Oily box?

BWS SOMETHINGQ: I’ve just bought a Yamaha BWS, 2006 model, with 30,000km on the little clock. I’m very happy with it but recently I decided to clean the air filter because of the mileage.

It was indeed very dirty so I cleaned it, oiled it, and washed out the air box, which is a standard one. But now the scooter has become sluggish and oil is dripping out of the air box! So should I now replace the filter for a new one?

Pierre De Wet


Western Cape

A: The stock filter is a paper element and therefore requires no oil. So if it is you’ll have ruined it and it will certainly need a new genuine Yamaha replacement, which aren’t too expensive. After fitting it the stock performance will return.

Also, screw the airscrew in and back out one complete turn, which seems to give a better pull-off in stock trim. You might have to raise the idle a bit to compensate. Give that a try as well?










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