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2023 KTM MX South Africa Launch.

IMG 8650We were invited to a very posh and extravagant launch of the 2023 MX range, just outside of Pretoria, on a very cold day. Bill went along for the brief, as there was absolutely no chance of him riding because his aged body would disintegrate in this environment; still, this is what he had to say…

After listening to the presentation of the new 2023 KTM MX range, of both two-stroke and four-stoke machines, I was wide-eyed. The things these new MX bikes now offer were seen only on super bikes of the past, and not that long ago either. Quick-shifters (both up and down the gearbox), variable power modes, launch control, traction control and other stuff I forgot about are amazing attributes for ‘mere’ Motocross motorcycles, right?IMG 8658The world has certainly moved on in this aggressive form of motorcycle racing and way above anything I could appreciate, if I chose to ride, which I did not. They also looked stunning as well, and it even seemed a shame to get them dirty and scratched.

With around 100kg, as the average weight, and the 450 spitting out a claimed 63hp these bikes are engineering marvels to say the least. Can you imagine those sorts of figures on a road bike? Unfortunately that is far from practical because these are serious and ‘real’ race ready MX bikes and need performance related maintenance to keep them at 100%.IMG 8654So the new 2023 range of two-strokes are – 300 SX, 250 SX and the 125 SX, all having an electric start, fuel injection and a new electronic power-valve. There’s also the 85/65/50 range for the kids, which weren’t on display.

In the four-stroke corner there’s the mighty 450 SX-F, 350 SX-F and the 250 SX-F.

All the above have new thinner (from the saddle) lighter bodywork, wider footrest’ (that everyone who rode seemed to like), new swing-arm and frame and heavily revised suspension. The new WP units can be adjusted ‘tool-free’, which I thought was a brilliant idea rather than searching for spanners and screwdrivers during pit stops.IMG 8651These new WP units are now relatively soft during the initial stroke and then magically transform into ‘super-stiff’ during the final part of the stroke for heavy landings, whilst coming down from 20m+ in the sky for example. All who I spoke to were commenting how impressive these new WP units are with a soft plush feel at the bottom of the stroke, making the riding less intense on their body parts. 

Yes I know I didn’t ride but I can totally appreciate how superb this new range of KTM MX bikes are, quite possibly the best money can buy after what I saw and heard? All of these new models are now appearing in dealers throughout South Africa, so drop into your local dealer to view them in the flesh, or plastic and metal, to be more precise.IMG 8656

Go to www.ktm.com to view the 2023 MX range and digest all the technical information, and to locate dealer locations throughout South Africa.end bike test