2020 Suzuki GSX-R1000A

S GSXR1000 mainYes, I’m getting on in my years, and superbikes, for obvious reasons, become less appealing as the calendar pages are discarded. Sure, in my early years, the only thing I desired was this type of motorcycle, because they’re very sexy and insanely fast, right? All well and good but the ‘racy’ riding position does tend to take its toll on the arms, back and neck when one is in the Autumn years of their lives.

S GSXR1000 GROUP01Moaning aside, I’ve always been the biggest fan of the Suzuki superbike, which started in 1985 with their stunning GSX-R750. I've owned a few variations throughout the years lobbing on turbo and nitrous kits along the way, as you do, so my heart and mind have always been those of a GSX-R aficionado. And after spending a few weeks with this 2020 offering it most certainly still is!S GSXR1000 GROUP02A bit of a contradiction you spurt, after reading the first part of this article, so why? Well that’s easy to answer. Out of all the current four-cylinder superbikes this model would be my choice for daily riding; fook the track I say and all who ‘test’ them there! I don’t have to go to a track to tell you it’s brilliant in that environment. It’s Suzuki’s best ever chassis and surrounding components and it wins races straight from the crate, say no more. But hang on, hang on, it has mirrors, lights and indicators so it’s also a road bike designed to go to work and back, and weekend pub visits.S GSXR1000 GROUP03

And that’s where I throw bags of praise at the GSX-R1000A. It’s surprisingly comfortable. The seat is as good, if not better, than many adventure bikes, the ‘bars aren’t around your knees and you can easily see the clocks whereas with most superbikes you can’t without placing your chin on the tank. Most importantly the engine is a delight on all counts. It will pull from 50km/h in sixth gear (many competitors will not), it sounds fantastic and the quick-shifter is possibly the best I’ve ever come across, both up and down. You’ll also adsorb the shocking top end performance as the variable cam timing (SR-VVT) does its job on its way to over 14,000rpm, tremendous! But it is the tractability and docile nature of the engine I loved most on the road. A true ‘softy’ until you decide to unleash hell and demolish speed limits in a fraction of a second, naughty, naughty. S GSXR1000 GROUP04To keep the 1000A firmly planted on the road at Star Trek speeds, Suzuki has installed Showa suspension, again possibly the best suspension money can buy. Well actually in MotoGP you can’t, because Showa only lease their springing bits at that level. So on the GSX-R1000A that’s something you’ll never have to change for road racin’, besides the odd ‘click’ here and there for personal taste, personally I’d leave it all alone.S GSXR1000 GROUP05I’d leave the motor alone as well besides the predictable Yoshimura silencer addition to get rid of the monster thing it comes with. I most certainly would never go with this ‘flashing the ECU’ shite that seems to be the latest thing, Suzuki DO know what they’re doing, right? Do you need more than 170hp +/- on the dyno for road use? I think not! To calm things down in full power rage you can fiddle with 10 levels of traction control and three power modes. I ran in full power ‘A' all the time and even left the traction off for wheelie antics with little wheel spin or slip in the process, again enforcing how good the chassis set up is from the factory. Oh yeah, another admirable part from the factory is this highly efficient genuine screen, which works commendably well. I have two to give away, so drop me a mail with 25 words saying why I should give you one, with a picture of your girlfriend/wife, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. S GSXR1000 GROUP06Now here in South Africa the GSX-R doesn’t seem to be prevalent in our National Racing series, why? Well I’ve no idea because Cameron Petersen from SA has just won the USA AMA Stock Class on this bike, which is a far, far harder series to win than the one held here, and then some. So, ask ‘him’ how good a two-year-old GSX-R1000 is! S GSXR1000 GROUP07You don’t have to ask me though, as I enjoyed every minute with it and its new graphics, which some say look dated. Yeah whatever…the general public didn’t agree as the sexiness of the bike, and myself, attracted many phone photos. The biggest attraction here is the price though, R247,000. Now that’s currently R100,000 +/- less than any 2020 superbike, amazing value for money I’d say. And if all the competitors in this class were lined up in front of me, I’d still choose this GSX-R1000A… I’m converted.S GSXR1000 GROUP08Go to www.suzukimotorcycles.co.za for dealer location and to download the brochure.

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