Action Can AC-90.

AC 90According to the manufacturers this multi-purpose aerosol is one of the most advanced lubricants money can buy, if not in the world.

It not only lubricates, it also displaces moisture, cleans various oily contaminated surfaces, and penetrates seized or rusted parts. It’s also silicone free and AC-90’s secret formulation is based on decades of expertise in this area, which is impressive.

But the most striking feature is the multi-directional nozzle, so you won’t have to tilt the can in odd directions to make it release its content. Basically it’s a ‘must’ have for any motorcyclists’ garage?

Price: 250ml – R76.99   500ml – R177.66.  Also available in an industrial size 5-litre can.

Contact: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) or visit to view the AC-90 range and more interesting products.  










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