Suzuki’s 8R now in SA.

lsuz 1When we dropped in to Suzuki HQ we were delighted to find ‘these’ hiding away in the corner  - the new GSX-8R. There are four outstanding new colours to choose from, including this bright new yellow variation, the all black option was still in ‘its’ crate waiting to be unpacked.

Unfortunately these will have to go through the SA homologation process before they can be sold into dealers nationwide, so don’t expect to get your hands on one before a few months have passed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t place your order today?

lsuz 2

We are certainly looking forward to riding them in the very near future though, and we’ve been informed the price will be in the mid to high 170k range, making this new GSX-8R a very enticing motorcycle on all counts.

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Updated: May 8th 2024.