MV Agusta LXP Orioli

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There is no greater or rarer luxury than the total freedom to travel, explore and experience without setting any limits. MV Agusta celebrates this concept by presenting the world’s first luxury all-terrain motorcycle - the LXP Orioli.

Produced as a limited run of just 500, this new model is a tribute to Italian motorcycling legend Edi Orioli who, wearing the iconic Lucky Explorer colors of green, red, and white, became a symbol of adventure riding in the 1990s, dominating the world rally scene. As well as being numbered, every motorcycle produced will be personally signed by Edi Orioli, making each a unique piece to ride and collect.

The LXP Orioli positions in the luxury motorcycle segment for its equipment, technical features, choice of materials and attention to detail, ensuring the utmost comfort and first-rate performance both on and off-road.


The engine is the new 931 cc three-cylinder, developed entirely in Varese. Development was guided by the vocation of a model like the LXP Orioli, which must offer outstanding performance and adapt to a wide variety of riding contexts. The new three-cylinder is powerful, rich in torque, versatile in delivery and particularly lightweight at just 57 kg, which makes it 10% lighter on average than its direct competition. In its standard version, the engine delivers 124 hp at 10,000 rpm and 

102 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm; specific power is 133 hp/liter and 85% of the torque is already available at just 3,000 rpm.  

The crankcase and lubrication and cooling systems are completely new, while significant changes have been made to the crank gear, ignition - now even more robust - and the gearbox, which is extractable. The timing system flaunts a double overhead camshaft design, and the cams are DLC coated, a feature typical of sports bikes. The engine is liquid-cooled, and the crankshaft is counter-rotating, a technical solution that is unique in its category and for which the MV Agusta three-cylinders have always stood out, ever since the presentation of the first 675 cc model. This translates into vastly improved riding, the reduced inertia facilitating the changes of direction. Vibration has been further reduced with the countershaft, while the hydraulic clutch ensures smooth operation even in extreme riding conditions. The exhaust system is designed and developed to optimize the performance of the 950 engine and intensify the aggressive sound.

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The LXP Orioli can count on a particularly advanced 6-axis inertial platform, which interfaces with the on-board electronics, comprising the engine control unit complete with high-frequency processor. The Full Ride by Wire is based on torque management strategies, while the available maps - Urban, Touring, Off-Road and Custom All-Terrain - are specifically developed to ensure appropriate delivery and ideal adjustment of the electronic controls in different conditions of use. Traction control, which can be disabled, boasts five levels of intervention for road use, two for off-road use and a Rain mode to guarantee maximum safety even in adverse riding conditions. The engine brake offers two levels, which can be adjusted independently from the selected Riding Mode: level 1 is with reduced engine brake, level 2 is with full engine brake.

As well as ensuring a high level of safety through the turns, the Cornering ABS incorporates RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-Up Mitigation), with a strategy that is unique in its category, as well as other off-road-specific functions, such as the option to deactivate it fully or only at the rear wheel. 

The ABS system has also been specifically developed to operate efficiently with both knobby and road tires.

The cutting-edge technology extends to the twist grip that, as with the entire three-cylinder range, is complete with counter rotation. This is important in order to heighten feeling and guarantee the smooth disabling of cruise control. The latter can be set by speed increments or decrements of 1 km/h or 5 km/h at a time. The key management system is fully Keyless.

In terms of its quality and comprehensiveness, the instrumentation is inspired by the world of premium cars, with its extensive options for connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the HD resolution of the 7” color TFT panel and its adjustable brightness. There are two graphics to choose between, depending on personal preference. Common to the entire range, the MV Ride app allows the rider to connect a smartphone, set up turn-by-turn navigation, save itineraries and riding data, and share this data with other users in the community. The MV Ride app even allows the user to program their LXP Orioli via smartphone before they start the engine. And the Mobisat anti-theft device with integrated geolocation comes as standard on the LXP Orioli.

Standard equipment aboard the LXP Orioli also includes full LED front and rear lighting for perfect visibility in all conditions. To further improve the user experience, the handlebar controls are backlit with LED lights.





