2021 Suzuki GSX-150 SF.


GSX 150 SF mainIf you hadn’t already read what model, or to be more specific what the capacity is, I’d guarantee you wouldn’t have guessed the actual engine size? A question I asked many inquisitive onlookers during my time with the new ‘Gixxer’ 150 – “What size do you think it is then?” seeing as there’s no numerical clue anywhere on the bike. Every ‘chin-rubbing’ answer was always around 300c or more. Then with a hint of arrogance I’d reply with a cheeky – “No, it’s only a 150”.

GSX 150 SF GROUP00I can’t blame them for thinking the 2021 Gixxer 150 is bigger than its pants portray, don’t you agree? If you ever happen to come across one you’ll certainly agree. One reason for that, according to Suzuki, it’s been through the wind tunnel they use for the GSX-R1000 and Hayabusa development, hence the terrific fairing design, with fancy new LED lights.GSX 150 SF GROUP02This part, and others, has been painted to the highest of standards in their resplendent Moto GP colours, not the more recent blue/silver though. But wait, if you have a visit to their site www.suzukimotorcycle.co.za you’ll see you can now get the 150 SF in the new 2021 GP colours, and it looks tremendous, go see?GSX 150 SF GROUP01I don’t want to get into the price just yet as I have more to say about the build quality of the SF. No way does it come across as a ‘cheap’ machine and things like the 140-section rear tyre, digital clocks with a gear position indictor and shift light add to the flavour. Basically it’s a very well built motorcycle on all counts.GSX 150 SF GROUP03So what about the performance aspect from such a little motor you ask? Well Suzuki claim 15hp@8,000rpm and 14Nm@6,000rpm. So I just had to lob it onto the Dynojet dyno that we always use. The result was 12hp@7,310rpm and 13Nm@5,150rpm, so Suzuki’s claims are commendably accurate.GSX 150 SF GROUP04Now 12hp doesn’t sound much from its 155cc, SOHC, two-valve, air-cooled engine, but the fun factor it delivers is way more than the figures suggest. With only 135kg to push along it’ll easily bounce into the abrupt rev-limiter at an indicated 122kph. This is in fifth gear, as it has five obviously, so raising the gearing might be advantageous here. Also the 150 SF has a single carb, so with a bit of jetting and a less restrictive racy exhaust you’ll be able to unlock at least another five horsepower, or more.GSX RIDING2As you try to get the most from the power you’ve been dealt there’s a very addictive shift light, where the moment it blinks change gear immediately, otherwise the rev-limiter rudely appears within a second. Marvelous fun that, and the chassis is equally entertaining.GSX 150 SF GROUP05Now that’s where small bikes like this tend to irritate the rider with dreadful suspension. The 150 SF has THE best suspension I’ve ever come across on anything around this engine size, and in some cases way above that as well. Huge, for a 150, 43mm forks at the front and the chunky single rear shock are simply superb. Combine this with an exemplary chassis and you basically have a Moto 3 bike for the road. The 150 SF turns as quick as a cocaine-fueled hamster but with far better straight-line stability. I never stopped admiring how entertaining the whole SF package is. Not forgetting how comfortable the seat is whilst you’re in childish GP mode, better than some 300k Adventure bikes I’d prefer not to mention.GSX 150 SF GROUP06But it is time to mention the price, when all motorcyclists asked also got that wrong. Everyone seemed to be in the mid to high 40k range, understandable as it does look the business. In fact it’s only R35,750, making the 150 SF, I think, the best value for money small capacity motorbike available in SA. You could even buy eight of these for the price of one GSX-R1000R and invite seven mates around for a spot of Moto 3 street derived madness, as in pub race, just a thought.GSX RIDINGI must enforce that the 150 SF Gixxer isn’t just a bike for the 18-year-old youth; it is so much more accomplished than that. I’ve ridden many expensive motorbikes in my life and the 150 SF is so much fun, looks fantastic, and with the Suzuki name on the tank a bargain on all counts. Any experienced rider of any age will genuinely respect this cute little machine for all of its attributes too, guaranteed.
GSX 150 SF lastEssentially for the outstanding price, and the overall package, MC Hammer sums up the GSX-150 SF perfectly with his iconic song – Can’t Touch this. I bet you’re all humming his tune now, sorry? 

Go to www.suzukimotorcycles.co.za for dealer locations and to view the 2021 range.

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