Fist full of bits?

z1000fistQ: Hi guys. I’ve just bought a mint condition Kawasaki z1000 (2017 model), with only 3,000km on the clocks. I love the bike to bits but want more from it, so I thought I’d ask your opinion first before I empty my wallet.

What sort of horsepower does the stock bike make on your Dynojet dyno and what can I do to get more and, if so how much more? I’d also like to fit a quickshifter if that’s possible?

I’ve already been told that Racetech (locally made pipe), make a single silencer conversion to get rid of those ridiculous twin and hefty standard pipes.

Looking forward to what you guys have to say and urgently please, as I’d like to get on with the modifications before summer returns.

Jay Collins.

A: OK Jay let’s urgently respond. A stock z1000 makes around 118hp at the wheel. If you take away those silencers and fit a loud ‘straight-through’ single silencer conversion you’ll certainly have to change the fueling delivery using a Power Commander or similar, like Rapid Bike for example. Make sure the person who installs it knows what he/she is doing or it might run even worse and lose power output?

If set correctly you might get as much as nine or ten horsepower because the stock silencers are very restrictive. Either of the fueling systems mentioned above have quickshifter facilities, maybe using a separate unit but of the same brand. It’s best to install this at the same time as fueling as it’ll involve some wiring alterations.

However this will not be a cheap exercise and will probably cost you well over 10k by the time you’ve finished with new exhausts and stuff. Have a great summer either way Jay.










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