Still standing.

z800Q: My girlfriend owns a pristine Kawasaki z800, which I’ve obviously become a full-time mechanic for. But I’m not writing to moan about ‘mechanical’ relationships.

She keeps on complaining, that sometimes, the bike won’t start when she puts it into gear before she pulls off, excuse the terminology. I’ve ridden the bike myself but everything seems to be OK from my side. So before we have another argument I thought I’d ask you guys with your wealth of knowledge first?

Hopefully you know of something that can cause this so I can have a more peaceful life?

Timothy Hunter

A: Well this is an easy fix and it’ll more than likely be the side stand switch, as they do tend to give problems on this model and on the z1000 as well. Make sure the wires are connected properly, and maybe try a spot of lubricant on the plunger/stem that the side stand pushed onto first, as well.

Either buy a new one or join the two wires leading to the switch together and see if that cures the problem first. Then we can guarantee that you’ll have a more peaceful life – maybe?











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