Broken head! KTM 1190 Adventure

ktm1190Q: I’ve owned a KTM 1190 Adventure for few years now with very little problems, until yesterday. I went to the shop with the bike running fine but when I came out and started it there was just a loud ‘crack’ noise and the engine locked solid.

I’ve heard of scary internal things but I thought I’d run it past you guys first, before I take it to a dealer with a predictably large invoice afterwards.

Just a short simple letter and I’m anticipating a quick reply please?


A: Well here’s a quick reply and I’m afraid it’s very bad news. It sounds like one of the automatic cam chain tensioners has broken, which will cause the cam chain to ‘jump’ a tooth, or two, that’ll certainly lock the engine solid. This can also, easily, crack the cylinder head or some of its components around the head.

The only thing you can do is to locate and dismantle the cylinder head that has locked up. Obviously this isn’t going to be a cheap exercise I’m afraid. If you search around the Internet you’ll find many 1190 owners actually convert their bikes to manual cam chain tensioners due to this problem found on some 1190. So you might want to look into that conversion for the future and where to obtain them?










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