Chain mail GSR750

2016 Suzuki GSR 750Q: Good day sir… I have a 2016 Suzuki GSR 750, blue and white (the love of my life). It only has 10,650km on the clock and still has the original back tyre and sprockets.

I service the bike myself, every 5,000km. My question is though, do I need to adjust the timing chain, or does it have an automatic tensioner?

Your answer will be appreciated….

Johan Korf (Maintenance Supervisor).

A: Well your job title tells us how well your ‘love’ is looked after, which is good to hear.

The GSR tensioner is indeed an automatic component and never needs to be touched, because it isn’t a serviceable component. If the bike has frequent oil changes at 5,000km, which you do anyway, the tensioner will last for many years and at least 50-60-70-80 thousand kilometers, if not more.

So don’t worry about that and go and have some beers…










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