No pull.

johnswayQ; I know you guys only deal with ‘real’ motorbikes but I thought I’d ask a question about my Jonway scooter, if that’s OK?

It’s covered 12,000km with no problems and I always service it myself because it’s very easy to do. But now it just doesn’t want to pull off without a good push from my legs. I’ve cleaned out the carb’ and made sure the vacuum fuel pump is working correctly, and now I’m stuck, hence the letter.

Any idea on what to look for next because once the scooter is on the move it runs fine, well perhaps a little flat at the top end?


A: This is an easy one to cure and we don’t mind you asking questions regarding any form of two-wheeled transport.

It’s a simple case of replacing the six rollers inside the primary clutch. Just take off the cover and undo the center nut (might need an air-gun there), and pull off the clutch assembly. Buy six new rollers (about R150), and rebuild, simple. If the clutch assembly is badly worn, including the sleeve it sits on replace the whole unit for around R800. Then everything will return to normal. You might as well replace the drive belt at the same time if it’s not been done since new, around R300?










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