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New connected TFT meters for the best-selling MT-07 & MT-125

3gakXWlca4NBw4HLlvgB mWith their brutal no-compromise styling, muscular chassis designs and thrilling torque-rich crossplane engine technology, it’s no surprise that Yamaha’s Hyper Naked models have established themselves as the best-selling models in their respective categories.

Inspired by the alternative biking culture characterized by the Dark Side of Japan philosophy, the MT range has achieved 10 years of continued success in the European market. With over 420.000 sold, these Yamaha Hyper Nakeds have created their very own subculture of MT riders who have been inspired by their raw appeal and the ability to deliver stunning real-world performance.2OI pOrra3 8 n2 7zcF4fDelivering an impressive mix of super agile handling, outstanding acceleration and uncompromising attitude, the MT line up covers the whole segment from 125cc through to 1000cc, offering a seamless step-up for every rider of any age.

For 2023 this outstandingly successful range is reinforced with higher specification versions of the MT-07 and MT-125. The full lineup is completed with the iconic MT-09 & MT-09 SP and the remarkable MT-10 & MT-10 SP – the most powerful Yamaha Hyper Naked.6bkMKaIU4AQ9tMOXqmC HN2023 MT-07:

New full-colour TFT meter with smartphone connectivity

Having been at the top of the sales charts for a decade, the MT-07 needs little introduction. Suffice to say that the original concept of a torque-rich engine combined with a compact and agile chassis finished off with muscular bodywork has remained fundamentally the same – showing that

Yamaha’s designers got it right first time.DIhgqCSxKFN9UvnNUg5PbKMT-07’s core values are much appreciated by Europe’s riders and with sales of over 160.000, this machine is one of the most successful Yamaha motorcycles of all time. Since the original model was introduced in 2014 it has evolved gradually to match the requirements of the market, but Yamaha has always been careful to ensure that the pure and undiluted design of this remarkable middleweight retains its essential character.0PsnmWIDaEB8q6j4MPVnxbDual theme 5-inch full-colour TFT meter

The 2023 MT-07 features a range of upgrades that enhance the package while remaining true to the basic concept that’s loved by so many riders. The most significant upgrade is the new 5-inch full-colour TFT display that provides a choice of two different screen themes. The Street Theme is a more modern looking layout with a bar-type tachometer at the top and digital speedo and gear selection readouts – while the Touring Theme has a more conventional circular analogue-style tachometer on the right of the screen and digital speedometer on the left.AWplrGqeaHgA9q04oynbfgSmartphone connectivity with MyRide app

By downloading Yamaha’s free MyRide app to their smartphone, riders can connect with the communication control unit on latest MT-07 via Bluetooth® and view incoming call, email and message notifications on the new TFT meter.

If set up accordingly, the system can also notify the rider of any technical issue that may be detected on the MT-07 and can transmit a notification via email to a motorcycle dealer or any other contact that has been designated by the rider.

MyRide app also offers many other useful functions including monitoring all key parameters of the bike, tracking the route taken, as well as recording the distance covered, acceleration, top speed, lean angle and much more. Data can be shared on social media, compared and discussed with other Yamaha Hyper Naked riders on some of the many internet forums and social media groups.AlF7qkb 4sE8bWk w7it46Pre-wired for easy quickshifter fitment

Yamaha’s comprehensive Genuine Accessories line includes numerous stylistic, comfort and performance products that the MT-07 rider can select to upgrade and personalize their machine. To facilitate the fitment of a quickshifter, the latest MT-07 is prewired with the necessary electronics, making it quick and easy to benefit from the thrilling acceleration and seamless gear changes offered by this new Yamaha Genuine Accessory.