2021 KTM ladies adventure jackets.

4 girlsOver the past few years we’ve seen more and more ladies purchasing large capacity KTM Adventure bikes, and why not?

They are expensive machines, so the girls certainly deserve expensive protective jackets, right? And this pair from the KTM factory shop is some of the best we’ve come across.

Both are of the highest quality designed to perform over long distances traveling. You’ll notice the construction is bulletproof and retro-style leather panels protect the elbow area. Inside you’ll find many removable layers to adapt to all climatic changes.

However, the best part is both items are now on sale at vastly reduced prices, but in limited numbers, so be quick if you want to look flash?

Price: HQ Adventure (black/grey) R10,850 now only R7,500

          Women Adventure (purple/grey/black) R10,500 now only R6,050.

Go to www.radmoto.co.za for more details (011 234 5007), and for all your KTM needs.










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