2021 KTM helmets

ktm mx lidsThis trio of delicious off-road helmets has just arrived, and don’t they look marvelous.

The blue one is for kids, which is considerate, but for some reason it costs more than the bright orange version for adults. Both are called the Dynamic FX and offers entry level helmets for riders who’ve already spent too much, which is very easy to do in a top KTM outlet.

On the other hand, or head, the new Aviator 3.0 is a joint effort with Airoh and KTM. It’s riddled with amazing features, like the inner liner is secured with magnets, making it so easy to remove and install, very impressive that. The box is also outstanding as it contains bags of spares, parts and a padded carry bag to make your helmet suit you. Not a cheap helmet by a long way though, but one of the most impressive off-road/MX helmets we’ve ever come across.

Price: Junior Dynamic FX R3,511   Adult Dynamic FX R3,392

          Airoh Aviator 3.0 R13,500  

 Go to www.radmoto.co.za for enquiries, or call (011 324 5007) to purchase.










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