The LXP Orioli flaunts the iconic perimeter frame, produced in an alloy that is lighter thanks to the optimization of thicknesses, with removable rear sub-frame. The closed double cradle design with optimized stiffness values offers the ideal balance in different situations, whether this is two-up road touring or pure off-roading. The aluminum alloy swing-arm is chill-cast. The Sachs fork is fully adjustable in compression, rebound, and spring preload, for wheel travel of 210 mm, while the adjustable Sachs mono shock guarantees travel of 210 mm and is connected to the suspension with a progressive link system.

The seat is height-adjustable according to two positions (850 mm and 870 mm), adapting to different contexts and riders. Both the form and material of the padding have been developed to ensure comfort and support, on and off-road. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques, the external cover guarantees comfort, durability, and impermeability in the most extreme riding conditions.

A good 230 mm of ground clearance helps the rider tackle the hidden dangers of off-road riding. The wheelbase is 1,610 mm, while the wheel diameters are typical of an enduro bike with off-road vocation, 21” at the front and 18” at the rear. The motorcycle is homologated for use with Bridgestone tires, both road and knobby. 

The brakes are supplied by Brembo, with Stylema front calipers on 320 mm discs and a two-piston caliper with 265 mm disc at the rear. 

Aerodynamic research has allowed for the creation of a ‘calm zone’ around the rider and passenger that protects against any bothersome turbulence, for an even more comfortable journey. Ergonomics were prioritized right from the start with the LXP project, the contact points (footpegs, handlebar and seat) studied to ensure all the comfort the rider and passenger require for long-range travel, even with luggage, and provide the off-road efficiency needed to control the bike in more critical situations, when the rider’s knees help to control the vehicle for example.


The LXP Orioli stands out for its crash bars, aluminum engine guard and additional lights, equipment that adds significant value during everyday use, whether on or off-road, while boosting the bike’s overall rally aesthetic. Offering excellent performance on all types of terrain, the LXP Orioli mounts the off-road-inspired Bridgestone Battlax AX41 tires as standard, while the Bridgestone Battlax A41 tires are homologated for pure road use. The tubeless rims, directly derived from the world of hard-enduro, are complete with machined-from-solid hubs. The comprehensive range of standard equipment aboard the LXP Orioli is rounded out with MV Agusta-branded rigid aluminum side cases, which also accentuate the bike’s luxury adventure spirit. With a capacity of 39 l and 32 l (exhaust side), the cases feature the rapid-release and push block systems.

The LXP Orioli comes with a kit containing the homologated titanium exhaust, co-designed and developed by MV Agusta and Termignoni, which is paired with a carbon fiber end cap and heat shield for a total weight saving of more than 4 kg. 

Presented in a special box, the kit also contains the motorcycle cover and certificate of authenticity. 


The LXP Orioli was born in the historic CRC style center, owned by MV Agusta and based in San Marino, where the best designers in the sector have been creating some of the world’s most beautiful bikes for decades.

The LXP Orioli stands out for its elegant Pearl White colorway that adorns the fairings and front fender, while select details flaunt the colors of the historic sponsor with which Edi Orioli dominated the rallying scene in the 90s. 

The central section of the bike is in Carbon-Metallic Black, as is most of the seat, though the white of the fairings makes an appearance on the sides.

The 500 units of the LXP Orioli will start to be delivered to customers starting from the end of first quarter 2024.

MV Ride app 

Like all MV Agusta motorcycles, the LXP Orioli incorporates the free MV Ride app, which has been significantly revised and updated to make it even more efficient and advanced in terms of connectivity. It is now possible to enter a destination and view turn-by-turn directions on the color TFT display, while data acquisition is always operational when on the move. The experience begins before the engine is even switched on and can be relived at the end of the journey, enabling the rider to view acceleration, speed, lean angle, and throttle activity data. The user can add to the experience by uploading photos of their day to share with other users of the MV Ride app. The various MV Ride app options include the possibility to customize the vehicle response via the Custom map, which can be renamed as desired and even shared with other users of the ecosystem. It is, for example, possible to create a “Tuscany” map that can then be shared with other motorcyclists, thereby creating a community. Anti-theft geolocation is included free of charge for the first year.