Good timing?

katana 1100Q: Hi guys. I own a 1982 Suzuki Katana 1100 that I use for road riding but now I fancy a spot of classic racing, which seems to be growing by the week.

I’ve fitted a performance exhaust; air filters and sorted out the jetting and the bike runs well. The suspension has been improved and I’m running sticky Metzeler tyres.

All well and good but my question is about the ignition timing. I have the stock electronic ignition and was wondering where to set the timing for optimum performance? I’ve heard many settings from stock (32-degrees), to 38-degrees on full advance, so I thought I’d ask you guys to see if you can shed any light on my strobe gun?

Many thanks for a great, funny and interesting web site as well…

Steve     Cape Town.

A: It’s good to hear you have a ‘strobe gun’ because it’s the best way to set the timing on the GSX derived engine. People do tend to go too far with ignition advance and these engines don’t really like it.

From past experience we’ve found 34-degrees of full advance works the best and keeps the engine running cooler. As a guideline set the timing mark 1mm forward when on full advance, then lock it up and everything will run perfectly.










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