2021 Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa.

busa 21 main copyThere are many bikes featured in Sci-fi films. Some are weird concoctions of parts that resemble a motorcycle; others are just modified shop bought motorbikes to suit the Hollywood genre. All well and good and there’s nothing wrong with drooling over a ‘fantasy’ ride, but invariably a universe away from being practical.

busa 21 GROUP01However Spielberg and similar directors need only to look towards the Suzuki catalogue and pull out the new Hayabusa, because no other motorcycle has sci-fi essence radiating from its design and style. The Hayabusa, especially the new version we have here, is arguably a two-wheeled ‘space ship’ type of bike with distinctive curvy lines and an imposing presence, don’t you think?busa 21 GROUP02Well I most certainly do, and with a slight amount of bodywork and some alien inspired paintwork the new Hayabusa will happily glide into any new sci-fi inspired movie. Unfortunately I’m not about to become ‘the’ new hero in an epic space film but my time spent with this new Suzuki did make me feel like a bit of an interplanetary hero, and I’ll tell you why…busa 21 GROUP04My occasion with the new Hayabusa wasn’t a quick trip between Neptune and Uranus though (yes we all giggle when we mention the name of that planet); instead I had the pleasure of a few hundred kilometer spurt around Cape Town. Not a bad place to ride the new GSX 1300R to say the least. Once out of the main City, fast, open and smooth roads melt into the Hayabusa’s tyres as if they’d been made for each other in an orgasm of two-wheeled pleasure. Sorry for being a bit erotic there, but if you had the pleasure of both you’ll see where I’m coming from (sorry again and I’ll stop now).busa 21 GROUP06The 2021 Hayabusa just devours tarmac in such a relentless fashion that you never wish the road to end, well these Cape roads at least. Just sit in sixth gear and sweep through the long bends soaking up its stunning stability and revel in the stupendous beefy mid-range torque, this is where the new Hayabusa thrives and belongs.  busa 21 GROUP07It’s not a razor sharp turning machine like their GSX-R1000. Instead you’re riding a more refined motorcycle that tips more towards an effortless high-speed kilometer-gobbling monster than a track-day knee dragger. More akin to an Aston Martin DB rather than a Ferrari F-whatever, if you catch my drift? A gentlemen’s superbike without the frantic high-revving nature of the 1,000, but with at least 30% more torque, to make your day’s excursion more relaxed, well sort of.busa 21 GROUP08Don’t get me wrong the Hayabusa is still a missile in the right hands and will easily propel you towards 300kph if you desire, and of course dramatic acceleration to match.busa 21 GROUP09All down to the phenomenal 1,340cc, in-line, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled motor, producing a claimed 188hp and 150Nm of torque. Now let’s get one thing out of the air here, we all expected more, right? Rumours of turbos and 1,600cc were all dispelled with the release of the new Hayabusa, and myself like yourself were maybe a little disappointed. Do not think the engine is the same though, oh no, it’s riddled with new components to make the engine even stronger that it already was, and therefore even more reliable. Stronger bearings, pistons and the like have already got the closet drag racers twitching and frothing in their pants, and by now I bet there’re many producing well over 700hp with forced induction systems. But I’m here to relay the attributes of this astounding new engine and not how to blow it up.busa 21 GROUP10Quite simply it’s a two-wheeled masterpiece on all counts. Liquid smooth delivery in any gear just ‘throws’ the rider towards the horizon with that wealth of torque. It’s an addictive trait and makes high-speed power delivery, dare I say, too easy and effortless. In fact the 2021 Hayabusa is surprisingly easy to ride with its light clutch and throttle action. Not to mention one of the best quick-shifters I’ve ever had the pleasure of shifting, so I will. You start to forget about rpm and what the rev-counter says and just ride it, which says a bunch for the new and highly refined engine.busa 21 GROUP11Of course Suzuki have lathered the new bike with the best, and most advanced, electronics package they’ve ever placed on a road motorcycle to date. So much so that it can become a bit boring to write about, so check out their site for all that stuff and information. All relayed on the ‘similar’ clocks to the previous version, which I also adored as they’re so easy to read with just an instant glance. However, dropped between the middle of the two clocks is the new digital screen to view and adjust the riches of electronic options available. Basically there’re power modes, ride modes, anti-wheelie modes, engine braking modes, cornering ABS, linked brakes, and of course the conversational launch-control modes, more than enough to fiddle with? Personally I turned everything off and rode it like a Hayabusa should be ridden (keeping it real dude), but that’s just me and I still enjoy watching old TV quiz shows. busa 21 GROUP12So the engine is a peach but what about the chassis you ask, or should? Well again it’s fundamentally the same as the previous model, except for one major update. The new KYB suspension is so good that I never once thought I needed to adjust it, which is a tribute in itself. Sure the GSX 1300R Hayabusa is no lightweight at 264kg but once on the move it dissolves into a surprisingly rewarding package in the handling department. Sure it takes a firm hand, and a hint of bravery, to throw the big white beauty around at speed. On the other hand, and foot, you always feel secure and content and firmly adhered to the tarmac. In essence the new Hayabusa is just such a fookin’ nice place to be at any time and all of the time.

And that folks sums up the new R329,000 Hayabusa perfectly I think. It oozes quality in a fashion that nothing else on the market in this class can copy. It’s so much more than ‘just’ a bit of ‘icing’ thrown onto the previous model. I came away from my Cape adventure full of affection for Suzuki’s new machine and I can fully appreciate what the Suzuki engineers have done and why. It looks impressively theatrical and like nothing else money can buy. I’m unimpressively theatrical and we gelled like a Hollywood space inspired love story – so let me leave you with this accompanying song…busa 21 GROUP13

Images: Chris Kuun.

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