Full system?

2019 Suzuki GSX R1000Q: I’ve just bought a 2019 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with only 4,500km on the clocks, and I must say it’s without doubt the best super bike I’ve ever owned and ridden?

It does have that massive stock silencer on it though, so that has to go. So my question is short and simple – do I opt for a full system, of some sort, or just a silencer replacement, which is quick and easy to do, not to mention much cheaper?

Looking forward to your answer and keep up the good work from the best ‘site in SA.

A: Unless you’re thinking of racing, and very good at it, we wouldn’t recommend fitting a very expensive full system. The stock headers are so efficient that it’s very difficult to improve power replacing them. The only benefit is a bit of weight saving.

Obviously the cat’ comes out, which again, surprisingly, has a minimal power advantage. You’ll also have to re-map the ECU to get the most from the new full exhaust, which again becomes expensive.

So if you’re a brisk road rider just fit a performance silencer, preferably from a recognised name (like Yoshimura), and off you go, with a far better sound as well.










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