  • Electronic rear suspension preload settings offer a choice of four modes to match the load requirements of the moment. 
  • Ride-by-wire Electronic Throttle System gives greater controllability over the engine and helps harness that power effectively. 
  • Bi-directional Quick Shift System provides quicker, smoother, more assured upshifts and downshifts without operating the clutch lever. 
  • Smart Cruise Control continues to operate when using the Bi-directional Quick Shift system’s clutch-free shifting, reducing fatigue and making the GX easier to operate on long rides. 
  • By intervening to control brake pressure while braking through corners, the Motion Track Brake System helps the rider better trace their intended line through the corner. 
  • Slope Dependent Control provides more stable braking by monitoring the bike’s posture and optimizing ABS to match the grade and prevent rear wheel lift when travelling downhill. 
  • Suzuki Easy Start System starts the engine with just one quick press of the starter button, even without pulling in the clutch lever when the transmission is in neutral. 
  • Low RPM Assist helps ensure smoother starts when pulling away from a standing start or riding at low speeds. 

suzuki 3

Electric Equipment features: 

  • The 6.5-inch full-color TFT LCD multi-function display features a scratch-resistant surface, an anti-reflective coating, and support for displaying smartphone app content. 
  • Smartphone connectivity in conjunction with the free SUZUKI mySPIN app provides easy access to contacts, maps, music, phone, and calendar functions. 
  • USB outlet for charging the rider’s smartphone is built into the left side of the TFT LCD instrument screen. 
  • A vertically stacked pair of distinctive hexagonal LED headlights creates a sharp look with unique character that makes the front end look light and ready for action. 
  • Sharp-looking compact LED position lights running along the sides of front cowl on an upswept angle add to the distinctive look of the front face. 
  • The LED rear combination light employs a design that emphasizes the stylish lines of the tail.